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A man with a love of history, ponies, and stories about said ponies. No commissions please, I wrote solely for fun.

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The war with the ponies had ended in a bitter stalemate, and to avoid further bloodshed both Earth and Equis were eager to make peace. The cost was those who fought living a life of shackles and steel. But the human will is much like that steel, endurable and born of fiery passion yet cold and biting.

Another greentext rewrite, this time older than both my other rewrites, hence the long wait. Just remember this is from a slavery au greentext originally, meaning that in this universe humans in Equestria are treated like property for the most part. If you’re not a fan, then you’ve been warned.

Cover art is an edited stock photo with permissions for free use.

Gore and Violence tags are self explanatory. Not the main focus but it is there.

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Sir Anon and Celestia have a talk about the largest, bloodiest war in equestrian history. A war so horrible, so terrible, that hundreds had their lives taken.

Short little rewrite of another old greentext of mine. Was a oneshot from a writing thread. Rewritten from the ground up, using the old story as a skeleton, with the rewrite adding the meat.

(that sounds weird)

Featured on 1/12/23! Thank you all.

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Anon has been in Equestria for 5 years, working under Celestia as a Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tactics were seen as dishonest at best and unethical at worst. But when Celestia leaves suddenly, she names Anon as her temporary replacement to the throne. With internal bickering over whether Anon deserves this position and heightened tension with the Griffons, Anon must choose carefully. Will he become a tyrant or a fair king? And how far will he go to preserve Equestria?

A fully rewritten version of a greentext I wrote back in 2019. Could be a bit dated with tropes that I thought was good writing at the time, but I’m still proud of it.

For the Second Person tag you should note that sections from Anons POV are in first person, everyone else is in second person.

Romance tag is there because of a romance I included that I think was poorly handled, but half the story wouldn’t make sense if I just removed it so I had to keep it in.

Gore and Violence are self explanatory. It’s not there abundantly, but it is there.

Also don’t read the comments if you don’t want spoilers. Story discussion happens in them and that might ruin the reading experience.

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