Why Can't I Remember?

by Nolongerposting

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I awoke in the Canterlot dungeon, stripped of my identity. I have no spesific memory but have general knowledge of pony life. I can't remeber my name. I have no cutie mark and no clues to who I am at all.

I awoke in the Canterlot dungeon, stripped of my identity. I have no specific memory but have general knowledge of pony life. I can't remember my name. I have no cutie mark and no clues to who I am at all.

Waking Up

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I let out a groan as I start to come around. Rolling over to my stomach I shake my head, trying to clear away the fogginess in my brain. Instantly I regret it as my head starts throbbing. I rest my chin on the floor and close my eyes, lying perfectly still until I can think straight again. After a few minutes I open my eyes, letting them adjust to the dim light in where ever I am.

Looking around slowly I can see that I'm in a stone room that can't be any larger than ten feet by ten feet. The only light in the room is a sliver of light from beneath the door. I stand up slowly, wobbling slightly but I soon have all four hooves underneath me and standing up straight. Tentatively I take a few steps towards the door, each hoofstep echoes around in the small room. I'm only a few feet away from the door when the door started to creak open and I quickly back up to the wall.

In stepped two Pegasi, who are clearly guards and I try to back up even father from the door. A few seconds later another Pegasus steps into the room. She simply walks over to me and leans her head down so that she's at eye level with me. That's when I notice that she also is also a unicorn, an Alicorn. How I knew this I wasn't sure but I knew that the pony in front of me was an Alicorn.

"I'm so sorry that you ended up in here, I was away and only just returned. Follow me and we'll get you some food and seen to." She then stands up straight and walks towards the door. As she's stepping through the door way she looks over her shoulder, at me and then motions with her head for me to follow her before continuing on. I glance at the guards and then at the door where the Alicorn had just been and decide to follow her. Stepping out of that room I follow her up a flight of torch lit winding stairs. The guards' hoofsteps ominously sounding from behind me.

Ahead of me I hear a door creak open and bright light floods the dimly lit stairs. Blinking my eyes I try and get used to the sudden change in light. I stopped moving while I did this and the guards behind me nudge me forward and I stumble into the corridor. The Alicorn breaks my fall and helps me stand up and then glares at the two guards. Following the Alicorn, she leads me into a room with several beds one of them is already occupied by a sleeping pony.

"Please lie down." I do as she asks and lie down on one of the beds while she pulls one of the other beds closer and lies down herself. A few seconds later another pony enters from the other end of the room. As they approach I can see a stethoscope hanging around their neck.

Reaching where we are he bows quickly to the Alicorn and then turns to me. Looking me over he pulls a small flashlight from one of the pockets on his white lab coat and shines it in my eyes. Squinting at the bright light I move my head back a little even though I know it's useless. I let out a sigh as he turns the light only to be replaced with a tongue depressor in my face.

"Say ah." Obediently I open my mouth and he shines the flash light in my mouth while using the tongue depressor. Once he removes it I close my mouth only to let it fall open after he pulls one of my wings, that I didn't really know that I had. He quickly looks over my wing and then checks over the other one. Turning towards the Alicorn he reports. "She doesn't appear to have any injuries."

"Thank you. I'm really glad to hear that." The Alicorn then stood up and the doctor bowed again. As she starts walking I immediately follow, not sure what I would do if I got lost. The Alicorn looks back over her shoulder and she smiles at me as she enters another room. This time it looks like a dinning hall. As soon as she enters a shout was heard from behind a door on the other side of the room and a unicorn exits through the door rather quickly. She lets out squeak as she does so, suggesting that she was pushed out. Timidly she walked over to us and asked, barely loud enough to be heard.

"What would you like your Majesty?" She lets out another little squeak as the Alicorn bows her head to be at eye level with the unicorn.

"I need a simple breakfast for this Pegasus, nothing fancy." Quickly the unicorn nodded and rushed back into the other room. The Alicorn simply walks over to the table and sits down, and then waved me over. Quickly I did as I was told and sat down next to her, soon after the same unicorn came out of the same door a tray balanced on her back. She quietly placed the tray on the table in front of me and then quickly went back to what I assumed to be the kitchen.

"Eat up." I jumped slightly when the Alicorn spoke but quickly I start eating the very simple breakfast that had been brought out for me. The breakfast was made up of a glass of milk, a muffin and an apple. While I start eating the Alicorn starts talking.

"I don't believe that I've actually been introduced. I am Princess Celestia co-ruler of Equestria. I was away on political business and when I got back I heard that a mysterious mare had showed up in the middle of the throne room, seemingly overnight and that she was immediately thrown in the dungeon. I'm sorry that this happened to you. Do you have any clue how you got in the throne room?" I look at the princess and then shake my head no. "Do you remember anything?" Again I shake my head sadly and the princess lets out a sigh. "Okay... So no name?" Once again I shake my head no. "If it's alright with you I think that I want to send you to a good friend of mine. She might be able to help you. Do you agree to stay with her for a little while?" I think for about half a second before I agree. "Okay I'll send a letter to her and tell her that you're coming. The train leaves for Ponyville in a thirty minutes." After she says this a scroll and ink appear from nowhere and she starts writing.


In the Ponyville library

Twilight floated the last few books back onto the shelf and let out a sigh. Another successful re-shelving was complete. Just then Spike came running in from the other room, a scroll in hand.

"Twilight! A scroll just came from the Princess." He then handed her the scroll which she levitated with her magic as she unfurled it to read it.

Dear Twilight,

My faithful student, a strange matter has arisen. When I returned from my trip to Fillydelphia I found that we had a Pegasus in the dungeon. She was found knocked out in the throne room and was immediately taken to the dungeon until I returned. I made sure that she was medically stable and she has had a simple breakfast. While talking to her I learned that she knows nothing about how she ended up in the throne room and that she doesn't remember anything, not even her name. She seemed surprised when the doctor started examining her wings like she wasn't even aware that she had them.

What I want to ask of you is that you take her in and introduce her to the elements. Make her feel at home. My only concern is that the whole time I was with her she didn't speak a word. I have the feeling that she's terribly shy, don't press her to do anything she doesn't want to. She is on her way to Ponyville as you read this. Please be there to meet her. I trust that you will be excepting of her. Until the next time my faithful student .

Princess Celestia


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I step warily out of the last train car and the doors closes behind me. Looking around I try and spot the purple unicorn that the princess promised would be here to meet me. My bangs fall in my face and I don't even try to move them out of my eyes. I jump when a hoof taps me on my shoulder, glancing over my shoulder I see who it was; a lavender mare with darker purple mane and tail, both with a streak of hot pink in it. Quickly I realize that this was the unicorn the Princess had sent to meet me. Smiling she asked me.

"Were you sent here by Princess Celestia?" I nod my head shyly and she continues to smile. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, the Princess told me to meet you here and that you would be staying with me for a little while. how about we head back to the library and get you settled down and then I'll introduce you to my friends. Does that work with you?" I nod my head, not sure what else we would have done.

I followed the unicorn as we made our way through town, looking at everything. Twilight smiled and waved at pretty much everypony we passed, which wasn't many considering how big the town was. Wondering where everypony else was I followed Twilight to her home at the local library. We were there within five minutes and she opened the front door and I walk in, figuring that she'd turn on the lights when she entered. Suddenly the lights came on and I could clearly see that the room was filled with ponies, probably the ones that were missing from the streets.

"SURPRISE!!!" I shrank back behind Twilight as all of the other ponies shouted this in unison. Twilight seemed shocked for a second, before she started frowning, specifically at an overly bubbly pink pony as she bounded happily over to us.

"Hi Twilight! What do you think? I threw a party for the new pony!" She just kept smiling as Twilight became even more annoyed at her.

"Pinkie. I told you not to throw a party. Celestia said that she was extremely shy. As in Fluttershy sort of shy. She really doesn't need a party." The pink pony looked slightly disappointed but she somehow managed to pick up the party in just a few minutes and got all of ponies out except for five ponies, including herself. I had stayed behind Twilight the whole time, watching curiously over her shoulder but now she moved so that I could clearly seen by the others in the room. Twilight looked over her shoulder and motioned with her hoof to come a little closer. As I took a few timid steps closer she began to speak.

"Now is as good a time as any to introduce you to my friends. The pink pony is my friend Pinkie Pie. She loves throwing parties and breaking the laws of physics. Next to her is Rarity." Rarity smiled kindly at me and waved. "Rarity runs the Carousel Boutique, a local dress shop." Suddenly a cyan, pegasus with a rainbow mane was right in my face.

"Hi Ya! I can't wait to get to know you better. I just know that we're gonna have fun 'cause I can tell that you're gonna be my new flying buddy!" I tried to shy away from her but she just swooped down and gave me a huge hug.

"And that's my friend Rainbow Dash. She's the local weather pony. She also spends most of her time trying out different stunts, her most famous one being the sonic rainboom. My other two friends are Applejack and Fluttershy. Applejack and her family run Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy takes care of all the animals in the area." I looked at the last two of Twilights friends, an orange mare with a blonde mane tipped her hat to me and a yellow Pegasus smiled shyly from behind a lock of pink hair that was in front of her face. Smiling at all of her friends Rarity asked the one question I didn't want to hear.

"So now you've been introduced to us but you haven't introduced yourself. What's your name." I just looked down at the ground, my ears drooping, not entirely sure how to answer that question, luckily Twilight spoke up for me.

"In the letter Princess Celestia sent me she said that she was found unconscious a few days ago and when she woke up this morning she didn't remember anything. Not even her name. So she can't introduce herself."

"Well that don't matter to nopony here. We accept everypony, no matter what their history is like." Applejack was the one who said this. Then Twilight perked up suddenly.

"Oh I almost forgot to mention that we're the embodiments of the Elements of Harmony. Applejack is honesty, Rarity is generosity, Fluttershy is kindness, Rainbow Dash is loyalty, Pinkie Pie is laughter and I am magic." I simply look at Twilight, perplexed and completely confused by what she just said. Realization dawned on Twilight's face. "You have no clue what the Elements of Harmony are do you?" I shook my head. " I have a couple of books on them and you can read them if you'd like." I shrug my shoulders. "I'll get them down for you just in case you decide you want to. But first I think that it's time to say good bye to the others. It's almost sundown and Fluttershy and Applejack have a bit of a walk." Turning around I see that the others were standing by the door, ready to leave.

"Hey Sugar cube. Ah'll take ya to see ma farm tomorrow if you'd like. Does that sound good to ya?" I smile and nod my head to Applejack's kind offer. "See ya tomorrow then." She then exited as did the rest all calling out their good byes until it was just Twilight and Rainbow Dash, who flew over to me, hovering in front of me. She just studied me for a few seconds before saying.

"You know. You seem slightly familiar. I can't quite put my hoof on it though. Either way. I'll see you around!" With that she flew of out the open window.

"Well that was weird. But either way, here's the book on the Elements of Harmony. You can read it if you want to or not. The guest bedroom is through here." She then walked in to the next room. I quietly followed her and found it to be a simple room, a bed, a dresser, and a mirror were all that was in the room besides several bookshelves. "You can stay in here. My bedroom is upstairs just in case you need anything and don't be afraid to approach me or Spike if you need anything. Oh that's right I forgot to introduce you to Spike. He's my assistant. He's also a dragon but don't worry, he's just a baby and he's really friendly. So if you don't need anything I'm gonna head upstairs and got to bed." I wave as she leaves the room, turning back to the bed I spot the book Twilight had grabbed for me. Picking it up I decide that it wouldn't hurt me know what they were talking about.

After ten minutes, frustrated, I put the book down. I couldn't understand half of what the book was saying because the letters seemed to be rearranging themselves on the page. Letting out a sigh I walk over to the window and stare up at the sky as I let my thoughts wander.

'Everypony here seems so nice... Especially Twilight and her friends, but will they still except me even if I don't remember who I am? Is there anything behind Rainbow Dash thinking I looked familiar?' I continue to let my mind wander for a while before I decide that I should probably get to sleep. Crawling into the bed I let out a sigh and wonder what tomorrow will bring.

In Town

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When I woke up light was streaming through the window. Stretching while I yawned I then crawled out of bed, wondering what Twilight was up to. Walking towards the door, I happen to spot the mirror hanging on the wall. Taking a few steps closer to it I can see a blue mare timidly approaching the mirror from the other side. Looking at myself in the mirror I can't help but laugh at how messy my mane was. Turning around I scan the room and find what I was hoping to find; a hairbrush.

A few minutes later my mane was no longer a matted mess. With my mane no longer a distraction I take a good look at myself for the first time. I was on the verge of being scrawny but not quite there. The back of my mane reached down to where my wings connected to the rest of my body. Both my mane and my tail were ragged at the end and looked very similar to how Rainbow Dash had her mane and tail but longer.

After noticing that similarity I started to notice other similarities. We were both blue but I was darker. My build was almost identical to hers, I was pretty sure that I had a slightly lighter build, and thus making me more aerodynamic. If I had a rainbow mane ponies probably couldn't tell the difference between us from a distance.

With this on my mind I leave my room. Walking out I bump into a baby purple dragon. Surprised I take a step back as I try and recall what Twilight had said his name was.

"Hi I'm Spike. I don't know if Twilight mentioned me but I'm her assistant. And don't worry I'm nice. Oh Twilight told me to tell you that there's breakfast in the kitchen for you. Either way I have some work I need to do. See ya later." As soon as he finished saying that he walked off. Well at least now I knew that his name was Spike and that there was breakfast for me in the kitchen.

Peaking into the different rooms I finally found the kitchen and there was an apple and a bowl of cereal on the table, waiting for me. I quickly spotted a note pad besides the cereal. After a minute of trying and only managing to get a headache I pick up the pad and try and find Spike. Finding Spike doesn't take that long and I give him the pad. Reading it over quickly he hands it back to me while saying.

"I don't know why you gave this to me, it's meant for you." I give him the pad again and then just look at him, slightly perturbed that he didn't get what I was asking the first time. Spike just looked at the pad and then at me and then it seemed to dawn on him what I was asking. "You need me to read this for you don't you." I not my head and he begins. "Sorry that I'm gone, I had something very urgent that I needed to do. Applejack volunteered to take you on a tour of Sweet Apple Acres, I think that you'd like it if you decide to go." As Spike finished he hands the note back to me and smile to show my appreciation before returning to the kitchen to eat.

I had eaten the apple and was half way through the bowl of cereal when a knock came from the door. Immediately Spike called out.

"I'll get it!" I could hear the skittering sound of Spike's claws as he ran across the hard wood floors before the sound of the door squeaking open was heard. "Oh hi Applejack. I'm guessing that you're here to see if she wants to go to Sweet Apple Acres, aren't you?"

"You bettcha Spike. Know where she is?"

"I think that she's still in the kitchen." After a few seconds the two appear in the kitchen door way. "Applejack is here." Looking at the pair I smile and then stand up and move to put my dishes in the sink when Spike grabs them from me. "I'll get these. You can head out with Applejack." I smile at him and let him take the bowl from me before turning and walking over to where Applejack was standing.

"Hi ya Sugarcube! Ya'll ready to go?" I simply nod my head and follow her as she starts to head out of the library. We don't make it very far outside of the library before we're almost run over by three fillies, a scooter and a wagon. The three fillies got off their ride, two from the wagon and one from the scooter and ran over to Applejack, calling out in unison.

"APPLEJACK!" She stayed calm and just smiled at them.

"Hey girls. What are ya'll up to?"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS TIGHT ROPE WALKING!!!" Applejack just rolled her eyes.

"Well girls, be careful. Now Ah gotta go. Ah'm giving a tour of the farm today.-"

"Really Sis? Who's getin' the tour? What's their name? Think that they'll be able to help us get are Cutie Mark?" I tensed up slightly, I didn't have a name, what was Applejack going to say? And what is a cutie mark?

"Now Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo." As she said this she looked at each one of them in turn. "The Pegasus that Ah'm givin' a tour can't help ya'll find your cutie mark 'cause she don't have hers." A murmur broke out between the girls but was quickly silenced when Applejack glared at them. "She woke up a few days ago and she has no clue who she is. Although rare, loss of complete memory can lead to the loss of one's cutie mark if it's something tied to the memories of the pony. She was sent here by the princess herself because she believes that we can help her." The three fillies were silent for a few moments.

"We understand Sis, right girls?" The other two fillies immediately nodded and I couldn't help but smile at them. "Besides, we were already headin' towards the farm. We were hopin' that you'd let us use two apple trees to tie a rope between." Applejack let out a sigh.
"Ah guess havein' ya close by so we can hear ya if ya fall would be best. Come on, we'd best get a move on. I'd like to be able to finish showin' of the farm before it's dark." Applejack didn't say anymore but started walking and I followed and so did the three fillies.
We were almost out of town when two voices called out.
"Hey Blank-Flanks!" All five of us immediately turned towards the voices which belonged to two fillies, one was a pale pink filly with light purple and white hair and the other a grey filly with a lighter grey mane that is pulled back into a braid. Applebloom and her friends quickly become aggressive towards the other two fillies while Applejack simply looks at them with distain. The pale pink filly steps forward, a sly smirk on her face.
"Hey Cutie Mark Crybabies! It looks like it is possible for you to be an adult Blank-Flank. I bet that's going to be you when you're older." She then points to me and then shares a laugh with her friend. Applejack looks appalled and looked like she was seriously going to scold the two other fillies but was just as surprised as the rest of us when Applebloom beat her to it.
"Diamond Tiara! That's no way to talk about a guest sent here by Princess Celestia herself!"
"Obviously that's because she had no talents and had no use for her in Canterlot." The grey filly sneered this at her, trying to make Applebloom's statement invalid.
"No it ain't! She's here cause she lost her memory and her Cutie Mark was very personal and now she ain't who she was so now she don't have her Cutie Mark. She was sent her by Celestia to get help from Applejack and her friends." While she had been speaking she had gotten right up in Diamond Tiara's face. But as soon as she finished speaking spitefully at her she turned and started walking away. As she passed me she immediately turned to face me, a smile on her face. "Come on let's go." Applebloom said this softly and kindly, a complete change from a few moments before. I started following her and Applejack, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle followed, leaving the other two fillies to stare at us as we made our way towards Sweet Apple Acres, trying to process what was just said.
We walked in silence there rest of the way there, the whole time my mind turning over what Diamond Tiara and her friend had said. Mostly dwelling on what a Blank-Flank was and what they meant about an adult Blank-Flank. Were only foals Blank-Flanks? My train of thought was interrupted when Applejack stopped.
"Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres!"

The Farm

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In front of us lay vast fields of apple trees and right in the middle of the whole area was a large barn. Surrounding the whole place was a small white fence. Near where we were standing there was a break in the fence to let the dirt road through, a sign hung above it. The sign read: Sweet Apple Acres.

"Come on ya'll. Let's git goin'" Applejack then started down the road only to stop again a few feet later. "Girls ya'll go ahead and find Big Mac. Ah think Ah just saw him walk into the barn. Ask him for some rope." The three fillies ran along the path while Applejack and I stood back. After they were out of sight she turned to me. "Alright, so to the left here is our south field..." I followed behind her as she started talking.

The tour didn't take too long because it was a fairly repetitive tour. We ended up outside the barn.

"And finally we have the barn. It's where we store the apples, we also-" She opened the barn doors. "- sometimes host parties." Inside the barn the other four mare I had met last night along with Twilight and Spike. Twilight took a few steps forward, smiling.

"Pinkie Pie felt bad about scaring you last night at her party, and she had an idea so here we are with a very informal party. I also spent a chunk of the night last night looking at everything I could about memory loss and the loss of one's Cutie Mark. I hopefully found a spell that might help return some of your memory but not your Cutie Mark. Cutie Marks cannot be created or reviled by any use of magic. However if you gain some of your memory back that could lead you to finding your Cutie Mark. Unfortunately we can't sure how much, if any, of your memory will be uncovered because we don't know why you lost your memory." As Twilight finished her scientific monolog I nod my head understanding most of what she had said. She let out a sigh and then pointed her horn at me. "Here goes nothing." A magenta glow surrounded her lavender horn, growing brighter, Twilight scrunched her face as she concentrated on the memory spell. Taking a few steps forward she touched her horn to my forehead.

A white flash momentarily blinded all of us and for half a second I felt like something might have been breaking through a barrier in my mind that I wasn't even aware was there before being shot backwards. Slamming into the wall behind me, I have the wind knocked out of me. Blinking my eyes open I see that the others had also been thrown against the outer walls of the barn. Everypony else were starting to stand up and it didn't look like they were hurt.

Letting out a sigh I realize that I had been holding my breath, a shadow fell on me and I looked up to see Rainbow Dash hovering above me, a hoof offered to help me up. Taking it graciously I realize that they were all looking me expectantly. Now I could sense the barrier that was in my mind and I knew that nothing had escaped from behind it, still leaving me in the dark. about my past.

Sadly I shake my head and everypony in the barn let out a disappointed groan. I wanted to say something to comfort them but no words formed on my lips and it slowly dawned on me. the barrier that was blocking my memories was also blocking my speech. I let out a frustrated sigh and Twilight offered a weak smile.

"Listen, we can try again tomorrow. That drained my magic but I promise that we'll try again tomorrow." I simply nod and was about to start walking home when Twilight spoke up again. "I have an idea. Why don't you spend the rest of the day with Rainbow Dash. I get the feeling that you'd get along well besides she could help you with your flying. I haven't seen you even flutter your wings since we met yesterday and even for a shy Pegasus like Fluttershy that's uncommon. I'm sure that you'll have fun." I look at Rainbow Dash apprehensible but she looks back at me with pleading eyes, just begging to let her help me fly. Smiling weakly at her, my smile grows as I remember what Twilight had said about the elements and how Rainbow Dash was loyalty and I knew that she wouldn't let me get hurt. Nodding my hear she bursts into a grin and took off into the air.

"We're gonna have so much fun. I've never taught anypony to fly before but it can't be that hard. Come on!" She then flew out of the barn doors, a rainbow trail left behind her. Quietly I walked out of the barn and over to where Rainbow Dash had landed in a tree and she immediately hopped down next to me. "Alright. So the first thing in learning how to fly is learning how the muscles in your wing work. So spread you wings out and just feel how they extend and feel how they react to the slight wind." I nod my head towards her and then extend my wings, noticing how they tensed as I extended them a little too far. Looking at Rainbow Dash she nodded approvingly. "Now try flapping them. Just try to hover."

Giving my wings a few meek down strokes I achieve a measly inch off the ground for half a second before dropping back to the ground. Looking at the cyan mare, she just shakes her head and with a few strong down strokes of her wings she easily hovers at least a foot off the ground, every few seconds giving a light down stroke to keep her in the air. Taking a deep breath I copy what the rainbow manned mare had done, smiling as I rose to hover next to her, glad to find that it was coming more naturally than I had expected it to.

"You're doing good. the rest is fairly easy. Hovering is actually the hardest part because you need to be able to know when and how hard to flap your wings to keep yourself up. To fly you just have to angle your wings so that your down stroke pushes the air down and backwards so that you actually start to move through the air. Like this." She then started flapping her wings harder and she shot of like a rocket. Staring at the rainbow contrail she left behind for a second and then I tried it for myself.

Angling my wings down like Rainbow Dash had said, I give a harder push and found myself gaining a bit of altitude and gliding forward a little. Smiling and gaining confidence, after a few more strong down strokes of my wings I was flying off in the direction that Rainbow Dash had gone off. Looking around I didn't see her immediately and was quite surprised when I heard a voice call out from behind me.

"You're doing good. I'm gonna fly up higher. You can to if you want to but just be warned cause there are stronger winds and those can be tricky for new fliers." She then zoomed off again, leaving me to practice on my own.

I decided to stay down lower for the time being as I got used to how the wind felt under my wings. Quietly I practiced leaning slightly to one side to turn slowly, this gave me a little while to think.

'Why were we thrown away when Twilight tried that memory spell? I really wish that I could tell somepony how I'm feeling right now but I just can't seem to be able to form the words that would be need.' I let out a frustrated sigh and tried to do my best at ignoring all the questions that were brewing in my mind. Right then Rainbow Dash appeared by my side again.

"You know you're really a natural at this. And you know this reminds me of the time my dad, my brother and I were teaching my..." She trailed of a confused look on her face. " The time we were teaching... You know, that thought just escaped me. For a second I thought I remembered something but I guess I must have been thinking about something a friend did. Something along those lines but it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you're doing really well. Wanna fly a little higher and try your hoof at some of the tougher winds?" I nod uncertainly, not really thinking that this was the best idea. Thankfully a small call came from below us. Looking down I saw Fluttershy calling to us, hovering about the height of the tree tops.

In a split second I realize just how high up we were and my wings locked to my sides. Plummeting I try and calm myself down which is hard to do when you're tumbling through the air heading straight towards the ground. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, counting to three before opening them, just enough to watch as the roof of the barn approached closer and closer. When I was a few feet above the roof my instincts kicked in and my wings extended fully. The air caught on my wings and I followed the slop of the roof, slowing my accent and when there was no more barn roof underneath me I angled down, ready to land and stay on the ground for a while. As soon as I landed Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were by my side in seconds.

"Oh my... I'm so sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. I only came out to tell you that..." Fluttershy, being as soft spoken as she is was quickly drowned out by an excited Rainbow Dash.

"That was amazing! I never seen anypony perform a dive like that. Except once at a Wonderbolts performance but you did that when pulling out of a wing lock. Ordinary Pegasi can't do that. Most would have hit the roof, some would have passed out before hitting the roof. And this is your first time flying since you lost your memory. The only other time I've seen somepony pull out of a wing lock was the time my..." Once again Rainbow Dash got a confused look on her face. " I don't know where I was going with that. I probably saw one of the Wonderbolts do something similar either way..." Right then Fluttershy gently tapped Rainbow Dash on the shoulder.

"Um... I came out here because Twilight thinks that she can try the memory spell one more time tonight. So she sent me to bring you guys in... If that's not too much trouble of course..."

"No problem Fluttershy. Besides I don't think she's going to do anymore flying tonight." I nod in agreement with Rainbow Dash before starting to head into the barn. The other two Pegasi following behind me. Upon entering the barn Twilight and the others stood up and approached us.

"You willing to try again tonight." I nod at Twilight and the others back up, not eager for a repeat of last time. Once again the lavender mare started charging her horn, building power for the memory spell. With every passing second the magenta glow around her horn got brighter and lighter until it was an almost blinding white light coming from it. Stepping forward she pressed her horn against my forehead, releasing the spell. Once again I felt like my memories were pounding at the mental barrier in my mind, trying to break through but never succeeding.

After a second of this everypony in the room was thrown against the walls of the barn once again. My head was pounding and it didn't help when a few seconds later a loud booming voice echoed around my head.

"Well, well, well. I would have thought you would have learned the first time when I warned you. I guess I had to tell you no again. So get it in your little brains, especially you Twilight, that she is under my protection and you're not going to be able to help her." I guess everypony else heard the voice too because they were all glaring about, and at the same time they all growled, what I am assuming was the owner of the voice.


I Remember

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"Well I'm certainly not King Sombra." I flinch as the voice speaks again. A few seconds later a creature appears out of thin air. The creature was a jumble of all sorts of other animals.

"Really my little ponies, who else would it be? I am the embodiment of chaos." The creature, who is apparently the one they called Discord, spoke with the same voice that was in my head, leading me to assume that he was the owner of said voice.

"Why are you here Discord?" Twilight said this more than asked it, demanding an answer.

"My dear Twilight, I already told you. I'm here because she's under my protection." He smiled at her and then turned one of the nearby hay barrels into a trampoline, and then started jumping on it.

"What in tarnation does that mean? She's perfectly safe and if she was in trouble she wouldn't need help from ya'll." Applejack took a step towards Discord.

"Just because she's under my protection doesn't mean I'm protecting her. I'm protecting my handiwork from the likes of little miss Sparkle. I don't like it when ponies meddle with something that I've already meddled with. All I wanted to do was give her a clean slate." Discord floated over to me, not really flying because the mismatched wings on his back weren't flapping. Rainbow Dash appeared in a second, right in front of Discord's fac. I could tell that she was fuming mad.

"And what gave you the right to do that? She had a life. She could have had family, friends and an awesome career. The way she flies she could have been a Wonderbolt. But the last one's not true cause I would have recognized her if she was a Wonderbolt but who knows what her life was like." Discord just started smiling.

"She did have all those things and some of her friends are right here in this room. Or have you forgotten too?" All of the others had confused looks on their faces, Pinkie's being the biggest of course. Discord just continued to grin evilly. After a few seconds of silence Pinkie Pie marched over to Discord and stated.

"I remember everypony I've ever met and I've never met her before yesterday." Discord snapped his fingers and everypony else in the room froze. I glare at him skeptically as he glided over to me. He circled slowly as he spoke.

"Are these ponies, really, the ones that you're trusting? They met you last week. If they can't remember last week what makes you think that they'll be able to help you? You've lost your entire life. Twilight is the most powerful unicorn, aside from the princesses, what's not to say she isn't the one who caused you to lose your memory in the first place? It would explain why her memory spell 'didn't work'. And to prove it. Here's the memory of when you met last week." He sneered as he passed in front of me and pain burst from my mind as he force fed the memory to me.

The edges of the memory were fuzzy but I managed to catch sight of a white picket fence and a sign and I knew we were at Sweet Apple Acres. I was flying with Rainbow Dash flying a few feet in front of me, after a few seconds she dived steeply and I followed effortlessly, like it was something I did for a living.

We landed in front of the entrance to the farm and the others were waiting for us. Pinkie Pie was holding a banner that read; Welcome to Ponyville. They immediately walked towards us, ready to greet us. Glancing over at Rainbow Dash I see that her mouth was moving but no sound came out. I let out a mental sigh, of course there wouldn't be any sound.

Concentrating harder I try and read her lips but after a few seconds I gave up because Rainbow Dash was talking a mile a minute. Obviously she knew me before the others did. A few more seconds and I turn to face the others, greeting them. They talked slow enough that I could actually read their lips, except Fluttershy who was talking from behind her hair.

Right then something must have clicked in my head because I immediately turned to face Rainbow Dash. I can only assume that I asked some question. This time she answered slow enough to read what she said. Something like; 'Oh, that. I guess I forgot to mention that didn't I. But it's not a big deal really I hardly think about it.'

I said something back to her and her response was something like this. 'You know that it's ironic right? We're sorta living each other's dreams. You want to be recognized but not every time you step outside, only occasionally. Whereas I'd love it if I got mobbed every time I did anything. But we had the same dream when we were little so I'm glad that one of us made our foalhood dream. And I'm still determined to join you guys and nothing is gonna stop me.'

Right then the memory started to fade. Opening my eyes, that I hadn't even realized I'd closed, I find myself looking straight into Discord's red and yellow eyes. Immediately I took a step backwards. Discord snapped his fingers again and the others unfreeze, looking slightly confused about what just happened.

"So. Who will it be? Them or me?" Immediately the others started objecting.

"Ah don't know what he told ya but don't believe him. He's the embodiment of chaos and Ah can guarantee that he was lying through his teeth." I hear Applejack call this out before Discord shouts.

"Silence and let her make her decision." I glance between him and the others, my gaze finally resting on Rainbow Dash. I remember how she was always there when I really needed her, how I know that she would have caught me if I hadn't pulled out of that dive. She's the embodiment of loyalty and I knew that I had earned her loyalty. I could trust her and her friends. Making my decision I walk towards Rainbow Dash. Instantly it was clear that I hadn't sided with Discord.

"Fine then, but you just sealed your fate. You'll never get your memories back But hey, I'm a nice guy, you didn't know what was at stake. One last chance, join me and you'll have your memories back." I make no move to join him and after a few seconds he says. "No? Fine then. You'll never find out who you were and nopony is going to remember you. When I stole your memories I also stole everypony else's memories of you." He then disappeared, leaving the barn to fester awkward silence.

I let out a sigh and start to doubt if I had just made the right choice. A silent tear ran down my cheek and I take in a shuddering breath. As another tear hits the floor I feel a gentle hoof resting on my shoulder.

"Don't worry sugarcube. Everything is going to be fine." I nod slightly and she takes her hoof of my shoulder and used it to lift my head up. "Look at me, sugarcube. Ah promise, the highest promise; a Pinkie Promise; Cross mah heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in mah eye. That everything is gonna be fine. We've defeated Discord several times and we'll do it again for ya." She then smiled at me and I smiled weakly back at her. Right then Twilight approached us.

"And I think I already might have an idea on how to stop him but I'm sure I'm not the only pony ready to get some sleep." Everypony else mumbled in agreement and started heading towards the doors. After a few feet Rainbow Dash perked up.

"I have an idea! Why don't you spend the night at my house? It's closer than Twilight's house."

"I don't see why not as long as she wants to." I sleepily nod at Twilight and Rainbow Dash takes off and I follow shortly. Flying out of the barn it only takes a few minutes to reach Rainbow Dash's house. I only half pay attention as she leads me through her house and into the spare bed room where I collapse on the bed. Immediately I slip into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up light was streaming through the bedroom window. Rolling over I blink a couple of times, slightly confused about where I was then I remembered the events of last night. Taking a look around me I take in the beauty of the cloud home. A second later a loud crash sounded from a nearby room.

Following the sound, I end up in what I assume is Rainbow Dash's kitchen. The Pegasus in question was lying on the floor, several plates lying on the ground around her. She looked up at me sheepishly as I entered the room.

"Heh, heh. Did I wake you." I didn't respond, I just look at the dishes that were around her. "Oh, those... It was an attempt at making breakfast and bringing it to you. You were really loyal last night, sticking with your choice even when Discord baited you with your memories. That's almost as loyal as I am." I smile at her and then help her pick up the dishes. "Let's just get breakfast at Sugarcube Corner and then we can stop at Twilight's to hear what her idea is."

Nodding my head I follow her out of the house. Taking a few steps outside the house I see how high up the house was, something that wasn't visible last night. Taking a step away from the edge I couldn't help but think of when I started to fall last night. I know that I pulled out of it but I couldn't help but think of what might have happened if I hadn't. Rainbow Dash spread her wings, ready to take off when she looked over her shoulder to see me shying away from the edge.

"Hey don't worry. I won't let you get hurt. Besides I'm pretty sure you'll feel better when you have your hooves on the ground. So come on." She then took off, going into a steep dive. Swallowing hard I also take off and go into a less dangerous dive.

When I took off I had closed my eyes, after a second I opened the again only to immediately close them again. It took telling every muscle in my wings not to collapse, to stay in the air as a new wave of fear washed over me. From my right I hear Rainbow Dash's voice.

"You're doing fine. You're actually flying better than Fluttershy ever seems to fly. If you'd open your eyes you'd see just how beautiful the world is from above." Taking a deep breath I open my eyes and immediately look to my right to see Rainbow Dash smiling at me. "I know I said this already but I really can't help but think that you are so familiar. But that can't be possible. We just met two days ago." I slip into my own thoughts as I took in the beautiful landscape below.

Thoughts of the landscape aside I start to think about the 'memory' Discord showed me. Was it even a real memory? Discord was the one who showed it to me after all. The 'memory' clearly showed Rainbow Dash introducing me to the others, yet they didn't remember it. But then again Discord was holding back my memories, what's not to keep him from doing that to the others, as well. Last night he said that when he stole my memories he also stole everypony else's memories of me.

I let my mind simmer around this thought as Rainbow Dash and I flew towards Sugarcube Corner. A few minutes later we arrived, landing out front we found the others already waiting inside. Immediately Pinkie Pie ran only to reappear with two drinks balancing on a tray. Applejack quickly dragged a nearby chair over to their table and then motioned for me to sit.

Taking the seat graciously, a drink was set in front of me. Rainbow Dash sat to my right and had already started drinking out of the glass that Pinkie sat down in front of her. Looking at the drink for a second I then reach for it, not sure what flavor it would be. Twilight must have noticed because she spoke up.

"Don't worry, Pinkie Pie always, somehow, knows what exactly what everypony likes to drink. So don't worry, I'm sure you'll like it." Nodding, I take a sip and then smile, savoring the taste.

"What flavor was it Pinkie Pie? That is if you don't mind telling..." Fluttershy asked quietly and then went back to sipping from her own drink.


"That's very nice, dear. Now Twilight what idea did you have last night?" Rarity looked at Twilight expectantly as she said this.

"Well, how did we stop Discord last time? With the Elements of Harmony. So I got to thinking, what if we used the Elements, combined with the memory spell. I think it might work." Twilight explained rapidly and we were all silent for a moment as we processed what she had said.

"Sounds like it might work and there really can't be any harm in trying. The Elements are still in the Library aren't they?

"Yes, the Elements are back in the library. I think we should head back there as soon as we're done here." By the time Twilight has said this Fluttershy has just finished her drink and Rainbow Dash was almost done. My glass was still fairly full. Not wanting to hold up the rest of the group I take a few more drinks but quickly have to set the glass back on the table. Knots in my stomach stopping me from drinking anymore. Walking over to me Pinkie Pie picked up my glass, asking while she walked to the kitchen.

"Queasy stomach?" I nod my head. "Don't worry I'm sure that all of us would be nervous if we were in your position." She then disappeared into the kitchen, appearing a few seconds later. "Let's go. It's best to just get this over with. Besides I hate suspense."

Everypony got up from the table and followed Twilight outside. We walked towards the library in silence, upon arriving Twilight opened the door with her magic and we all filed in.

"Spike we're back. We're going to try my idea. Will you please bring the Elements?" Twilight called this out as she steps in and closes the door behind her. Spike appeared about a minute later with a box. Twilight opened the box and removed the contents with her magic.

The contents were five necklaces and a tiara. Each item had one of their Cutie Marks on it, the tiara having Twilight's six pointed star. She gave the necklaces to their appropriate owner before placing the tiara on her own head. Looking around I notice that the others had formed a circle around me. There must have been some silent cue from Twilight because they all tensed up and Twilight's horn started glowing.

As the spell grew stronger, her horn grew brighter and the tiara started pulsing. From the corner of my eye I could tell that the necklaces were pulsing very faintly. The atmosphere seemed to thicken as the spell grew stronger. After what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes Twilight stepped forward lightly touching her horn to my forehead. Nothing happened for a second and then a beam shot out of the tiara, connecting with the necklaces before they all shot beams out. The beams slammed into me, knocking my breath out of me and knocking me to the ground. When my head hit the ground I blacked out.

Memories Flashed through my mind, most of them I didn't catch but a few of them. One of them that stuck out was of a blue stallion and a purple stallion, along with a filly Rainbow Dash. The purple stallion, who had a rainbow mane, was a little ways off with the filly Rainbow Dash, apparently cheering her on. The blue stallion, who had a vibrant yellow and red mane, mixing into orange where the two colors met, was in front of me, instructing me like Rainbow Dash had when she was teaching me how to fly.

The memory changed to Rainbow Dash as a full grown adult. There was also a group of other adults, both stallions and mares, headed by a flame maned mare, all wearing the same blue and yellow uniforms. The flame maned mare, who was obviously the leader of the group, was holding out pendent with a winged lightning bolt on it. Glancing over my shoulder I see Rainbow Dash was smiling at me, nodding at me encouragingly, but I could tell there was some disappointment behind her smile. Behind the group I spotted a banner that said Wonderbolts on it but then the memory changed again.

The next memory was the same memory that Discord showed me, exactly the same as when Discord had showed it to me. The only difference was that I now understood how Rainbow Dash and I knew each other. Once that memory was over no others came and I slowly opened my eyes.

Letting out a groan I see the others looking at me expectantly. Everypony backed off except Rainbow Dash who just hovered back a foot. Carefully I picked myself up, my whole body aching as I did so. Looking at Rainbow Dash she smiles and hesitantly I ask.