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Twilight Sparkle invents a new form of transportation. Specifically, cannons. Cannons that look like barrels. Things proceed to happen. Things involving testing. Oh, and some minor explosions, too.

Set sometime during season five, which is why Starlight Glimmer isn't present.

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After their latest cutie mark-related escapade, Twilight Sparkle suggests that the Cutie Mark Crusaders go see a motivational speaker. However, the one they stumble upon is...different.

His name is Matt Foley.

And he is a motivational speaker.

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After a long-term human preservation test--called cryonics--goes horribly wrong, a twenty-year-old man finds himself stuck many, many years into the future with no hope of returning to his own time.

And this future involves uncannily intelligent, brightly colored, talking magic horses that call themselves ponies.

Now he has to figure out how to adjust to a world where, among other things, the laws of physics seem completely wrong, many animals speak and are intelligent, the leader of the country is an absolute monarch, and society seems...off in some ways.

This won't be easy.


Set about twenty-five years before the return of Nightmare Moon.

Chapters (17)