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Chapter 17

Hi I'm Chapter 17 and everything I touch inevitably turns grimdark! :D

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Poppy Crafts is an outgoing, cheery pegasus mare who has recently found herself feeling a bit stifled for reasons she can't quite put her hoof on ...or, rather, feels hesitant to put her hoof on. But when things become too obviously apparent for her to ignore any longer she is forced to confront the issue of her boyfriend being a chronic shut in. Now knowing that he is hurting the mare he loves in ways he had not realized, he agrees to do something far outside his comfort zone to begin mending his mistake. Will it be the first of many steps forward, or the first of many steps apart?

This story was written waaay back in 2014 for the Tumblr pony prom event. I don't technically have an ask blog, but the mod of Ask Princess Subi asked me to the prom so we decided she would draw five pictures and I would write a story around them. As usual I finished late as all hell! Since then the story has remained on my Tumblr blog, and in spite of my years of hesitation I think it's about time I posted it here for people that don't follow my blog to read and hopefully enjoy.

Oh and before anyone gets confused, the Ask Princess Subi blog took place in a Rule 63 continuity with mane six stallions instead of mane six mares, hence Elusive instead of Rarity, etc.

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"By the time they get to us there's no saving them."

"Sergeant, the listening post is reporting suspicious activity to the south, and your squad is going to double time it down there and fix any problems you can find."

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On the day before the longest day of the thousandth year after the banishing of the younger royal sister of legend, a gifted student goes on a reading binge in a desperate attempt to not go batshit crazy from boredom during the summer break of which so many of the lesser ponies are so fond. In her unwavering diligence that is quite likely to simply be the outward symptoms of an inner superiority complex, she stumbles upon a terrifying forgotten bit of lore that may foretell the end of her very world! But will her warnings be heeded?

No. Pretty much no.

Also that initial hook gets used up two episodes in, then she gets to slowly learn to not be a total bitch to everypony else.

This is a parody series based on the episode blogs on my Tumblr, only de-scriptified in order to fit with fimfiction's policies, and now we'll be doing the whole series episode by episode, with chapter length varying from episode to episode according to how much content is worth commenting on while still maintaining a semblance of a self contained story. References will be made shamelessly, years old fandom jokes will be resurrected as terrifying husks of their former selves, continuity shall be stuck to with no guaranteed consistency, and author head canons will run rampant in this...uh...story that everyone's already seen before...



Cover art by SamRose, whose Patreon is here!

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When Lance Strongshy's medical career is endangered due to relentless nightmares depriving him of sleep, his daughter Fluttershy once again overlooks the horrible past she suffered at his hooves and enlists the help of her friends to cure him. But, when the only sufficiently expedient solution turns out to be a certain spell that Twilight was instructed to never cast again, it becomes uncertain if their efforts will save him, or utterly destroy him.

A sequel to JakeHeritagu's Silent Ponyville 2, read that first if you haven't already: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4868/Silent-Ponyville-2

And THAT one is the sequel to JakeHeritagu's Silent Ponyville so if you haven't read either here's where you should start: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/106/Silent-Ponyville

(First cover art by http://manwhomurderedtime.deviantart.com/ )
(Current cover art by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/SamRose )

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