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hello I am Moon Quil, I like horror and anime and I like making new friends anytime

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Moon Quil is my avatar but what is his life before coming on here, his backstory, his past love, or heartbreaks, family, and friends and many other questions. Journey with me as we look into my avatars life from the day he was born to today. I hope you enjoy and it doesn't stink that badly have fun :).

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Meet Fear a monster with powers of the mind and ghost hands in his back able to reach for miles, just being around him and you almost lose your mind. He has been locked away for years till when he turned 18 his powers reached new heights and escaped, with powers that can make people lose their minds and make them hurt each other one question goes through this insane maniac, "An interesting world full of peace? Such a bore lets make it more interesting shall we."

WARNING!!!! This story contains a lot of gore, this is a fair warning and I am sorry it's late, for those who are weak of heart or do not like gore then please do not read it. if so then this is a story that is for you well I hope. with that enjoy the story.

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In this story students have been vanishing without a trace, only thing that is left is some blood and a note that belongs to W. luna wants to try and find out who it is and stop them along with silver lightning and her sister celestia. Can the trio find out who is doing this or will they be the next victims?

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Long ago before life in Equestria, there were too creatures the first living creatures in the galaxy or anywhere, one of pure light the other of pure darkness. A war that scarred the world and brought all species together in hopes to fend off the darkness, cold, and worse than death. Join in this story as you will learn of the forgotten war that neither Celestia nor Luna can comprehend and has taken millions upon millions of lives.

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In this tale you will discover one of the most kept secrets of Equestria history, a tale of the worlds deadliest killer that started killing since he was five years old, his tale talks about his most loved hobby to dissect other life forms including himself. Will all of Equestria beat this evil or will the unicorn keep outsmarting the princess and the armies they send?

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