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Homebrew Hardcover Print! · 5:56pm March 31st

Hello pones! I've got something awesome to announce, something that's been brewing over for several months now. But of all the days to announce it, this seemed like the one.

FiO: Homebrew is getting a hardcover print! Check it out here: https://igg.me/at/starscribe-homebrew

Nemo2D, the same artist who created the cover of Recursive Iterations and Through the Aurora, did this cover as well, so it should look just as awesome next to those other books on the shelf. I don't have the proof back from the printer quite yet, but I will post an update with photos as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, I do have a few renders of how it will look:

This will be a traditional print run, just like several I've done in the past. I'll leave orders open for the next month, then get that number printed. Any who wish to support me can opt for a signed hardcover.

As with most of my prints, I like to write a little extra to make the printing special. I wrote a new prologue for the story, which I have (or soon will) post to fimfiction for all to read. I also wrote another epilogue chapter, about 6,000 words long, which will only ever appear in the physical copies of Homebrew.

I would never add anything that's required to understand or enjoy the original--obviously, as I wrote them several years later. But there were some awesome moments of Arcane and Domino's life in Equestria I wanted to render with greater fidelity. I'm sure this book will be as satisfying to own as it was to create.

And if you missed any of the old books, you can get those too if you're interested, for much reduced bulk shipping fees. If anyone would like a copy but can't use Indiegogo for whatever reason, feel free to PM me and I can set up another way to get you the book. I will try to print as many extra copies as I can, but I can't promise I'll have them in stock forever. I only have so much space in my room for boxes of books.

Thanks to everyone who decides to grab a copy! I can't tell you how much this particular story meant to me. I can't wait to add it to my shelf.

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Oh nice its ready for print.
Gonna back a copy of this ASAP.
This story meant a lot to me when I first read it and still means a lot to me personally now.
Might I ask who did the pieces of art for arcane, domino and the other character on this post?

Yeah, this seemed like the best day to release this particular story. The top piece was created by Gloomy, and the bottom was Cosmalumi.

Trans Rights Forever :)
Just backed it, Im number #15. Hopefully you get the required amount for printing to go ahead. Cant wait!

#1 book order was me, baby! Let's go! I wanna cry again reading it in physical form!

Congrats! That's awesome! Gives me hope for my own! :pinkiehappy:

That's a nice looking cover.

wow awesome cover art.

Author Interviewer

oh my god, that cover!

Frith #9 · April 4th · · ·

My 1st question was to be, 'gallery source for art?' and here it is: https://www.deviantart.com/nemo2d/art/City-of-Nightmares-956001052

Next question, how's the print project doing so far and the answer: three days in and already blasted 39% past the goal with another 27 days to go.

Better go order my copy while the ordering is good! ^_^ I'm running low on new books to read as it is (just started Golden Wing's Empty Horizons).

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