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Whether or not you do what you do well, always do it boldly.

Hi there, everyone!

I'm ThatBlueScreenGuy! Loyal employee of BSoD Inc.

Here at BSoD Inc., we try to make sure that we deliver our patented Blue Screen of Death at the most inconvenient times possible. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it, and that some one is me!

Should you have any complaints about our operating system, be sure to leave a comment! We try to stay up to date, but sometimes we don't notice some of the things you users do!

Thank you, and Good day!

~Employee #3573 a.k.a ThatBlueScreenGuy

Latest Stories

3 in 1000, 1 in 10

I once read somewhere that, out of all the people who set out to make it as a published author, only 3 in 1000 ever actually make it. And of those people who make it, only 1 in 10 earn enough to call it a living.

It's a good thing I never much cared for math, otherwise those numbers would be daunting.

To me, those numbers are just a bit too quantifiable. Too numerical, too statistic. Sure, the odds will never be in my favor, even without the numbers being pushed in my face. I know that.

I just don't find myself caring.

I want this to be me; to be called an author. I want to write stories for people to get lost in, so they might find the happiness and joy that they could be denied on a daily basis. I want people to feel the pain of my writings, to sympathize when a character is having a bad day, to know what that feels like, and find themselves thinking to themselves, "I know what you mean." I want to not just create a story. I want to create peoples and worlds and happiness and sorrow, so that all these things could blend together to create that little thing we humans take for granted.


I want to create life. Is it arrogant of me to want to play God? Probably. But that has never stopped men before me from trying, and succeeding. We humans are ambitious creatures, and we will never stop reaching for the top; striving for perfection.

And when push comes to shove, us people have a tendency to do great things. Especially from small beginnings.

BSoD Inc.

Here at the office, we try to ensure maximum amount of frustration, agony, and rage when a Blue Screen Of Death occurs. My work space is one of many that sends out BSoD to the unsuspecting public, and make sure that we receive all the necessary systems updates to ensure that we can crash your Windows! What ever the update, we're there to ruin your day!

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1825137 Ah, crap. Sorry about that. At the time that I got the invite, I was distracted by stuff, and had promptly dismissed it for later. Then, as one might predict, I completely forgot that it was a thing to begin with. But, yeah, sure. Why not.

I suppose that is a no on the group invite?

Thanks for the fav on Dragon King's Rebirth

thanks for faving Time Ticks on! tell me what you liked and don't forget to comment!! :pinkiehappy:

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