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I'm a twenty-year old aspiring actor, artist, musician and writer from the UK.


Back from the Break · 3:11pm Aug 11th, 2015

And I'm back.

Just got back from the holiday cruising around the Mediterranean. Managed to write a couple more chapters while on said cruise, which I've added to the chapter buffer I've got going on. I'm going to upload the next chapter this Saturday, just before Midday GMT.

Short blog this time.



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Oh, hi. I just now saw your comment. Glad you liked it.
Of course. Feel free to write ma a mail on mblmbl116@gmail.com
I am rarely here, and I check my mail very often.

Ta for the fave:twilightsmile:


Ahem... I... I do not know who you are talking about... No. No siree. Nooo. :applejackconfused:

Umm... I'm pretty sure you're a HAYer
Lord Coffee Lover? :trollestia:

Thank you for the favorite-add on "The Glowmelon Mystery"! I'm really glad you enjoyed my story. :twilightsmile:

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