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Much to Celestia's dismay, she had to banish Luna to rid the world of the Nightmare. The Elements of Harmony, detecting the good in Luna, sent her somewhere else. Enter me, Shawn. I'm just you're average, antisocial guy trying to make my way through college. One day I start noticing things happening around me. What was causing them, well I would have never expected this!

Mild to strong profanities
Many Theater references
Sex tag is for security, better safe than sorry.

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My friends and I have been living in the apocalyptic aftermath of a zombie outbreak. We joined up with a larger group and helped build a machine to create a portal to a new world. We were then sent through to see if it was a good location to try and start over. What we find is both horrifying and (for some) beyond our wildest dreams.

Thanks so much for 1500 views!!! I'm so excited right now, you don't even understand.

Story contains language, internet references, and general bad jokes. Read with caution.
-Story updates...sometimes-

Shawn Changeling
Flash Beats (Shawn Unicorn)
Atom Split (Camden)
Griffin (Matthew)
Nyjill Moon (Nyjill)
Paulo Fragmen Terra

Chapters (35)
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