Why Can't I Remember?

by Nolongerposting

The Farm

In front of us lay vast fields of apple trees and right in the middle of the whole area was a large barn. Surrounding the whole place was a small white fence. Near where we were standing there was a break in the fence to let the dirt road through, a sign hung above it. The sign read: Sweet Apple Acres.
"Come on ya'll. Let's git goin'" Applejack then started down the road only to stop again a few feet later. "Girls ya'll go ahead and find Big Mac. Ah think Ah just saw him walk into the barn. Ask him for some rope." The three fillies ran along the path while Applejack and I stood back. After they were out of sight she turned to me. "Alright, so to the left here is our south field..." I followed behind her as she started talking.
The tour didn't take too long because it was a fairly repetitive tour. We ended up outside the barn.
"And finally we have the barn. It's where we store the apples, we also-" She opened the barn doors. "- sometimes host parties." Inside the barn the other four mare I had met last night along with Twilight and Spike. Twilight took a few steps forward, smiling.
"Pinkie Pie felt bad about scaring you last night at her party, and she had an idea so here we are with a very informal party. I also spent a chunk of the night last night looking at everything I could about memory loss and the loss of one's Cutie Mark. I hopefully found a spell that might help return some of your memory but not your Cutie Mark. Cutie Marks cannot be created or reviled by any use of magic. However if you gain some of your memory back that could lead you to finding your Cutie Mark. Unfortunately we can't sure how much, if any, of your memory will be uncovered because we don't know why you lost your memory." As Twilight finished her scientific monolog I nod my head understanding most of what she had said. She let out a sigh and then pointed her horn at me. "Here goes nothing." A magenta glow surrounded her lavender horn, growing brighter, Twilight scrunched her face as she concentrated on the memory spell. Taking a few steps forward she touched her horn to my forehead.
A white flash momentarily blinded all of us and for half a second I felt like something might have been breaking through a barrier in my mind that I wasn't even aware was there before being shot backwards. Slamming into the wall behind me, I have the wind knocked out of me. Blinking my eyes open I see that the others had also been thrown against the outer walls of the barn. Everypony else were starting to stand up and it didn't look like they were hurt.
Letting out a sigh I realize that I had been holding my breath, a shadow fell on me and I looked up to see Rainbow Dash hovering above me, a hoof offered to help me up. Taking it graciously I realize that they were all looking me expectantly. Now I could sense the barrier that was in my mind and I knew that nothing had escaped from behind it, still leaving me in the dark. about my past.
Sadly I shake my head and everypony in the barn let out a disappointed groan. I wanted to say something to comfort them but no words formed on my lips and it slowly dawned on me. the barrier that was blocking my memories was also blocking my speech. I let out a frustrated sigh and Twilight offered a weak smile.
"Listen, we can try again tomorrow. That drained my magic but I promise that we'll try again tomorrow." I simply nod and was about to start walking home when Twilight spoke up again. "I have an idea. Why don't you spend the rest of the day with Rainbow Dash. I get the feeling that you'd get along well besides she could help you with your flying. I haven't seen you even flutter your wings since we met yesterday and even for a shy Pegasus like Fluttershy that's uncommon. I'm sure that you'll have fun." I look at Rainbow Dash apprehensible but she looks back at me with pleading eyes, just begging to let her help me fly. Smiling weakly at her, my smile grows as I remember what Twilight had said about the elements and how Rainbow Dash was loyalty and I knew that she wouldn't let me get hurt. Nodding my hear she bursts into a grin and took off into the air.
"We're gonna have so much fun. I've never taught anypony to fly before but it can't be that hard. Come on!" She then flew out of the barn doors, a rainbow trail left behind her. Quietly I walked out of the barn and over to where Rainbow Dash had landed in a tree and she immediately hopped down next to me. "Alright. So the first thing in learning how to fly is learning how the muscles in your wing work. So spread you wings out and just feel how they extend and feel how they react to the slight wind." I nod my head towards her and then extend my wings, noticing how they tensed as I extended them a little too far. Looking at Rainbow Dash she nodded approvingly. "Now try flapping them. Just try to hover."
Giving my wings a few meek down strokes I achieve a measly inch off the ground for half a second before dropping back to the ground. Looking at the cyan mare, she just shakes her head and with a few strong down strokes of her wings she easily hovers at least a foot off the ground, every few seconds giving a light down stroke to keep her in the air. Taking a deep breath I copy what the rainbow manned mare had done, smiling as I rose to hover next to her, glad to find that it was coming more naturally than I had expected it to.
"You're doing good. the rest is fairly easy. Hovering is actually the hardest part because you need to be able to know when and how hard to flap your wings to keep yourself up. To fly you just have to angle your wings so that your down stroke pushes the air down and backwards so that you actually start to move through the air. Like this." She then started flapping her wings harder and she shot of like a rocket. Staring at the rainbow contrail she left behind for a second and then I tried it for myself.
Angling my wings down like Rainbow Dash had said, I give a harder push and found myself gaining a bit of altitude and gliding forward a little. Smiling and gaining confidence, after a few more strong down strokes of my wings I was flying off in the direction that Rainbow Dash had gone off. Looking around I didn't see her immediately and was quite surprised when I heard a voice call out from behind me.
"You're doing good. I'm gonna fly up higher. You can to if you want to but just be warned cause there are stronger winds and those can be tricky for new fliers." She then zoomed off again, leaving me to practice on my own.
I decided to stay down lower for the time being as I got used to how the wind felt under my wings. Quietly I practiced leaning slightly to one side to turn slowly, this gave me a little while to think.
'Why were we thrown away when Twilight tried that memory spell? I really wish that I could tell somepony how I'm feeling right now but I just can't seem to be able to form the words that would be need.' I let out a frustrated sigh and tried to do my best at ignoring all the questions that were brewing in my mind. Right then Rainbow Dash appeared by my side again.
"You know you're really a natural at this. And you know this reminds me of the time my dad, my brother and I were teaching my..." She trailed of a confused look on her face. " The time we were teaching... You know, that thought just escaped me. For a second I thought I remembered something but I guess I must have been thinking about something a friend did. Something along those lines but it doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you're doing really well. Wanna fly a little higher and try your hoof at some of the tougher winds?" I nod uncertainly, not really thinking that this was the best idea. Thankfully a small call came from below us. Looking down I saw Fluttershy calling to us, hovering about the height of the tree tops.
In a split second I realize just how high up we were and my wings locked to my sides. Plummeting I try and calm myself down which is hard to do when you're tumbling through the air heading straight towards the ground. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, counting to three before opening them, just enough to watch as the roof of the barn approached closer and closer. When I was a few feet above the roof my instincts kicked in and my wings extended fully. The air caught on my wings and I followed the slop of the roof, slowing my accent and when there was no more barn roof underneath me I angled down, ready to land and stay on the ground for a while. As soon as I landed Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were by my side in seconds.
"Oh my... I'm so sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. I only came out to tell you that..." Fluttershy, being as soft spoken as she is was quickly drowned out by an excited Rainbow Dash.
"That was amazing! I never seen anypony perform a dive like that. Except once at a Wonderbolts performance but you did that when pulling out of a wing lock. Ordinary Pegasi can't do that. Most would have hit the roof, some would have passed out before hitting the roof. And this is your first time flying since you lost your memory. The only other time I've seen somepony pull out of a wing lock was the time my..." Once again Rainbow Dash got a confused look on her face. " I don't know where I was going with that. I probably saw one of the Wonderbolts do something similar either way..." Right then Fluttershy gently tapped Rainbow Dash on the shoulder.
"Um... I came out here because Twilight thinks that she can try the memory spell one more time tonight. So she sent me to bring you guys in... If that's not too much trouble of course..."
"No problem Fluttershy. Besides I don't think she's going to do anymore flying tonight." I nod in agreement with Rainbow Dash before starting to head into the barn. The other two Pegasi following behind me. Upon entering the barn Twilight and the others stood up and approached us.
"You willing to try again tonight." I nod at Twilight and the others back up, not eager for a repeat of last time. Once again the lavender mare started charging her horn, building power for the memory spell. With every passing second the magenta glow around her horn got brighter and lighter until it was an almost blinding white light coming from it. Stepping forward she pressed her horn against my forehead, releasing the spell. Once again I felt like my memories were pounding at the mental barrier in my mind, trying to break through but never succeeding.
After a second of this everypony in the room was thrown against the walls of the barn once again. My head was pounding and it didn't help when a few seconds later a loud booming voice echoed around my head.
"Well, well, well. I would have thought you would have learned the first time when I warned you. I guess I had to tell you no again. So get it in your little brains, especially you Twilight, that she is under my protection and you're not going to be able to help her." I guess everypony else heard the voice too because they were all glaring about, and at the same time they all growled, what I am assuming was the owner of the voice.