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No matter what the Internet tells you, you will not be eaten by giant spiders the moment you step out of a plane into Australia. Profile pic by TsaoShin.

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Hi there, thanks for the follow!

1312284 104 weeks? That's a two year anniversary!

I can see not sayin' "mate" after every sentence but the fact that you didn't know about shrimp is very curious. How do people survive without shrimp

without yummy fried shrimp from which to grow fat and indolent?

What sad worlds

Faith doesn’t require us to be willfully blind or dogmatically stupid. But it does require us to take risks. To put our trust in something we know might not be true. Even when the cost of failure could be very high.
Especially then.
For some of us, faith becomes our central reason for living, for pressing on. Faith is what allows us to believe in a happy ending, even in our moments of greatest sorrow. It is what allows us the hope of rescue even in the most suffocating dark.

Everything reminds me of Kierkegaard, but this like super reminds me of Kierkegaard. In fact, he said much the same.

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