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Lucien Chance

heads under our beds


The pony who wishes to make friends with everyone.

The being who exists only to prolong his existence.
Chance brings the two together, showing each that there is always more to learn.

This can be considered a Starbound crossover, but it doesn't really hold relevance to the game beyond using a Novakid as the alien Twilight encounters, as evidenced by the cover art.

Please read the author's note at the beginning of Silence for information regarding the story's structure.

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Nice story, bro!

I liked it.

Wait... I thought Pinkie was the pony who wanted to make friends with everyone.

7159953 What you mean?

Twilight tries her hand at making friends any chance she gets. Not because her title or her duty says so, but because she feels the need to make new friends. Either for herself or others. The others do the same, just because they don't really show it, doesn't mean they don't try.

I've haven't played Starbound or many other games like it, so I don't understand any of the lore. However I do like first contact stories and this was intriguing and fun. Good work mate, have a moostache. :moustache:

You should play it. It's really fun!

But was he sun before it was cool?

we ever gonna get a sequel?
there was so much potential here.

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