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The pony who wishes to make friends with everyone.

The being who exists only to prolong his existence.
Chance brings the two together, showing each that there is always more to learn.

This can be considered a Starbound crossover, but it doesn't really hold relevance to the game beyond using a Novakid as the alien Twilight encounters, as evidenced by the cover art.

Please read the author's note at the beginning of Silence for information regarding the story's structure.

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Twilight Sparkle gets her horn stuck in a tree.

This is why unicorns don't use pogo sticks.

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He never loses a fight.
He can walk through camps of Raiders and defeat them without firing a single bullet.
He has been banned from all of the Strip's casinos, twice.
Someone once reported that bullets turn around and jump back into the gun when he is fired at.
He has survived nearly everything, hardly breaking a sweat all the while.
So what will happen when his luck finally runs out?

Story complete on its birthday!

You should probably play New Vegas before reading this.

"Happy fuckin' Birthday you glorious bastard of fiction"
~T6, 11/26/2015

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A modern mage teleports himself to Equestria in a magical mishap, where he somehow saves the world tries to continue to live his life. Meanwhile, in Canterlot, a dismissed engineer makes plans to exact her revenge on the pony that stole her teacher from her. But how far down does the engineer's rabbit hole go?

Chapters (46)
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