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I'm a 6 foot softie, huggable looking, and gamer. Plus, I like good fanfics with good plots! (and little bit of a brony)

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Jyro, a normal 19 year old human, had a life back in his world, but it turns out, it was one big bust. As his future in life and dreams wither, one fateful night changed everything. He woke up one day, and found himself in a unknown forest full of strange creatures, danger, and (most importantly) adventure, along with many new friends who are... familiar talking color-ponies? During his stay here, he will encounter many friends and enemies, as this new land will be his new life to start over.

There will be romance in the future, also music from my picks.

P.S.: *whispering* There will be pizza. And, Master Hand is in it!

P.S.S.: No other crossovers included. (Yet)

DISCLAIMER: Master Hand belongs to Nintendo!

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