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A Fiery Angel...

I bought dual flaming katanas that turned me into a Fiery Angel that can only remember MLP:fim, said Fiery Angel as an OC named Rubae, and buying said katanas from a weird Merchant. Seriously, how stupid was I before that!?

Well, at least I woke up in a fireball I noticed was crashing down into the Everfree forest.

No wait, that was an even worse part!

Someone, please tell me I'll get at least something good out of this

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(Spoiler Warning)Past Thanos snapped his fingers and created his new universe almost killing himself, and just like the last time a universe was made, the stones were sent away from the point of origin. However, their initial appearance given and initial location is pretty much the same as each other this time. Reminds me of the elements of harmony, wait a second?

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Princess Twilight has thought sometimes how would both versions of her friends react to each other and the thought is in the back of Sunset’s mind as well. When they discuss it, they try seeing if their friends are okay with it, finding a surprise that leads to confusion and slight annoyance and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Chapters (3)