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Death Pony

When nopony ever seems to die, what does an out of work reaper do? He writes stories I guess.

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Rough'n Tumble has been an elite member of the Barding Order for a number of years. Traveling the land and dealing with rogue elements like monsters, casters of foul magics, and bandits just to name a few, he has served with honor and courage for the good of Equestria.

However, despite being one of the best Outriders there is, neither he nor any other member of Barding has ever been called to help Ponyville through a single one of their numerous disasters, and it makes him more than a little curious about this supposedly peaceful town that draws trouble like honey draws flies.

Since he has some time to kill, he figures it's about time he saw this place for himself. After all, it's just a vacation trip to a sleepy little town with an over-exaggerated series of strange events.


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All appliances fear the Toaster!

That is of course why he was executed back in Big MT; via death by bathtub.

Now he's in a magical new place and even though he has no idea how he got here, it's a whole new world just waiting to burn!

[A crossover with Fallout: New Vegas]

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It was another quiet day in Ponyville when that peace was shattered by the arrival of a new foe.

What does this new enemy want, and to what depths will it stoop to to gain victory over the so-called Elements of Harmony?

And why is no one taking him seriously?

Wow, Featured on February 2nd 2016! Thanks!

Chapters (3)

Sometimes it's better to be judged by your actions rather than what you are; even if what you are is something never seen before.

But will actions be enough to overcome the fear of the unknown?

Transported to an unknown world for unknown reasons, one man will try to survive long enough to figure out if his lot in life has actually improved or if he was dealt another poor hand in the great game of life.

And considering where he came from, that would be saying a lot.

Featured on Jan 20th 2017. Thanks!

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A True Atlantean and one of the last Undead Slayers in the Multiverse has been fighting the forces of darkness for a very long time. Seeing a new Guidepost appear in the Multiverse, he goes to investigate and hopefully warn them about the impending trouble such a feat may bring to their world.

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