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A Fiery Friend - Rubae

I definitely should've known better than to buy strange flaming katanas from an even stranger merchant. They may have not been worth it

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Fired up Wood

3rd Person POV
*At the Meteor Crash site

As Twilight walked to the Crash site she went slackjawed and started questioning many things in her head. Was this creature some sort of extraterrestrial magic mirage, if not how did it exist in the first place, how could there be this much magic in a living organism...

She heard Spike say something but didn't listen as she went through many possible theories in her head to answer these questions, none of which seemed to completely answer the questions. It was like her studies took a complete 180 and that she would have to start from scratch.

She did finally snap out of her trance as she heard a loud howl and noticed a horrid smell. She also saw the creature seem to shift a little in the corner of her eye but decided to keep her attention to where the howl and smell were coming from.

"Spike, get behind me. There seems to be a Timber Wolf nearby, " said Twilight as Spike quickly went behind her and she quickly lit her horn. It was then that she noticed not only one, but two pairs of green glowing eyes in the darkness. She then made sure to make a forcefield around them, glaring at them herself, waiting for them to make the first move so she could figure out the proper fight strategy that her BBBFF taught her years ago, including multiple powerful opponents.

As the Wolfs seemed to slowly crawl from the darkness towards her, she noticed they seemed to start going around her. They were trying to flank her. She then knew to try to not let them by backing up a little and moving to the side, putting them back in front of her.

She kept doing this anytime they would attempt it again eventually annoying them and causing one of them to leap and attack her, exactly what she was counting on. She took this as an opportunity to test her new magic and shot it at the beast, hitting it head-on, knocking it back at a thick tree, splintering it on impact.

"Dang, " said a little dragon looking around Twilight's leg, "That was cool!"

"Shush, Spike we don't want to provoke it any more than we already have!"

The other Timber Wolf took that moment that Twilight was distracted to make his own attack, leaping and tackling her a few feet back. It not for her new alicorn durability and now broken force field, she knew she would've been a goner, still, it hurt like hell.

"Twilight!" yelled the untouched dragon. Spike then turned to the wolf and tried breathing fire on it, since he knew that wood was vulnerable to fire.

"Spike NOO!"

Spike may have been a fire-breathing dragon, but he was also a baby dragon that was fighting a full-grown Timber Wolf and by the time he realized his mistake, it was too late, the unharmed Wolf glaring down at the now nervous-looking dragon.

"Heh, so how's the hunt. You must be full right?" Spike hopefully said.

The annoyed Timber Wolf then got ready to chow down and...


My POV five minutes ago

As I groggily woke up, I recalled my dream and how it had actually happened in real life. Looking myself over again proved to show that I really had turned into Rubae and luckily I didn't pass out or have a mental breakdown this time, managing to calm myself. I knew if this was really happening neither would get me anywhere and what would help with that if this was like any Displaced story I had read, would first be to determine whether I was in a new world or not, if so what world, and at least until I know where I am, learn how to use/control Rubae's powers.

That information was quickly answered as I heard shouting and saw Twilight Sparkle tackled backward into a tree by a Timberwolf, answering those first two questions. She also was an alicorn already so I knew I was at least after season 3 if this was a canon universe. After I hearing Twilight shout again, it brought me back from my thoughts and I saw Spike trying to take on the Timberwolf.

I automatically knew he wouldn't be able to burn it down based on its size and decided then to test my new Rubae abilities to hopefully save the little drake. I pulled from each elbow at the rubies while imagining I was taking out my flaming katanas and hoping I would do it properly. Luckily as I did so the rubies started glowing as a pair of dual flaming katanas were summoned out of them. I was surprised seeing both katanas in my hands, but I knew I needed to hurry.

Luckily right as the Timberwolf has about to chow down, I swiped one of the katanas in the beast's direction, imagining the flames from the blade extending towards it. Once again, the action happened to my surprise right at the nick of time. The Timberwolf was now properly engulfed in flames from the swipe of fire and was slowly falling apart. The Timberwolf, dragon, and Alicorn all quickly turned towards me as it was their turn to be surprised by a third party joining the fight. The Timberwolf was reaching its ending point with the fire eating away at it, but it seemed to want to go down fighting as it charged towards me about to tackle me as well.

I decided to take this moment to test Rubae's Dexterity and my skills with my new blades up close. Just as it was about to hit me I leaped over it, doing a flip and swiping both blades at its neck, decapitating the beast. As I landed, I decided to play it off like it was nothing for some reason although these abilities were getting easier now and feeling more natural. I then heard a thud behind me and a shattering of what was wood I'd imagine, but still decided not to turn around.

"Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, " I calmly said as I dissipated my katanas into the fire that then returned to the rubies at my elbows, "Anyways are you okay?"

All I got as a reply was a gaping alicorn and dragon. I expected that from Twilight, knowing her character and how she probably had more than a dozen questions in her mind right now, but Spike was usually one to go with the flow so that did surprise me yet again. I then realized though how cool that stunt must've looked and how that was probably what was going through his head. He probably saw me like something in his comics so far. That pretty much felt like I was in an awkward position as well as a little bit of a boost to my ego.

"Um well hi, I'm Rubae and I guess we should get you out of this forest at least, " I said gesturing to Twilight, "You seemed to be very banged up."

This finally brought both of them back to the present and Spike said, "You're right, um so who are you, and are we really just gonna act like that didn't just happen?"

"We will talk about it if you want, but I'm just trying to do higher priorities first. In this case, this mare's wellbeing, " I said as I helped Twilight up. I was making sure not to show I already knew them by not using their names so they wouldn't see me even stranger than they already do.

"So, can one you tell me the way to whatever civilization you are from. Also knowing your names would probably help."

"Oh right, where are our manners," said Twilight through a small grunt of pain, "I'm Twilight Sparkle and this here is Spike. Ponyville is in that direction."

I looked and started heading in the direction Twilight had pointed me to, making sure Twilight and Spike were both still okay on the way there.'I wonder if Pinkie will still try to get my New Pony in Ponyville party prepared even though her friend here is hurt?'
"Well off to Ponyville then."

Author's Note:

If you're wondering, I most likely won't show the walk out of the Everfree to Ponyville. Also, I'm sorry if this chapter doesn't seem as good as the first. This one I didn't really have a concrete plan on what I'd do.

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Hope the next chapter will be soon :twilightsmile:

The worst thing about reading unfinished stuff like this is that you always get to the chapter that is just posted finish it and then immediately realize ah I can't read on because it's not done. But srysly tho great job I can't wait to see where this goes

I'm sorry the next chapter has been taking so long, but I'm having a slight case of writer's block, and what I do get on paper feels rushed. If you do want another chapter with the next one in return just say the word and I'll try to do what I can.

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