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Rainbow Dash Presents · 12:41am Jun 19th, 2016

So, this happened:

Report Blueshift · 1,473 views · Story: The Star In Yellow ·
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What an honor! Congratulations!

Oh hey, it's here now.

It was so awesome I just have to read this story, let's hope it's at the very least half as awesome, because in that case it will be frikking awesome.

Woohoo! Rainbow Dash Presents posted something again! :yay:

...um, and they did your story. That's good too. :twilightsheepish:

4032483 What were you expecting? Twilight Sparkle and the Quest for Anatomical Accuracy? That would've been a sight.

Awesome! After I saw this I went and read your story. You know what I now know because of your story? Yellowstar is best pony. XD Congrats by the way!

Author Interviewer

Is it a good one? I never really got the point of that series, and I've heard not all the installments are equally good. :B

4032668 It's pretty awesome, the episode that is, but the series is just good light-hearted fun and a chance to deconstruct the original fanfics a bit. It's also an expansion of the Mentally Advanced Series characters since it takes place in the same universe. Just don't take it too seriously! It's all in good fun.

I was amazed that they parodied a good story -- they usually parody poor ones.

I remember this story scaring the crap out of me.

I thought it was weaker than their past RDP parodies.... but I guess finally completing it is better than no parody at all.


It's more of an adaption than a parody, which is fine by me! Some bits are slightly rushed and I'm not sure if the ending is as clear as it could be, but on a second watch everything is there that the audience needs to know.

Greg (the producer) has said in the past that "The Star in Yellow" is one of his favourite fanfics. So rather than choosing a better known fic, I guess he picked his fave this time.

Author Interviewer

Ahh, I never watched that either. I think the only RDP I saw was... Spiderses? And I was just completely nonplussed by it. But I guess I'll try this one. :B

yeah, yeah, i was wondering if you were gonna blog about this
i'm curious, how much involvement did you have with the video?
how much communication was there between you and the dawn somewhere team?

What I find interesting is that the RDP led to your story netting about 5 times as many views as when you originally posted the final chapters of the story back in 2012.

It is in the right box on the front page in popular stories even.

I was a little disappointed the Rainbow Dash Presents left out the fact that the book was written by Celestia, which made the ending a bit more confusing. You can infer it, but making it more explicit like it was in the story would have been nice.


Spiderses was one of the weaker ones. I'd probably rank the Rainbow Dash Presents in this order, from best to worst:
1. Rainbow Factory (called "Rainbow Dash Presents: Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla")
2. Bittersweet
3. My Little Dashie
4. Cupcakes
5. Somewhere Only We Know
6. The Star In Yellow
7. Bubbles
8. Haunting Nightmare
9. Spiderses
10. A Beautiful Day in Equestria

Author Interviewer

I'll admit, I found it amusing, but it comes off as a bunch of out-story jokes pressed into a condensed retelling of the story, rather than something that derives humor from the story itself. I dunno, I guess it's just not for me. :B

4033517 They asked me last July, I completely forgot about it until last week when someone sent me the trailer!


Well, I'd still recommend watching the parody of Rainbow Factory, Bittersweet, or Cupcakes at least, because I think those were the best ones.

Author Interviewer

I checked out Rainbow Factory, and I just don't understand what this series is trying to do. Parody? Retelling? Certainly not animating fanfics, given the liberties they take. I laughed at a couple things in that video, but overall my reaction is the same: What?

You've arrived, Blue.


It's a parody.

It's sort of a parody series but for some reason not all of them are reconisable as such. I'd say the best one, from a comedy perspective, is "My Little Dashie".

"Rainbow Dash presents" is probably the weakest of that creator's works. His "Let's Ramble" video game play-throughs tend to be great (especially the Mechwarrior one).


The Rainbow Dash of "Mentally Advanced Series" (and by nature, "Rainbow Dash Presents") is rather dim and prone to going off on random tangents. So when she's narrating stories for RDP, they tend to go off on weird, silly tangents. She also tends to gloss over the darker aspects of the original story, in favor of making things childlike. Which goes with the MAS Dash not always understanding when people are being mean to her.

4034743 It's a combination of parody and retelling the stories using the characterizations from the creator's abridged series. Basically, if one of your beloved fanfic readers started heavily editing the story on the fly to match their own ideas of what it should be.

I've wondered about this for a while... did they contact you at all before/as they were making the episode? Or did you just find out this existed when it showed up on Equestria Daily or something? :p

4039576 They asked back in July (!) though I had completely forgotten about it until someone showed me the trailer last week!

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