• Published 24th Mar 2013
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Why Can't I Remember? - Nolongerposting

I awoke in the Canterlot dungeon, stripped of my identity. I have no spesific memory but have general knowledge of pony life. I can't remeber my name. I have no cutie mark and no clues to who I am at all.

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In Town

When I woke up light was streaming through the window. Stretching while I yawned I then crawled out of bed, wondering what Twilight was up to. Walking towards the door, I happen to spot the mirror hanging on the wall. Taking a few steps closer to it I can see a blue mare timidly approaching the mirror from the other side. Looking at myself in the mirror I can't help but laugh at how messy my mane was. Turning around I scan the room and find what I was hoping to find; a hairbrush.

A few minutes later my mane was no longer a matted mess. With my mane no longer a distraction I take a good look at myself for the first time. I was on the verge of being scrawny but not quite there. The back of my mane reached down to where my wings connected to the rest of my body. Both my mane and my tail were ragged at the end and looked very similar to how Rainbow Dash had her mane and tail but longer.

After noticing that similarity I started to notice other similarities. We were both blue but I was darker. My build was almost identical to hers, I was pretty sure that I had a slightly lighter build, and thus making me more aerodynamic. If I had a rainbow mane ponies probably couldn't tell the difference between us from a distance.

With this on my mind I leave my room. Walking out I bump into a baby purple dragon. Surprised I take a step back as I try and recall what Twilight had said his name was.

"Hi I'm Spike. I don't know if Twilight mentioned me but I'm her assistant. And don't worry I'm nice. Oh Twilight told me to tell you that there's breakfast in the kitchen for you. Either way I have some work I need to do. See ya later." As soon as he finished saying that he walked off. Well at least now I knew that his name was Spike and that there was breakfast for me in the kitchen.

Peaking into the different rooms I finally found the kitchen and there was an apple and a bowl of cereal on the table, waiting for me. I quickly spotted a note pad besides the cereal. After a minute of trying and only managing to get a headache I pick up the pad and try and find Spike. Finding Spike doesn't take that long and I give him the pad. Reading it over quickly he hands it back to me while saying.

"I don't know why you gave this to me, it's meant for you." I give him the pad again and then just look at him, slightly perturbed that he didn't get what I was asking the first time. Spike just looked at the pad and then at me and then it seemed to dawn on him what I was asking. "You need me to read this for you don't you." I not my head and he begins. "Sorry that I'm gone, I had something very urgent that I needed to do. Applejack volunteered to take you on a tour of Sweet Apple Acres, I think that you'd like it if you decide to go." As Spike finished he hands the note back to me and smile to show my appreciation before returning to the kitchen to eat.

I had eaten the apple and was half way through the bowl of cereal when a knock came from the door. Immediately Spike called out.

"I'll get it!" I could hear the skittering sound of Spike's claws as he ran across the hard wood floors before the sound of the door squeaking open was heard. "Oh hi Applejack. I'm guessing that you're here to see if she wants to go to Sweet Apple Acres, aren't you?"

"You bettcha Spike. Know where she is?"

"I think that she's still in the kitchen." After a few seconds the two appear in the kitchen door way. "Applejack is here." Looking at the pair I smile and then stand up and move to put my dishes in the sink when Spike grabs them from me. "I'll get these. You can head out with Applejack." I smile at him and let him take the bowl from me before turning and walking over to where Applejack was standing.

"Hi ya Sugarcube! Ya'll ready to go?" I simply nod my head and follow her as she starts to head out of the library. We don't make it very far outside of the library before we're almost run over by three fillies, a scooter and a wagon. The three fillies got off their ride, two from the wagon and one from the scooter and ran over to Applejack, calling out in unison.

"APPLEJACK!" She stayed calm and just smiled at them.

"Hey girls. What are ya'll up to?"

"CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS TIGHT ROPE WALKING!!!" Applejack just rolled her eyes.

"Well girls, be careful. Now Ah gotta go. Ah'm giving a tour of the farm today.-"

"Really Sis? Who's getin' the tour? What's their name? Think that they'll be able to help us get are Cutie Mark?" I tensed up slightly, I didn't have a name, what was Applejack going to say? And what is a cutie mark?

"Now Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo." As she said this she looked at each one of them in turn. "The Pegasus that Ah'm givin' a tour can't help ya'll find your cutie mark 'cause she don't have hers." A murmur broke out between the girls but was quickly silenced when Applejack glared at them. "She woke up a few days ago and she has no clue who she is. Although rare, loss of complete memory can lead to the loss of one's cutie mark if it's something tied to the memories of the pony. She was sent here by the princess herself because she believes that we can help her." The three fillies were silent for a few moments.

"We understand Sis, right girls?" The other two fillies immediately nodded and I couldn't help but smile at them. "Besides, we were already headin' towards the farm. We were hopin' that you'd let us use two apple trees to tie a rope between." Applejack let out a sigh.
"Ah guess havein' ya close by so we can hear ya if ya fall would be best. Come on, we'd best get a move on. I'd like to be able to finish showin' of the farm before it's dark." Applejack didn't say anymore but started walking and I followed and so did the three fillies.
We were almost out of town when two voices called out.
"Hey Blank-Flanks!" All five of us immediately turned towards the voices which belonged to two fillies, one was a pale pink filly with light purple and white hair and the other a grey filly with a lighter grey mane that is pulled back into a braid. Applebloom and her friends quickly become aggressive towards the other two fillies while Applejack simply looks at them with distain. The pale pink filly steps forward, a sly smirk on her face.
"Hey Cutie Mark Crybabies! It looks like it is possible for you to be an adult Blank-Flank. I bet that's going to be you when you're older." She then points to me and then shares a laugh with her friend. Applejack looks appalled and looked like she was seriously going to scold the two other fillies but was just as surprised as the rest of us when Applebloom beat her to it.
"Diamond Tiara! That's no way to talk about a guest sent here by Princess Celestia herself!"
"Obviously that's because she had no talents and had no use for her in Canterlot." The grey filly sneered this at her, trying to make Applebloom's statement invalid.
"No it ain't! She's here cause she lost her memory and her Cutie Mark was very personal and now she ain't who she was so now she don't have her Cutie Mark. She was sent her by Celestia to get help from Applejack and her friends." While she had been speaking she had gotten right up in Diamond Tiara's face. But as soon as she finished speaking spitefully at her she turned and started walking away. As she passed me she immediately turned to face me, a smile on her face. "Come on let's go." Applebloom said this softly and kindly, a complete change from a few moments before. I started following her and Applejack, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle followed, leaving the other two fillies to stare at us as we made our way towards Sweet Apple Acres, trying to process what was just said.
We walked in silence there rest of the way there, the whole time my mind turning over what Diamond Tiara and her friend had said. Mostly dwelling on what a Blank-Flank was and what they meant about an adult Blank-Flank. Were only foals Blank-Flanks? My train of thought was interrupted when Applejack stopped.
"Welcome to Sweet Apple Acres!"