• Published 11th Feb 2021
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A Fiery Friend - Rubae

I definitely should've known better than to buy strange flaming katanas from an even stranger merchant. They may have not been worth it

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Fired up Rock!

*Golden Oaks Library

Twilight and Spike had had a busy day today with reorganizing the Golden Oaks Library again and still coming to terms with Twilight as a Princess now. All she wanted to do was flop on her bed and drift off into Luna's domain now, at least until she saw the big ball of fire headed straight for the Everfree.

She automatically addressed the baby dragon already curled up in his bed and said, "Spike, come on, one last thing for the day!" as she looked through the telescope and ran out the front door, the dragon begrudgingly following after her.

"Twilight, I'm tired, I know you're tired so what can be important enough that we can ignore a good rest after today!"

"A strange meteor of some sort. It was still at least about 3 meters in diameter on its way down to the planet!"



"Soooooo, meteors are usually only pea-sized when they are at the largest, about 1 meter if they survive the friction at all!!! Not to mention this meteor had an abnormal amount of magical energy radiating from it."

That last sentence caught Spike's attention and he said, "Ooooo, do you think we'll find an alien creature with that meteor, like in my comics!?" His mind started to go into hyperdrive as he started to imagine what amazing alien he could find.

Twilight turned to him and raised an eyebrow saying, " Probably not. The most likely outcome, if anything, will be an extraterrestrial new magical energy from another world." She then turned back to the forest and headed back to it, not thinking about any dangers it could hold.

Spike then hesitated and stopped as they got to the border of the forest hesitantly saying, "Are you sure we should check it out, especially since it's night now? The Everfree is always more dangerous at night. Also, can't we just check it out tomorrow."

Twilight said, "No, the magical energy probably would have faded by then, and in all honestly I just can't wait to see what this could be!"

Twilight felt like this could be her biggest contribution to magical studies, other than finishing Starswirl's spell. There has been no other recording of any type of extraterrestrial magic that she knew of so she knew she couldn't pass up this opportunity. Even though she was an immortal alicorn now, she felt she shouldn't pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Alright, just please protect me while we're in here with your new alicorn magic."

"Cross my Heart and Hope to Fly, stick a cupcake in my Eye, " said Twilight, doing the gestures as they walked into the forest.


*Above the Everfree

I was panicking for three Good reasons.

First off, I was stuck in a giant meteor hurtling towards the ground. Secondly, the meteor was emblazoned to the point that it was turning into magma all around me. Finally, I felt as if I was on fire myself. That drew me to the conclusion I had already started taking magma damage from the large firey rock.

As I was screaming from the top of my lungs, I finally realized the meteor was about to hit the ground in a thick forest at a very high speed. This gave me two new reasons to panic since I would no doubt die on impact at this speed and even if I did somehow survive, I would no doubt get lost in the large thick forest. Five seconds from impact, I thought to myself, " Well, at least I've had a good run in life."

However, I suddenly realized a millisecond before impact that I couldn't remember my life. Everything was then an explosion of rock and magma spreading from where I hit. I was sore and still hot, but despite what I believed, a quick once-over of myself showed I seemed to be fine. I, for some reason, didn't have a single scratch on me. Recapping the once over in my head showed something else as well.

My body seemed to have changed with a faint scaley red skin and fire style long hair. Both my elbows had red gemstones that I assumed were either Rubies or Garnets. I also noticed that for some reason, the heat, while noticeable, didn't cause any pain or discomfort even though I was practically standing in one of the magma puddles developed from the crash. Finally, I felt like there was some sort of sensation on my back, but when I looked back there I saw nothing.

'Huh, weird. I think I try to figure that out later. For now, with a lot of new things added to my panic list, I think I'll either have a mental breakdown or faint from disbelief.' My body went with fainting as I fell to the ground.


My POV five hours ago
*Convention memory in a dream

I was having a great time at a convention, dressed as my OC Rubae, especially since I had always wanted to go to one and finally got some tickets. It wasn't Comic-Con, but it did still have a lot of things I enjoyed including and not limited to MLP:fim. I saw a good amount of people dressed up as MLP characters, both pony and anthro. Rubae was a character I made long before I started watching MLP and while he had an MLP form, I decided to go with the original form. A half-human half-dragon bipedal being that could summon pure fire wings on his back and dual flaming katanas from rubies on his elbows.

The only thing bothering me was the fact my OC didn't have his flaming katanas. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find the proper katanas for my costume. The katanas were what I always remembered first when I thought of him so it really ticked me off when I couldn't find them.

I got up off a table where I had had my hotdog for lunch and started looking around the stalls around me, selling many things from many different pieces of entertainment.


A sudden voice seemingly called out to me, causing me to stop in my tracks and look around. My eyes eventually stopped on a weird-looking merchant in a stall that was looking my way, gave a slight wave, and motioned for me to come over to him.

I hesitantly started walking to him and cautiously said, "Hello, can I help you?"

"Actually, I think there's something I can do to help you. I noticed your costume and something seems to tell me it was never properly finished. Is my assumption correct?"

I gave him a slight nod and looked around at the items in his stall. There seemed to be many different items from many different fiction universes from the Infinity Gauntlet to Percy Jackson's pen/sword. There were also other items I didn't recognize from anywhere, but I just assumed they were from a smaller piece of fiction I hadn't heard of.

"Well then, I think I may be able to help you, " he said as he seemingly searched around the back of his stall for something.

"Ah, here they are!"

He placed down a pair of dual katanas on the counter that seemed very realistic and exactly what I was looking for. They even had some sort of mirage that made them look like they were indeed on fire.

"Amazing, but how did you know this was what I needed or that I needed something for my costume in the first place?"

"I simply pieced it together from those sheath loops on your upper arms."

"Sheath loops?" I questioned as I looked down at my arms. My eyes widened as I also noticed the loops of cloth on each of my arms as I was fairly certain I never made them part of my costume. I considered it when I was hoping to add the katanas originally but decided against it when I couldn't find them. I simply put it off though as my memory serves me wrong.

I then looked back to the merchant and asked, "Okay, how much?"

"Oh, don't worry, you can just have them. That much is already an award enough."

"Seriously? " I said with a raised eyebrow, "That easy for these incredible katanas?"


Alright, thanks, " I said as I was slipping the katanas into their sheaths.

"No, thank you, " he said with a smile as I suddenly became engulfed with flames, coming from the katanas, and vanished in those flames with a puff of smoke.


*In the Everfree by my still unconscious body

As Twilight and Spike finally reached the crash site, Twilight said to Spike, "Spike, how many times do I say that there's not going to be an alien of any sort. It's not even possible for a living creature to have that much magic contained within them!" She then turned to the crash site and noticed the body.

Spike turned to the wide-eyed gaping Twilight and sarcastically said, "I guess we'll determine a new thing about possibilities then."

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