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Pinkie Pie is only clever when she wants to~!*<^3

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Pinkie Pie is a fun and dependable pony who will always have your back and make your frowns upside down whenever you are feeling low. Although, she can be sometimes silly and talk to 'herself', at least that is what every pony else thinks. This little pony does silly and fun things with her animal companion friend, Gummy, by her side and her fourth wall breaking abilities.

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This is a sequel to my other series. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Spike have silly adventures or learn friendship lessons together. This is obviously after the season 9 finale and my series.
Shippings Included:
Flashlight :twilightsmile:
CheesePie :pinkiesmile:
SoarinDash :rainbowwild:
Fluttercord :yay:
Sparity :raritystarry:
TrixLight :trixieshiftright:

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Discord is the Lord of Chaos, Spirit of Disharmony but reformed by a graceful and beautiful little pony named Fluttershy. The two of them get closer and closer everyday with tea parties and hangouts. Even if Discord does a mistake or betray them to join a villain's side, Fluttershy would always forgive him no matter what. The two of them are inseparable but could it be that they might be in...love with each other?

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What if Twilight and her friends doesn't rule Equestria in the future? What if they still continue on having adventures and defeating bad guys together? Do you think the princesses will agree to their points and continue on being princesses?
Also, credits to Animation Crusader.
I only made this story so I could add on more valid points to their story.

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The Grand Galloping Gala is in Hearth's Warming Eve this year because Princess Celestia wants to be cupid and hook ponies up. She wanted this gala to be the best night ever. She made a mistletoe hang in the centre of the ballroom so whoever stands bellow it, they would have to kiss or otherwise it is bad luck if they don't. She wanted to make this a trend every year so ponies can get the chance to hook up with their special some ponies. Whereas, Princess Luna checks on every pony to pick out some ponies she wants them to hook up. She chose Fluttercord, but Flashlight, SoarinDash and CheesePie manages to hook up on their own, sort of...

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After the events of the three villains defeat and Twilight's coronation, things have gotten downhill lately. The Mane Six had strange dreams about immortality, death and unfairness.

Shippings Included: SoarinDash, Fluttercord, CheesePie, Flashlight, Sparity and ButtonBelle

AppleDash, PinkieDash and AppleSpike are mentioned but aren't together!

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Scootaloo is still insecure about her mini wings and that she still can't fly yet. All the fillies her age can fly but she can't. Why? Rainbow Dash tries to comfort Scootaloo that it doesn't matter if she will never be able to fly, as long as she is awesome then that's that.
She takes Spike as an example that he couldn't fly before when he is meant to but soon after so many years, he got awesome wings! But will she ever get over the fact she can't fly? She does awesome moves on her scooter so there is nothing to worry about. Right?

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After Rainbow Dash had signified her sonic rainboom but extended up a bit and thought she could do a double rainboom as she is awesome. A lightning struck erupted her which made her memory gone. Her friends did all they could to find a cure to memory loss.
Unfortunately, they failed.
Now, it is up to Scootaloo to save her practical sister, but will she do it alone?

Chapters (2)

Discord has an opportunity to finally tell his feelings to his only beloved, Fluttershy. But he is scared that she might not feel the same way for being 'different.' Little did he know that the little butterfly felt the same way as well but was scared what her friends would think.

Chapters (4)
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