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David Cortez

Confound these ponies. The drive me to write fanfiction.


Well That Happened · 2:46am Nov 15th, 2014

Yeah I cancelled TDoE.
I was never gonna update it, and it was just gonna sit there, being unfinished forever.
Instead, I will work on new stories.
Some one-offs, some longer ones.
Hopefully I can work my way up to an epic one day. But not today.
See you guys next time!

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Projects On My Mind (Potential Upcoming Stories)

I will put these into three groups.
Confirmed, Planned, and Ideas.
Not sure why anyone would want to know, but...
Well it's here. Read it. Or don't. I could use some help with titles, however...

Anyway, an explanation:

Confirmed means it will, eventually, be made into a story.
Whether of not FIMFiction accepts it is up to me. I need to make absolutely sure it doesn't break any rules, has proper grammar, ect.

Planned means it's past the Idea phase, and is ready to be made, but it needs work. In some cases, a LOT of work.

Ideas are simply that, ideas. The most they have is a general plot, and have no set ending.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to help with titles.

Always On My Mind.

Someday, My Prince Will Come.
Time and Relative Dimension in Space

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