• Published 12th Mar 2013
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Twins Across Universes - Nolongerposting

Twilight is woken in the middle of the night to find the pony she least exspected. Dusk Shine, her altrenate reality counterpart, and he's in pretty bad shape. He comes with a message but not for her. "Save Jubilant, Save Equestria."

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Spreading the Word

My eyes flutter open as I wake up, this time on my own and not by a time traveling alternet reality version of myself. Yawning as I stretch, I then climb out of bed, ready to talk to my friends about last night. Walking down the stairs I spot Spike at the bottom.

"Hey Twilight! How'd you sleep last night? Smiling at him I tell him the truth but not the whole truth.

"Not as well as I would have liked." Spike narrows his eyes at me.

"Did something happen last night?" I let out a sigh, slightly annoyed at how well he knew me.

"Yes Spike. And I promise that I'll tell you, but not now. Right now I have to find the others so I can tell all of you at one." I start to head to the door and realize just how big a mess the library was. "Hey, uh, Spike? Will you please clean up the place a little bit while I go find them?" I see the little dragon's shoulders sink a little so I smile at him. He lets out a sigh.

"Sure Twilight. I'll have everything cleaned up by the time your back." I nuzzle him quickly on the head before lifting my saddlebags onto me.

"Thanks Spike, I owe you one." Leaving the library I close the door behind me and immediately spot Pinkie Pie playing with the Cake's foals; Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake. Trotting over to them I smile slightly as I see Pumpkin Cake levitating one of her favorite toys even though she's just a few months old. Pound Cake flew by, stopping to hover and wave at me for a few seconds before grabbing his sister's toy.

"Hey Twilight! What's up? You seem a little distracted."

"Hi Pinkie. You're right. I am distracted. There was a visitor at the library last night." I would have said more except she interrupted me.

"Really! Who was it? Do I know them?---" This time I cut her off, knowing the pink pony's intendeds to keep asking questions and eventually starts to jump to conclusions and it never ended well when she started jumping to conclusions.

"Yes Pinkie. You know them. And I promise that I'll tell you about it but this is something that all of the elements need to hear. So I'll meet you with the others in the library at ten. Okay?" The pink pony nods and turns back to the twins who are playing tug of war with Pumpkin Cake's toy.

"Uh oh! This looks like a ball emergency." Pinkie then turned back around to face me, quickly reaching behind my ear, a ball in hoof when she brings it back into view. "Pound Cake! Let's play some catch." She then throw the ball to the Pegasus colt who immediately drops his hold on his sister's toy. I just stare at Pinkie, wondering where the ball had come from.


"I told you I have balls stashed all over the place just in case of ball emergencies." I open my mouth to say something and think better of it, deciding that this was one of those times when I should just let Pinkie Pie be Pinkie Pie. Turning around I decide to see if I could find Rainbow Dash. "See you at ten Twilight!"

Walking down main street I smile and nod my head to the ponies that I see. Waving at the Mayor a blue blur wizs by behind her. Smiling to myself I follow the blur with my eyes, spotting it fly into Sugarcube Corner. Picking up my pace I hurry into the café. Rainbow Dash stood at the counter, talking with Mrs. Cake.

"Hello Mrs. Cake, can I have a blueberry muffin and a coffee? Thank you." Mrs. Cake nods and smiles before heading back into bakery. I take this chance to walk up to her.

"Hey Rainbow Dash!" She jumped slightly before turning to look at me.

"Oh, hi Twilight. What brings you in here? Don't you normally eat in the library? And if you're looking for Pinkie Pie I believe she's outside the library playing with the Cakes' foals."

Actually I came in here because I saw you come in. I need to talk to you." She nods and right then Mrs. Cake comes back from the back, a small paper bag and a cup of coffee are balanced on her back.

"That'll be two bits honey." Rainbow Dash places the two bits she owes on the counter. "Thank you Rainbow Dash. Twilight, we don't normally see you in here, need anything? Or are you looking for Pinkie Pie?"

"Actually I do. I asked Spike to clean up the library this morning and I told him I owe him one. So I guess I need a cupcake for Spike."

"You got it. It'll be done in a little bit." With that Mrs. Cake disappeared behind the counter again. I call after her.

"I'll be back sometime before ten to pick it up." I then turn back to Rainbow Dash and find that she disappeared.

"Twilight, over here" Turning, I spot her sitting outside at one of the tables. Walking over to her, I sit down while she takes a bite out of her muffin. Swallowing quickly she asks. "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Well there was a visitor at the library last night. He had a really important message and it affects all of the elements, so I wanted to ask if you'd stop by the library at ten. I'll explain more then. Think you'll be there?"

"No problem, I'll definitely be there. You have me intrigued. I'll see you at ten." Rainbow then swallowed the last bite of her muffin, grabbed her coffee and took off towards the sky. Standing up I decide to stop by the Carousel Boutique and talk to Rarity next.

arriving outside the boutique after a few minutes of walking, I knock on the door.

"Enter. I'll be with you in a few minutes." Walking in, the lobby is completely empty so I sit down and wait. After a few minutes Rarity appears at the bottom of the stairs, Fluttershy right behind her.

"Hi Twilight. What brings you here? Do you need a dress patched, like Fluttershy?" As she says this Fluttershy pulls a corner of her Gala dress out of her saddlebag.

"No, sorry. I actually just needed to talk to you."

"I'll leave then..." Fluttershy starts to head towards the door.

"Actually I need to talk to both of you. There was a visitor at the library last night. He had a really important message. I'm having a meeting of the elements at the library at ten. Will you guys come?"Both Fluttershy and Rarity nod their heads. "Okay, see you then. I have to go tell Applejack about the meeting. See you at ten." Even before I had finished talking I stood up and made my way to the door. Finishing my sentence I leave the boutique and start towards Sweet Apple Acres.

It takes several minutes but I arrive at the gates of Sweet Apple Acres, only to be almost run over by a filly on a scooter and a red wagon.

"Whoa there, Scootaloo. You really should be more careful while driving that." I notice Applebloom and Sweetie Bell looking a little dazed in the wagon. "Hey girls. What Cutie Mark Crusading are you doing today?" As I say this all three of the young fillies perk up and say in unison.

"CUTIES MARK CRUSADING SCUBA DIVING!!" I just let out a sigh, knowing that nothing could stop them from trying.

"Okay girls. Just be safe. And Applebloom. Do you know where your sister is? I need to talk to her." Applebloom smiles and then says.

"Ah believe that ma sis is takin' a break in the barn. You'd better hurry tho, she don't take very long breaks." With that the trio takes off, racing towards town. I set off towards the barn, picking up the pace as I see Applejack exiting the barn.

"Applejack! Can I have a word with you?" As I call this out the mare stops in her tracks, looking around until she spots me.

"What do you want to talk to me about sugarcube?"

"I was hoping that you'd come back to the library with me and attend the meeting that I've called to tell the elements about the visitor last night."

"Well, shoot, sugarcube. Ah was hoping that Ah'd be able to get the west fields bucked by the end of the day but Ah recken that this is more important. Sure, Ah'll come.

"Thank you Applejack. We'd better go now though. I've been telling everypony else to meet at the library at ten and I have to stop by Sugarcube Corner to pick up a cupcake for Spike."

"No problem Sugarcube. Let's get goin'" Applejack then started off towards town. I fall into step with her and walk through town with her, stopping at the bakery to pick up Spike's treat. Arriving at the library the other four element bairers are waiting outside, talking excitedly. I get all of their attentions by calling out.

"Alright, let's get settled down inside and I'll explain everything." I then open the door to the library and everypony filed in.