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After waking up in a hospital bed, surrounded by her family, they try and convince her that she needs to return to Ponyville. But why? And what do them mean by return to? She'd never been to Ponyville. In fact she's barely heard of it, so why would she have friends there?
Begrudingly she takes a train there to meet her 'friends'. After an hour she decides that there must have been some mistake. How could she have ever been these ponies' friend? Who'd want to be friends with an over the top drama queen, a farmer with a southern drawl so thick it could stop a ball from rolling, a daredevil pegasus whose ego is bigger than her head, a logic and physics defying party pony, and a pegasus who's scared of her own shadow. Catching the next train back to Canterlot Twilight is ready to get back to her studies and doesn't care that she left her 'friends' in tears at the train station.
As tensions rise between the Elements, the Elements themselves start losing power. They try to fix their friendship with Twilight but start to worry about failing. Will friendship ever be magic again?

Thanks to Zenith042 for editing!

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I awoke in the Canterlot dungeon, stripped of my identity. I have no specific memory but have general knowledge of pony life. I can't remember my name. I have no cutie mark and no clues to who I am at all.

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Twilight is woken in the middle of the night to find the pony she least exspected. Dusk Shine, her altrenate reality counterpart, and he's in pretty bad shape. He comes with a message but not for her. "Save Jubilant, Save Equestria."

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