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When a young research assistant at the Miskatonic University in Massachusetts accidentally stumbles upon a translation in an ancient, forgotten text, three worlds that were never supposed to have met become instantly intertwined.

Meanwhile, in Equestria: through a series of eerie and unexplainable events, the ever-studious Twilight Sparkle is invited to participate in a research team, whose goal is to decipher recently unearthed ancient Equestrian texts.

What she finds is indeed unexplainable. Sometimes, there are just no words for the old ones.

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In the years following her return, Princess Luna oversaw the revival of Equestria's Space Program. She, along with the mane six, are on a mission to construct a colony on a moon orbiting a neighbouring planet, Sigma-6.

What they don't know is that they are not alone in the vast reaches of space - and in space, nopony can hear you whinny.

[A story inspired by a picture. Credits to hereticofdune.]

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What happens when a certain pink pony inexplicably pays a visit to your dimension?

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NOTE: There may be spoilers in the comments. Read them at your own risk!

A mysterious viral outbreak grips Equestria, threatening the very life of the country. In an effort to stop the infection, Princess Celestia orders all individual settlements within Equestria to be quarantined. Can Twilight Sparkle, along with the other Elements of Harmony, figure out the cause of this horrific virus and put a stop to it? More importantly - can they survive?

Rated M for Violence, Adult Content and Language.

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