Why Can't I Remember?

by Nolongerposting


I step warily out of the last train car and the doors closes behind me. Looking around I try and spot the purple unicorn that the princess promised would be here to meet me. My bangs fall in my face and I don't even try to move them out of my eyes. I jump when a hoof taps me on my shoulder, glancing over my shoulder I see who it was; a lavender mare with darker purple mane and tail, both with a streak of hot pink in it. Quickly I realize that this was the unicorn the Princess had sent to meet me. Smiling she asked me.
"Were you sent here by Princess Celestia?" I nod my head shyly and she continues to smile. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, the Princess told me to meet you here and that you would be staying with me for a little while. how about we head back to the library and get you settled down and then I'll introduce you to my friends. Does that work with you?" I nod my head, not sure what else we would have done.
I followed the unicorn as we made our way through town, looking at everything. Twilight smiled and waved at pretty much everypony we passed, which wasn't many considering how big the town was. Wondering where everypony else was I followed Twilight to her home at the local library. We were there within five minutes and she opened the front door and I walk in, figuring that she'd turn on the lights when she entered. Suddenly the lights came on and I could clearly see that the room was filled with ponies, probably the ones that were missing from the streets.
"SURPRISE!!!" I shrank back behind Twilight as all of the other ponies shouted this in unison. Twilight seemed shocked for a second, before she started frowning, specifically at an overly bubbly pink pony as she bounded happily over to us.
"Hi Twilight! What do you think? I threw a party for the new pony!" She just kept smiling as Twilight became even more annoyed at her.
"Pinkie. I told you not to throw a party. Celestia said that she was extremely shy. As in Fluttershy sort of shy. She really doesn't need a party." The pink pony looked slightly disappointed but she somehow managed to pick up the party in just a few minutes and got all of ponies out except for five ponies, including herself. I had stayed behind Twilight the whole time, watching curiously over her shoulder but now she moved so that I could clearly seen by the others in the room. Twilight looked over her shoulder and motioned with her hoof to come a little closer. As I took a few timid steps closer she began to speak.
"Now is as good a time as any to introduce you to my friends. The pink pony is my friend Pinkie Pie. She loves throwing parties and breaking the laws of physics. Next to her is Rarity." Rarity smiled kindly at me and waved. "Rarity runs the Carousel Boutique, a local dress shop." Suddenly a cyan, pegasus with a rainbow mane was right in my face.
"Hi Ya! I can't wait to get to know you better. I just know that we're gonna have fun 'cause I can tell that you're gonna be my new flying buddy!" I tried to shy away from her but she just swooped down and gave me a huge hug.
"And that's my friend Rainbow Dash. She's the local weather pony. She also spends most of her time trying out different stunts, her most famous one being the sonic rainboom. My other two friends are Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack and her family run Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy takes care of all the animals in the area." I looked at the last two of Twilights friends, an orange mare with a blonde mane tipped her hat to me and a yellow Pegasus smiled shyly from behind a lock of pink hair that was in front of her face. Smiling at all of her friends Rarity asked the one question I didn't want to hear.
"So now you've been introduced to us but you haven't introduced yourself. What's your name." I just looked down at the ground, my ears drooping, not entirely sure how to answer that question, luckily Twilight spoke up for me.
"In the letter Princess Celestia sent me she said that she was found unconscious a few days ago and when she woke up this morning she didn't remember anything. Not even her name. So she can't introduce herself."
"Well that don't matter to nopony here. We accept everypony, no matter what their history is like." Applejack was the one who said this. Then Twilight perked up suddenly.
"Oh I almost forgot to mention that we're the embodiments of the Elements of Harmony. Applejack is honesty, Rarity is generosity, Fluttershy is kindness, Rainbow Dash is loyalty, Pinkie Pie is laughter and I am magic." I simply look at Twilight, perplexed and completely confused by what she just said. Realization dawned on Twilight's face. "You have no clue what the Elements of Harmony are do you?" I shook my head. " I have a couple of books on them and you can read them if you'd like." I shrug my shoulders. "I'll get them down for you just in case you decide you want to. But first I think that it's time to say good bye to the others. It's almost sundown and Fluttershy and Applejack have a bit of a walk." Turning around I see that the others were standing by the door, ready to leave.
"Hey Sugar cube. Ah'll take ya to see ma farm tomorrow if you'd like. Does that sound good to ya?" I smile and nod my head to Applejack's kind offer. "See ya tomorrow then." She then exited as did the rest all calling out their good byes until it was just Twilight and Rainbow Dash, who flew over to me, hovering in front of me. She just studied me for a few seconds before saying.
"You know. You seem slightly familiar. I can't quite put my hoof on it though. Either way. I'll see you around!" With that she flew of out the open window.
"Well that was weird. But either way, here's the book on the Elements of Harmony. You can read it if you want to or not. The guest bedroom is through here." She then walked in to the next room. I quietly followed her and found it to be a simple room, a bed, a dresser, and a mirror were all that was in the room besides several bookshelves. "You can stay in here. My bedroom is upstairs just in case you need anything and don't be afraid to approach me or Spike if you need anything. Oh that's right I forgot to introduce you to Spike. He's my assistant. He's also a dragon but don't worry, he's just a baby and he's really friendly. So if you don't need anything I'm gonna head upstairs and got to bed." I wave as she leaves the room, turning back to the bed I spot the book Twilight had grabbed for me. Picking it up I decide that it wouldn't hurt me know what they were talking about.
After ten minutes, frustrated, I put the book down. I couldn't understand half of what the book was saying because the letters seemed to be rearranging themselves on the page. Letting out a sigh I walk over to the window and stare up at the sky as I let my thoughts wander.
'Everypony here seems so nice... Especially Twilight and her friends, but will they still except me even if I don't remember who I am? Is there anything behind Rainbow Dash thinking I looked familiar?' I continue to let my mind wander for a while before I decide that I should probably get to sleep. Crawling into the bed I let out a sigh and wonder what tomorrow will bring.