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A stallion who is always engrossed in matters other that the topic at hand tries to deal with the neurosis of life.

(A venting exorcize, it's okay if you hate it or think it could have gone better,)

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The oral account of the Twilight Crisis. Reported by Namby Pamby of the Canterlot Gazette.

Twilight Sparkle decides to try the Alicorn Amulet. the results lead Equestria through horrors not scene since Nightmare Moon.

read the accounts and discover the truth to the events of the Twilight Crisis.

I'm sure there are already stories to this effect out, or on their way, but here is mine. prepare for horrible events because this is a dark story! bwa ha ha -eyes shimmer red- P.S. this is modeled after the WWZ book format, so be ready for that.

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I keep doing these things... Musicals that is... But that's alright. As long as it makes one of you all smile a bit.

This is based off of the old Arlo song, i don't own that folky bit... But i wrote this as a sort of... As a sort of a dedication to that song, because its so catchy.

You can get anything you want at applejacks restaurant...
You can get anything you want, at applejacks restaurant...
Walk right in its around the back, just a half a mile from the railroad track...
You can get anything you want at applejacks restaurant...

If you have never heard the song before, context... It was a nineteen sixty record, turned into a movie, turned into a cult classic... Just take it all in and laugh it off, that's the only way.

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this is for all the beards!!!

i plan to do several installments over the course of the story: so please check up every now and again for updates, .

It has become a funny sort of tradition among the males of equestria to not trim their facial hair during the month of November. Most of the mares just roll their eyes at the idea. But what happens when the flim flam brothers flood equesria with their newest flim flam facial follicle facilitating foam?

Malarkey ensues...

The mane six, and all the females of equestria take radical action... Except for Luna?!

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pretty short story the pink one just wanders into a star'buck's coffee house and gets a coffee... that it, really, honestly, you don't even have to read the rest because nothing else happens.

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Shining Armor sings Somepony to love...
(somebody to love by queen but ponies)
In typical equestrian fashion, everyone else joins in.

It works... And in the end he finds somepony to love.

A quick oneshot from a bored bookwyrm

(yes i changed a few words to make it fit... leave me alone!)

note i do not own the song

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Spike decends Tartorus to save Rarity from Discord

"At the midpoint on the journey of youth, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost."

Spike is on his way from the CMC clubhouse to a picnic with rarity... But the mare of his dreams is stolen away by a shade and dragged to the depths of Tartorus...

Now spike must journey down, guided by a wise poet, and armed only with a symbol of his love and the sharp of his wit... But beware... For the demons of spikes past lurk down in the depths... Along with the king of chaos himself.

Based on Dante's inferno

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