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It's Nightmare Night in Equestria, simply the best day of the year to be a filly or colt! After all, there's candy, tons of candy and it's all for free!

However, when a young Pinkamena Diane Pie's candy is stolen, she ends up traveling into the deep, dark of the Everfree Forest where no pony should ever go.

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A collection of TMP writings (lightly edited), random bits of stories and other things too short or inconsequential to stand on their own.

Story pic from A Piece of Pie by MohawkRex, colored by whysoserious (If you haven't read it already, how come?)

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"Fluttershy has never been the most confident of ponies; so, when she finds herself introduced to some new feelings for one of her closest, longtime friends, she's understandably unwilling to act for fear of losing a friend.

Of course, Fluttershy has friends, new and old, that won't let her let the opportunity pass her by.
Some that simply can't bear to see the seeds of love go unsown in the pegasus.
After all, sometimes all a pony needs is some gentle nudging."
(Story Image by Noel)

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A bit of shippy nonsense featuring Fluttershy and a twist. (Spoiler: It's changelings. Always changelings.)

MIND THE GAP: This story is under renovation.

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When Twilight finds herself suddenly losing control over her magic, our six equine heroes find themselves drwn back to the site where they became the Elements of Harmony to confront an ancient creature, older than Equestria itself.

[Status <10.01.2014>]
Arc 00, Arc 01 edited; Interlude in progress

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