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    Hey guys and gals, update of horribleness. You all might be wondering why I've dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I am finally at a place where I am able to say. One month before my daughter was born (now 2 months old) I was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma. For those of you unaware, that's cancer that is currently attacking my spinal column. I haven't had much time to write because of how

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Medical problems · 1:22am Mar 19th, 2016

Hey guys and gals, update of horribleness. You all might be wondering why I've dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I am finally at a place where I am able to say. One month before my daughter was born (now 2 months old) I was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma. For those of you unaware, that's cancer that is currently attacking my spinal column. I haven't had much time to write because of how much time and energy is spent fighting my disease. I am scheduled for some pretty intense surgery in the next two months that I am hoping will get rid of the bigger tumors, and put me far enough into recovery that I can get back into a more normal stage. But, until then, I don't have much energy to write.

Chemo sucks.

Thank you for your patience. My notes for Machinations in the Dark are extensive. Soon as I can, expect some chapters.

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my best wishes and prayers go out to you. if i can help you, gimme a holler.


You're in my thoughts :heart:

May our prayers reach you, my friend. I wish you the best.

hope everything goes well

Geez...man that sucks. Well bless you and yours, don't worry about writing. Do what you gotta do with your family and yourself. When you finally lick this thing, I look forward to the completion of your story and many more besides.

Hang in there!

Good luck man, hope things go well for you. :heart:

Take as much time as you need.

I don't usually comment, but this is serious enough to break that rule. So I'll say this: I hope you get better and will pray for you.
Best of luck in your treatment.

2016 3 Friday 18 46

get well soon :fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

all the best to you

:ajsleepy: Fucken cancer...

Damn, don't just get well soon, take all the freaking time you need.

Hope the chemotherapy and surgery goes well. And hey, at least you can get something done about CNS lymphoma; grandfather's sitting on his deathbed in the states because of Parkinson's, and all I can do is watch it get worse.

Stay strong, and do try to not go down as a martyr for us.

I know the feeling on cancer diagnosis.
Admittedly, melanoma is far less worrisome, and Australia is leading in melanoma research, but it still scares the shit out of you.

My prayers are with you. Many relatives of mine have had cancer, so I know what that feels like. Best wishes here for your swift recovery.

Normally when I see people claiming to have cancer it's attention whoring...

It makes me very sad to see someone that I actually believe say it. The one time where the lie is less painful than the truth.

Our thoughts and (when applicable) prayers go with you man.

Just remember, you're not fighting for us or yourself. You're fighting for your daughter, give her the chance to grow up knowing her father and the love you have for her.

Take your time on writing, now go do me a favour. Give both your wife and a daughter a kiss and tell them you love them and will fight this for them.

No, don't finish reading the comments. Go. Now.

Get well and hang in there! :heart:

Get well soon.

I have to say I completely agree with KMCA, and I really hope you get better soon, good luck man.

Good luck and best wishes!

Don't worry about us. Worry about yourself.

Stay unwavering!

Dude don't worry about it, just focus on taking care of yourself. Hope it gets better:heart:

Damn cancer... You take the best care of yourself you can ok? Chemo sucks big time but there are little things you can do to make it easier. You'll be advised to drink a lot of water but because of the chemo it can start to taste real bad a way to deal with that is putting kool-aid in it. I hope you'll get better soon

My Army brother... You know what you have to do.

Best wishes.

Best wishes for you and your family

Best of luck to ya!

Good luck, and get better.

Wow. I come here to check up on your living arrangement, since you said you were going to continue the story after they were set, and find out this bombshell was dropped. :fluttercry:

Hope things go well for you and the chemo goes beyond your expectations! Best wishes to you and your family.

... do you really know what Chemotherapy really is?...
its pretty much what they dropped on the japanese during the WW2,
and now they use it to cure cancer, DO you really think that is going to help at all,
it makes all your hair fall out and pretty much you would be dead like those people
from Chernobyl disaster who died from Radiation.

Probaby this would get downvotes for being truthful

3950245 I don't really have any other options. One will kill me slower than the other, but at least I have a shot at getting to remission if I can recover from the chemo. The cancer on the other hand...

3951677 You can recover with no treatment if you take meat out of your diet,
The cause of cancer is from no oxygen getting through to your cells clogged up from eating to much meat,
and what comes of that is cancer
just cut down on the meat or stop entirely and your body will then clean out the tumors aka getting sick like the doctors say is bad and needs pills and stuff to fix just to make money off you and get sicker.

Real doctors who have told us of the ways of fixing cancer and other false disease have been fired from their jobs for doing so you can see from what little videos you could find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj6ZKVeQ8hU

3951677 you can tell that is truth by what happened in WW2, we cut out most of the meat during the war and basicly all major diseases died out, so what would you think?.

3953080 I only know I cut meat years ago aside from cage free, non GMO chicken and turkey which are still rare. Red meat causes other issues I care not to go into. I use USANA products to supply protein and other nutrients while also supplementing antioxidants. So, that isn't the source of my issues here. As for WW2, not my field of study I am afraid, so I cannot in good conscience decide by only one source of evidence.

3953066 And no, I cannot recover with no treatment. That would be suicide.

Hmm well ok man, good luck with your health.

something interresting if anyone wants to watch 1.5 hours

The Law Of Atraction

Well I hope you get better soon, also I hope you don't listen to every health "guru" on the Internet.

3953066 Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth, just how in hell is it caused by blocked air?! Learn from better sources before talking. If he listened to you but not the doctors he'd be dead now. Idiot. Cancer - false disease, my rear.

I just finished reading Machinations in the Dark, so I was curious on your progress so came here. So far, not looking too good. I pray you'll be all clear for Christmas. Speaking of which, merry Christmas!

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