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After successfully completing another mercenary mission, Deadpool feels that he is living an unfulfilled life. As he flips through his television, he discovers a show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Deadpool becomes instantly obsessed, and not long after, he starts comparing and contrasting the world he lives in today to the world of Equestria. He suddenly concludes to himself that Equestria would be a better place to live in...

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As Twilight Sparkle searches through once uncharted territory, she soon discovers a mysterious race of giant metal creatures called "Autobots." Though she is thrilled to make such a tremendous discovery, Twilight soon discovers that her new friends hold a dark secret that endangers all of Equestria. With the past coming back to haunt the Autobots, Twilight must find a way to restore peace to all of Equestria, before history repeats itself and another planet falls victim to a lifelong war.

A Transformers/MLP:FiM Crossover

Transformers Continuity: War for Cybertron/ Fall of Cybertron series (G1 inspired)

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