Twins Across Universes

by Nolongerposting

The Meeting

It takes a few minutes but soon everyone is sitting in the library, ready to listen to what I have to say.
"So, as you all know, last night there was a visitor in the library. I also told some of you that he had a very important message. I, however, didn't tell you that the message wasn't for me." This brought about a slight commotion as the other's voice their confusion. I wait patiently for them to quite down before continuing. "I should probably start off by saying that the visitor was Dusk Shine, a future Dusk Shine." Immediately the others start whispering excitedly, wondering if there was any chance of seeing their alternate reality selves. Amazingly Pinkie was the only one not excited about this. In fact she looked concerned.
"Um... I think we should let Twilight speak. This sounds really important. As Pinkie said this everybody else quickly quieted down and stared at me, waiting for me to continue. Clearing my throat I start again.
"Like I said it was Dusk Shine, but a future version of him. He used some sort of spell to go back in time to warn himself of the events that were coming except he ended up here instead of at Dusk Sine's library. He didn't have enough time to try and hop realities so he entrusted me with his message. His message was rather grim though. He said that Lord Solaris and Lord Artemis had fallen and Prince Caden and Gleaming Shield hadn't been hear from. The other elements were also unaccounted for. However he believes that it can be averted if he saves Jubilant. Save Jubilant, save Equestria were his exact words. After he finished saying this he disappeared in a flash of light, presumably going back to when and where he came from. As soon as he left I immediately contacted the Dusk Shine that is in temporal coincidence with us. Unfortunately he confirmed my fears. He had also had a very frantic visitor, namely me from the future. Turns out that he had also received an almost identical message for me. The only major difference was that it was save Cheerful, save Equestria. Now Dusk Shine and I have no clue whether Jubilant and Cheerful are ponies or elements or what. Do you have any leads on this?" Everypony else in the room just stared at me for a moment as they processed what I just said. Unfortunately once they understood it they started shaking their heads.
"Sorry Sugarcube. But Ah don't think that any of us know anything about Cheerful or Jubilant..." I don't know what else she would have said because right then Spike burped loudly, spewing a green flame and a scroll. Levitating it with my magic I unroll it reading it aloud to the rest of the group.
"Dear Twilight. You and your friends are invited to come meet two new foals in our lives; your nieces. We would also be ever in your gratitude if you and your friends would be the Godmares of our daughters. Sincerely Shining Armor and Cadence." There was half a moment of silence after I finished reading the letter before Pinkie jumped up, calling out.
"Twilight! We have to go! I just know that your nieces are going to be cute. I mean how could they not? They are, after all, Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's daughters..." By this point everypony had started to ignore Pinkie and start their own conversations.
"why I wasn't even aware that they were expecting."
"Neither was I Rarity." I say this still staring at the letter, shocked almost as much as when I got the letter asking us to attend their wedding. I guess Applejack saw a similar look on my face from when I read the other letter because she came over to me and put her hoof on my shoulder.
"Don't you worry none about them not tellin' you that they were expectin'. Ah promise ya that they had a perfectly good reason for not tellin' ya'll about it. Just focus on the fact that now they're invitin' us to come visit and to be the new foals Godmares. Ah'll tell you that that is a mighty big honor." She then smiled. Letting out a sigh I smile back.
"You're right. I really shouldn't worry about them. I mean they are Captain of the royal guard and a princess. They can look after themselves. Spike, take a letter." I waited for a few seconds to make sure that he had time to find a scroll and quill. "Dear Shining Armor and Cadence. Congradulations, I know that you'll make great parents. I can't wait to meet them and that shouldn't be too long because we're planning on coming as soon as we can. Also the girls and I would be honored to their Godmares." I pause and look at all of my friends, checking they really did want to be the foals' Godmares. They all smiled and nodded. "See you soon, Twilight. Spike will you send it?" Spike nodded and blew green flames on the scroll, sending it to my brother and Cadence. "Thanks Spike."
"Let's get on the next train to the Crystal Empire!" Everypony else quickly agreed with Pinkie's suggestion and stood up. I pulled my saddlebags towards me and was about to start loading a few quills and scrolls of paper into it when Rainbow Dash landed in front of me.
"You're still worried about this whole Cheerful, jubilant thing aren't you?" I simply nod me head as I realize that I would also need some way to contact Dusk Shine if a problem arose. "Hey look at it this way. While we're there you could ask Shining Armor if he knows anything but seriously, cheer up. Your brother is a father. You should be happy for him." With that she flew out the open door where everypony else was waiting outside.
"Twilight, you coming?"
"Just a sec Spike." I then try to shove the quills and scrolls into my bag, realizing that I couldn't because of the cupcake I had picked up for Spike earlier. Pulling it out of my bag I slid the other things in and then used my magic to levitate them onto my back. I also picked up the cupcake and handed it to Spike as I walked out of the library. "I almost forgot that I picked this up for you Spike." He smiled happily as he took the cupcake out of it's box and started eating it on our way to the train station.
"Thanks Twilight!" He mumbled this with a mouthful of cupcake as we arrived at the train station. A few minutes later we boarded the train and it set out for the Crystal Empire.