• Published 31st Oct 2016
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Inside the Forbidden Room - EverfreePony

What misadventures await Intern Cheerilee and her collegues behind the door of a school staffroom?

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Moments of Peace?

"Hurry up, the play in the city theatre is starting in half an hour!" a cry rang over the many heads in the school foyer.

Fillies and colts squeezed past each other, looking for the rest of their classmates. Teachers ran around, trying to herd their entrusted classes together. It was the purest example of Brownian movement.

"Okay, is everypony here?" Fluffy Cotton called, failing to count her unruly students for the fifth time.

"Fleur, please don't use the perfume anymore. We don't want the actors nor your classmates to get nauseous." A thick pink mist lingered around the mentioned filly, most of the ponies quickly scampering out of her way.

An annoyed stallion grumbled, yelling over the ruckus, "Who went to the toilet again?"

"Leave the geologist's hammer here, you won't need it in the theatre!"

"You need to open the zipper of your jacket before you stick the wings through! Don't pull back now, you'll pluck your feathers out!" another mare scolded one of the colts.

More shouts filled the room till somepony finally opened the door. The mob of colorful bodies in fancy dresses flowed out like a tide during a solar eclipse. Smaller groups of students separated from the main stream eventually, their teachers dragging them to the city.

"This seems to be the last class," Gauge mused from the window, looking out at the long snake of students meandering through the streets. "I just hope they won't stop Canterlot traffic altogether again... Not looking forward to dealing with the complaints."

"Finally some peace," Globe-Trotter chimed from behind him, hindhooves on the table.

"Rubicon probably wouldn't approve of that... watchin' over your class in there instead of you, Chart."

"He wanted to go, I didn't. And I reckon it was you who assigned them to him." Chart chuckled, reclining in his swivel chair with the Canterlot Courier in his magic.

"At least Fluffy had a reason to hide the sorry bare flank of hers under a dress..." Gauge sighed, sitting down to the loads of paperwork on the table.

"Good morning, gentlestallions." An elder pegasus mare entered the room, nodding to her colleagues. Miss Cheerilee followed in her wake.

"Morning, Spring, Cheerilee," Chart Globe-Trotter called, glancing from the newspaper. Spark Gauge apparently didn't notice anypony, his eyes twitching between two documents on the table.

A colorful smear zigzagged through the room, leaving two steaming mugs on the table for the newcomers to enjoy. It left just as quickly as it appeared.

"What was that?" Cheerilee sat down dumbfounded, her frazzled--or styled--mane looking even worse for wear than a few moments ago.

"Our secretary's little niece. She sometimes stays in Canterlot with her aunt and often helps her out here. Truth be told, she's a really fast flyer," Chart said, ruffling his newspaper. Gauge groaned from behind the mountain of paperwork at the disturbance.

"Oh..." Cheerilee took a sip from her mug, grimacing at the taste.

Spring on the other hoof ignored the coffee altogether, her wings fidgeting with the clasps of a violin case on her back. When she finally pulled the instrument out, she propped it up against the ground instead of properly placing it against her neck.

"Seems like they invented a spell that allows anypony to come up with a square root of any number. Isn't it weird?" Chart folded the newspaper, throwing it away. "What should I do if somepony uses it during a test? Uh, Spring?"

"You know, Mathematics isn't my subject and nor is Geography. Do you use square roots in Geography?" the mare said, fighting to keep the instrument upright.

Chart cocked his head, running a hoof through his perfectly groomed mane. "No, not really... but what are you doing?"

"Oh, this?" she motioned to the poor violin. "One filly in my class, Miss Philharmonica--no wait, Miss Melody, I think her mother got married again--has troubles standing on her hind legs when she's playing. Oftentimes I catch her leaning on the instrument like this. So, I wanted to try how the tune will change when a pony plays a violin like a cello."

Cheerilee mumbled something to herself, browsing through a notebook in her hooves.

Spring took the bow, gently drawing it across the strings. The only result was an earsplitting screech. All that followed was awkward silence and another screeching as Gauge ground his teeth.

"Maybe it's just out of tune," the elder mare offered, Chart giving her a sympathetic smile while Spark just grumbled something.

"Ms. Symphony, what was the sentence you used at the beginning of your lesson?" Cheerilee chimed in in the following silence, eliciting a resignated sigh from Gauge.

"'Let's quiet down please, we have a very important lesson to get to, thank you...' Though why do you ask? And Cheerilee, you can call me Spring too." Spring turned to the intern with a motherly smile.

"Uh, okay. Well, I thought it'd be a good idea to jot down the quotes teachers normally say and the following reaction of students... So I’ll know what phrases to use when I start teaching myself." The intern rubbed the back of her head.

"Hm... interesting. Though coming up with your own style is better, but I can see where you are going with this." Globe-Trotter rose from his seat, glancing over her shoulder. "What do you have in there already?" He gave her a warm smile and motioned to her notebook.

"Oh, just a few sentences from Fluffy Cotton's lesson. For example..." She skimmed through the many pages filled with her mouthwriting. "This! 'That's a sweet shmoopy-doopy sweetie-weetie adjective." The young earth pony raised her head, grinning expectantly.

"I have to take you to one of my Physics lessons." Gauge sighed, rubbing his temples. "Force and energy conversions can't cause that much harm." He glanced at the documents before him, giving up any hope of finishing going through them today.

“Um, Mr. Gauge?” The secretary appeared in the portal to the room, leaning on the doorframe. Her chest heaved up and down rapidly.

“What is it?” Spark grumbled, picking up his empty mug. “By the way, Scribble, can you be a dear and brin’ me one more coffee?"

"Sure, Mr. Gauge, though..." The mare turned pale, her eyes ticking from side to side. “Though...”

"Though what?"

"I just got the news that the school inspection is coming!" The mare collapsed to the floor, a letter fluttering in her wake.

Spring Symphony let out a gasp, Chart just raised his head and Cheerilee was too preoccupied with her notebook. “Great,” Spark commented, picking up his empty mug. “So I have to brew it myself. Anyone else wants one as well?”

Author's Note:

To aid your orientation, here's the list of yet revealed characters.

Fluffy Cotton - unicorn mare, Equestrian language

Spark Gauge the Deputy Headmaster - unicorn stallion, Physics

Chart Globe-Trotter - unicorn stallion, Geography and Math

Brassy Heron - unicorn mare, Biology and Chemistry

“Ruby” Rubicon - unicorn stallion, History and Equestrian language

Spring Symphony - pegasus mare, Music

Scrible ??? - secretary

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