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One day my teacher said that he would retire soon. I asked him what he would do, and he replied saying he would probably die soon. I felt like that was a waste of life. So now a walk in a new light.


One more unread raving. · 5:13am Apr 25th, 2015

You ever just get up one day and your head is just brimming with ideas. You look around you to gaze at the beautiful life and colors everywhere. Have you ever thought of making a story and you slowly refine it until you can see every little part in your head. Now have you ever actually written it down? What is a dream? Is it just the hopes of a child yet to grow up, or is it a goal to strive for? What got in the way? How did your future change from what you wanted to what you got. What happens

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Thanks for the watch! Your username made me laugh. Super clever. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for faving Time Ticks on! Tell me what you liked and don't forget to comment!! :pinkiehappy:

Also, welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your stay! :pinkiehappy:

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