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Life is just a coincidence, that's what Mother Nature and Auntie Evolution taught us.


Dash. Rainbow Dash.
A mare oscillating between extreme obsession and dislike of books, both having their roots deep down in her youth. Coupled with a name with such... literary meaning, the young sporty filly surely has a lot to deal with both at home and at school.

And yes, that’s a hyphen in the title.

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Teachers. Mystical creatures that seem to have only one purpose in life; torturing students by trying to cram some information into their little heads. Many many myths and legends surround their lair. Is it true that they really change into normal ponies in there? Intern Cheerilee can now find out.

So... welcome to Tartarus, little pony. Or as they say, welcome in the staffroom.

EDIT: 12/3/2016 Changed from E to T as I felt that it has started to incline more to that side.

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After a surprise attack along her favourite patrol route, Princess Luna crashlands into the Everfree Forest, battered and broken. Outside the walls of the sanctuary of the strange pony that rescued her, the dangerous denizens of the Everfree lurk. Forced to remain in hiding while her sister secretly investigates, how will she cope under the mysterious canopy of the Everfree and without the luxury of her castle?

There is a thin line between a princess and a wild forest pony, thinner than a zap apple stem. Now it's up to Luna not to cross it.

Featured on 4/5/2019 and 7/4/2019

Edited by MV, additional editors and pre-readers are tagged under the chapters they helped with.

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One pony noticed that the horrific myths surrounding the wildlife of Everfree Forest aren’t completely unbased, but the danger is oftentimes avoidable. She compiled her field notes in hopes of showing Equestria the true nature of the Everfree in its complex beauty of a well-working ecosystem.

Have you ever thought what’s the cause of the stench coming from the mouth of a hungry timberwolf? Why do parasprites reproduce in such a strange manner? How come that poison joke poisoning is really rare despite the blue flower blooming everywhere in the Everfree? This thin book may hold the answers that you seek. Let me present you Natura Semper Liberi, The Guide to the Nature of Everfree.

This old story went through a well-deserved revision in October 2020. The guide remains mostly the same, it was just adjusted for better wording, flow, and clarity. In other words, it's even better than it was before!

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