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Is This Thing On? · 1:38am Dec 8th, 2014

Hey everyone,

So I've noticed that there hasn't been much in the way of response to the last few story posts. Is this because the posts haven't been up to par, the release schedule is weird, interest in the series is waning, or some other reason? One of my favorite parts of writing is sharing the readers' reactions to the story as it unfolds, and I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to make the experience better.

Please comment below if you get the chance. Thanks.


Report GentlemanJ · 712 views · Story: Journey's End ·
Comments ( 52 )

I'm sorry to say that I usually only read stories when it hits the Complete status.
Good news is I don't have to wait on updates for the next chapter.
Bad news is I can't give feedback when it's still relevant.
It's pretty selfish, but I do what I want.

to be fair the last update of JE was 8 hrs ago
i think?
i don't trust the time stamps
anyway, i tend not to respond much on a story, unless it's corrections in grammar, or something like that

Sorry, J, been pulling over 100 hours of work a week (oilfield takes up a lot of time) and I haven't had a chance to do much of anything besides rest when I can. I'll jump on them when time permits.

Been a bit busy slacking and getting my Payday 2 skills up. Oh, and that useless school stuff. When I do read, I don't tend to comment much. Sorry!

Yeah it might be that people are so engrossed with reading they're forgetting to comment or as many people have stated above this is finals week they might just have time to read and not much else for those that have finals week. The story so far has been good I'm glad to see some world building and seeing how this universe worked. I would say it's a nice slow start we can't get right into the action so people are passively waiting for it to kick off.

Sorry, I haven't actually gotten to the last couple of chapters yet. Too many stories updating at once I'm having trouble getting to all of them in a timely fashion. I was planning on shotgunning them when one or two more chapters were out.

I'm just a silent fellow, don't really talk much.

In regards to your continueing series about Rarity and Gray(I believe that's his name) I stopped reading a long time ago because it went on and on. :/

If this was a legit book series, that'd be a different thing. But I simply stopped reading the fanfic series... Along with a lot of other fanfics, but I stopped reading your story months ago.

Well like some other people i tend not to comment too often. however, since you asked i gotta say i've been loving journeys end so far. I really like how the bearers have been sent out on diplomatic relations and the surprises for how they've been playing out. I loved the duel between trixie and twilight and i love how fluttershy became the sppkespony for equestria. i can't wait for the next chapter.

I'll be honest, it's hard to put my feelings regarding your current story. It might be because I'm still a little upset that the series is ending, a little weirded out by how meta it feels, or a waning interest in Graves' story.

Whoa I didn't even know journeys end was out been reading through a ton of updates recently. I might be a bit late but I'd love to comment if you dont mind comments 7 chapters late.

Actually, I donĀ“t usually comment because I read on my iPhone, and writing anything in that piece of technology is frustrating to say the least. So if I comment I need to get on a PC and write it down. After that I'll see if my comment either is funny or has a point to make.

I tend to wait until there's a sizable chunk of a story for me to read so I have yet to read Journey's End yet. That and I'm busy collaborating with a few others on a Starcraft crossover.:derpytongue2:

But don't worry, I'll flood your inbox with plenty of comments when I do get around to reading it:twilightsmile:

S'called finals. And job-hunting. That, and I'm just kind of stalling to have one huge binge-reading or something. X3

I normally just read your stories and I don't really comment on much. Sadly, however, I've had little time to myself recently and I haven't even had the chance to read past chapter 2. I'm trying to square away my personal stuff before I get too far behind.

Just haven't sat down and read them, honestly. Plus I ain't much one for comments unless it's an argument or I need clarification from the author. The first three or four chapters I HAVE read were very good though.

I have been reading it religiously. I have been a little confused by the release schedule, which days is it updated on?

Quality wise, I've quite enjoyed it, in these early stages there's some quality build-up, effectively raising the stakes and painting a fun picture of what's to come. I suppose it all comes down to the payout. If the follow-up works as well, all will be going as planned, if not better (So basically fantastic) and I mean hey, c'mon, it's you. Your work is consistently fantastic and wonderfully enjoyable. I for one will keep tuning in, so write on

I've been swamped with school, and haven't had the time to sit down and read the chapters. Not for lack of interest, but more like a lack of motivation to read when I've spent the day reading textbooks.

Been swamped with last minute work before Christmas leave.

I assure you in my case, I still keep up religiously, which does say alot, time for me being limited with an annoyingly restrictive work schedule. Any lack of comment is simply for lack of things to say. I could tell you each time a chapter comes out that it is simply marvelous and superb, but after awhile that would demean the impact of the compliment. Figuring it has been quite some time since I have actually commented, I will get all said and done here. I eagerly read through every chapter, because this is simply the most exciting part of the story to date. All the build up over so many different stories leading up to what will be occurring in your final story. Despite near apocalyptic confrontations in the future, you are still world building, which I may say is the greatest strength of your stories. Even with the end near, you continue to expand on the beauty of the humanized world you have created. If i could create a setting with even half the immersion as you do, i wouldn't be in the funk I am in.

Keep it up you glorious bastard, because if you stop now, I will be forced to send you nasty letters every day, by carrier pigeon, which will proceed to release its bowels on you. You have been warned encouraged. Thank you and have a nice day.

I do not want to be the guy who just says "Moar," or piggyback on another's comments. I also do not want to post any of my wild guess predictions on the plot (i.e. any twists, swerves, or how it ends).

I'll admit that there are some sites that I lurk in which I prefer reading the comments from a few certain commenters than the article or story itself. I am not talented enough to be considered one of "those commenters."

I've been busy with work and other things with friends. I also read like, most of the series in one go so I took a little break. I will catch up within a month :pinkiehappy:

Coming from someone who never comments on anything on this site, no, interest has not diminished. I still read each new chapter as soon as I see it is out(even if it means by the time I've finished I should have been asleep an hour before). Please don't be disheartened by the lack of comments.

I'm still reading Old Flames XD Just busy busy busy, can't catch up :twilightsheepish:

I've been so overwhelmed by the amount of content I get everyday (what i get for following so many authors) that i now wait for stories to be complete to read them unfortunately this has meant a stacking up of stories and so I don't see myself being able to catch up and finish reading most things I've started or bookmarked until Christmas give me some time off but your writings on the list and I'm looking forward to seeing what Graves has been up to as of late.

Ah, the old "wait for critical mass" approach. In that case, hoping you enjoy pulling a Netflix when this is all through. :rainbowlaugh:

2640451 Okay, so it seems like all of you are generally in the read but don't necessarily comment unless there's a specific reason to. Thank you for letting me know - I'm trying hard not to sound sarcastic via written word, but I really do appreciate the feedback, understand the premise, and don't want you guys to change what you're doing. As long as I know you're all still enjoying the story, that's good enough for me, and this definitely sets my mind at ease.

Shoot, I keep forgetting that there's a life that exists outside of the internet. :rainbowlaugh: But seriously, I should have realized that the end of the year's especially busy. Please don't feel obligated to do anything - I really want you guys to take care of your business and read if and when you feel like you want to. Also, thank you for letting me know about this - it does a whole heap of good for my rattly nerves. :twilightsmile:

2639468 I actually hadn't realized, but the pacing here is rather different, isn't it? Huh, never really thought about it, but that makes a heap of sense.

2639517 That's a whole lot of feels. I can understand the dislike of endings and also the waning interest, (no matter how much it pains me to admit it, :rainbowlaugh:), but what do you mean by meta? Like, it's breaking the 4th wall or something or getting all philosophical?

2639581 Technology. Ugh. 'Nuff said. :fluttershyouch:

2639813 Thank you thank you. :twilightsmile: As for the release schedule, since it's so long, I'm going every Saturday and Wednesday at about 6:30 EST. There's just too much to only go once a week, you feel me?

2639973 Dude... this is so nice. Thank you. Seriously, thanks a bunch.


Rest assured, we're all definitely into the story, it's just that there aren't any really glaring errors or problems in it that we would consider important enough to drop a review. A little of this might also be the crowd mentality, that "Someone else will do it, but I doubt that's it.

You know, the whole facing the literal end of the world in the story while the actual series is ending. It's a little too on the nose.

I've personally just been reluctant to comment due to my almost always being on my phone when reading updates. Mobile commenting rarely goes well for me, usually ending with unintelligible sentences and other such traumatic grammatical failure.


It's really no problem. Besides, I tend to go through stages where I'll put off a story for a while and then binge read like twenty chapters on an off day.

My dear old thing, allow me to assure you that I read it each chapter within hours of its release, and it's just as superb as always. I follow your work like a dog follows a man wearing bacon trousers and lamb-chop underpants. It's merely that I don't really know what to say, a state that I am usually in when build up chapters are occurring. I keep waiting for the proverbial punch line, and remain in a state of lugubrious fugue until it hits me, at which point I will become as loquacious as a babbling brook.

Anyway, to conclude my absurd monologue, do please keep going or I will be forced to replace all your undergarments with distinctly more interesting articles, in that they'll be made out of squirrels. But enough about your rodent pants, I hope the story will continue.

Yours in Sport,
King Kenya

2640761 Lol, gotcha. Nevertheless, I'm gonna go out with a bang because. Good plan? Great plan.

2640719 Bah, it's fine. As a fledgling writer (both here and elsewhere) I desperately want feedback for all my work, but aside from when my own MLP Flagship fan-fic was "popular" in that I had dozens(!) of people reading it, I'm lucky if I can even get views (another fic I'm writing for a game especially) numbering in the double digits. I've learned that it's best to prod every once in a while, but not to poke incessantly.

Also, yeah, I realise I can't really compare myself to you, you having one of the more popular series of fics. And holy balls, I realised after looking at your page that I've been missing a hell of a lot! I was under the impression that you only had like 10-12 "parts" of your Graves arc, but looking at your page now I'm seeing a dozen one-offs of it. I've been missing that much? *sigh* Guess you'll have to wait even longer to hear back from me on your stories, I have much to catch up on. But for now, I must get back to life, in all its insufferable glory.

I think the problem I have is that I can see this story ending in three possible realistic ways.

1. Graves ends up saving the day, which would cause me to question the purpose of the other characters. Was Twilight and her gang of friends just a nice little set piece on Grave's stage? Could the same story be told in an original universe rather than humanized MLP? What exactly, then, would the purpose be for having Twilight and her friends? See, what I liked about your earlier works was that the MLP characters played a big part, they were main characters and they shared the spotlight with Graves. I feel that your more recent works have lost that dynamic, that the focus has really shifted toward Graves. It's a natural shift, I suppose, but it would explain my current apathy.

2. The Mane 6 save the day, just like in the show. But then, what was the purpose of Graves in the story? Couldn't this have simply been an adventure story starring the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony and just them?

3. A good healthy balance, where the ending relies on all of the characters. There's a purpose for the Mane 6 to be around beyond being Graves' metaphorical cheer squad/emotional clutch, and Graves doesn't end up feeling like something thrown in so that you can include this under the Story of Graves series.

It's pretty obvious which end I'd prefer, but seeing how the odds are against you, 2 to 3, you can see how I'm a little anxious in this story. It's an adventure, something you can easily abuse to show how cool Graves is. It's the last chance you have, which worries me because my favorite scenes weren't when Graves appeared invincible but when he was emotionally vulnerable. Not when he was going all bang bang, but when he was whimpering.

So here we stand at a crossroad. One path has Graves descend to near Gary Stu levels, punching out Nui as Rarity makes kissy faces or ends up stuffed into a fridge, where the MLP world is there only to spice up his story, another is where Graves ends up bleeding into the background and we're left wondering why he was even there. The last path gives us a reason for both Graves and our beloved humanized ponies to be around, both crucial to the narrative beyond being reduced to McGuffin status, where the line between support and main character is blurred.

And it's not something I can gauge based on what you've written so far. It'll come down to who gets to fire the final shot and why.


Don't get me wrong, I want badly to catch up on my reading, but I'm behind on EVERYTHING, writing and all :P But, I was trying to say I don't feel obligated, I really do just want to :derpytongue2:

2641507 Ah, so your doubts are actually really well founded. So obviously, there's no way to say what sort of ending there will be, but I feel that Wednesday's update will shed a little more light on the direction it might be heading for. Not a complete answer, but hopefully enough to help steer the course.

Well, for one thing I prefer to read any work (or series' major arc) as a whole, and a media piece must be on the very top of my list to avoid that.
Secondly, I've initially misjudged what would be the series main focus, and expected much more in the world-building and adventuring departments, with the setting being closer to at least a Crapsaccharine world.
Lastly, in some instances your stories have reached Starship Troopers' (the book series) level of preachy in it's 'Military is awesome' parts, albeit without the political aspect and with the MC far too powerful in the context of his home setting to be a proper representative of the 'P.B.I.'.

I haven't commented in a while because for some reason I'm terrified of online interaction but I want you to know that your stories are still some of the highest quality I've seen online and sometimes far higher than many published books. I only wish I could work up the courage more to comment but i just want you too know that I'm reading and loving it and sliently cheering you on in this series and any further writing.

Also sorry for missing the premiere thingy I'm not the most competent when it comes to tinezones :)

I have to read through the earlier stories first...

I'm just too nervous to comment regularly. I've been reading all your stuff from the shadows.

Dude, I just got to a computer today, been at Ft. Benning training since October. I got a lot to catch up on, so don't be discouraged! I'll let you know how I find everything as I work through it.

Also, before you ask, my MOS is 11C (mortar man).

2662525 I have no idea what a MOC is, but it sounds awesome. Mortars make things go boom, hehehehe :pinkiehappy:

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