Why Can't I Remember?

by Nolongerposting

Waking Up

I let out a groan as I start to come around. Rolling over to my stomach I shake my head, trying to clear away the fogginess in my brain. Instantly I regret it as my head starts throbbing. I rest my chin on the floor and close my eyes, lying perfectly still until I can think straight again. After a few minutes I open my eyes, letting them adjust to the dim light in where ever I am.
Looking around slowly I can see that I'm in a stone room that can't be any larger than ten feet by ten feet. The only light in the room is a sliver of light from beneath the door. I stand up slowly, wobbling slightly but I soon have all four hooves underneath me and standing up straight. Tentatively I take a few steps towards the door, each hoofstep echoes around in the small room. I'm only a few feet away from the door when the door started to creak open and I quickly back up to the wall.
In stepped two Pegasi, who are clearly guards and I try to back up even father from the door. A few seconds later another Pegasus steps into the room. She simply walks over to me and leans her head down so that she's at eye level with me. That's when I notice that she also is also a unicorn, an Alicorn. How I knew this I wasn't sure but I knew that the pony in front of me was an Alicorn.
"I'm so sorry that you ended up in here, I was away and only just returned. Follow me and we'll get you some food and seen to." She then stands up straight and walks towards the door. As she's stepping through the door way she looks over her shoulder, at me and then motions with her head for me to follow her before continuing on. I glance at the guards and then at the door where the Alicorn had just been and decide to follow her. Stepping out of that room I follow her up a flight of torch lit winding stairs. The guards' hoofsteps ominously sounding from behind me.
Ahead of me I hear a door creak open and bright light floods the dimly lit stairs. Blinking my eyes I try and get used to the sudden change in light. I stopped moving while I did this and the guards behind me nudge me forward and I stumble into the corridor. The Alicorn breaks my fall and helps me stand up and then glares at the two guards. Following the Alicorn, she leads me into a room with several beds one of them is already occupied by a sleeping pony.
"Please lie down." I do as she asks and lie down on one of the beds while she pulls one of the other beds closer and lies down herself. A few seconds later another pony enters from the other end of the room. As they approach I can see a stethoscope hanging around their neck.
Reaching where we are he bows quickly to the Alicorn and then turns to me. Looking me over he pulls a small flashlight from one of the pockets on his white lab coat and shines it in my eyes. Squinting at the bright light I move my head back a little even though I know it's useless. I let out a sigh as he turns the light only to be replaced with a tongue depressor in my face.
"Say ah." Obediently I open my mouth and he shines the flash light in my mouth while using the tongue depressor. Once he removes it I close my mouth only to let it fall open after he pulls one of my wings, that I didn't really know that I had. He quickly looks over my wing and then checks over the other one. Turning towards the Alicorn he reports. "She doesn't appear to have any injuries."
"Thank you. I'm really glad to hear that." The Alicorn then stood up and the doctor bowed again. As she starts walking I immediately follow, not sure what I would do if I got lost. The Alicorn looks back over her shoulder and she smiles at me as she enters another room. This time it looks like a dinning hall. As soon as she enters a shout was heard from behind a door on the other side of the room and a unicorn exits through the door rather quickly. She lets out squeak as she does so, suggesting that she was pushed out. Timidly she walked over to us and asked, barely loud enough to be heard.
"What would you like your Majesty?" She lets out another little squeak as the Alicorn bows her head to be at eye level with the unicorn.
"I need a simple breakfast for this Pegasus, nothing fancy." Quickly the unicorn nodded and rushed back into the other room. The Alicorn simply walks over to the table and sits down, and then waved me over. Quickly I did as I was told and sat down next to her, soon after the same unicorn came out of the same door a tray balanced on her back. She quietly placed the tray on the table in front of me and then quickly went back to what I assumed to be the kitchen.
"Eat up." I jumped slightly when the Alicorn spoke but quickly I start eating the very simple breakfast that had been brought out for me. The breakfast was made up of a glass of milk, a muffin and an apple. While I start eating the Alicorn starts talking.
"I don't believe that I've actually been introduced. I am Princess Celestia co-ruler of Equestria. I was away on political business and when I got back I heard that a mysterious mare had showed up in the middle of the throne room, seemingly overnight and that she was immediately thrown in the dungeon. I'm sorry that this happened to you. Do you have any clue how you got in the throne room?" I look at the princess and then shake my head no. "Do you remember anything?" Again I shake my head sadly and the princess lets out a sigh. "Okay... So no name?" Once again I shake my head no. "If it's alright with you I think that I want to send you to a good friend of mine. She might be able to help you. Do you agree to stay with her for a little while?" I think for about half a second before I agree. "Okay I'll send a letter to her and tell her that you're coming. The train leaves for Ponyville in a thirty minutes." After she says this a scroll and ink appear from nowhere and she starts writing.


In the Ponyville library

Twilight floated the last few books back onto the shelf and let out a sigh. Another successful re-shelving was complete. Just then Spike came running in from the other room, a scroll in hand.
"Twilight! A scroll just came from the Princess." He then handed her the scroll which she levitated with her magic as she unfurled it to read it.

Dear Twilight,
My faithful student, a strange matter has arisen. When I returned from my trip to Fillydelphia I found that we had a Pegasus in the dungeon. She was found knocked out in the throne room and was immediately taken to the dungeon until I returned. I made sure that she was medically stable and she has had a simple breakfast. While talking to her I learned that she knows nothing about how she ended up in the throne room and that she doesn't remember anything, not even her name. She seemed surprised when the doctor started examining her wings like she wasn't even aware that she had them.
What I want to ask of you is that you take her in and introduce her to the elements. Make her feel at home. My only concern is that the whole time I was with her she didn't speak a word. I have the feeling that she's terribly shy, don't press her to do anything she doesn't want to. She is on her way to Ponyville as you read this. Please be there to meet her. I trust that you will be excepting of her. Until the next time my faithful student .
Princess Celestia