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Twilight wakes up in a bizarre world and finds it to have an even more bizarre inhabitant. Takes place immediately after the Season 4 finale.

The Cheshire Cat in this story is taken from Tim Burton's 2010 adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

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Twilight is on a two-week diplomatic visit to Saddle Arabia, and the others are not doing very well. Without a voice of reason in their midst, they suddenly struggle to solve even the simplest of problems. But if there is one thing that these ponies have taught us, it is that friendship can overcome anything.
Set between seasons 4 and 5.
Rated Teen for a single sexual reference.

Don't worry, I'm alive! Sorry I haven't gotten out anything for a while.

Translated to Esperanto here.

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Discord had been doing very well in recent times when it came to not doing evil. Not that Discord was evil, of course; he was just looking to have some fun. But anyway, Princess Celestia decided that he needed to become a productive member of Equestrian society, rather than living however he wanted. And so, the Almighty Discord, Lord of Equestria, Spirit of Chaos... was ordered to find a job. Ugh, gag!

This story was inspired by a dream I had once, as my sister will be extremely eager to explain to you for some reason, even though it was my dream and not hers. :ajbemused: Each chapter will be a new job, and suggestions for new chapters would be greatly appreciated.
Also, if any of you have read Princess Stupid Jerk McButt by Twinkletail, you know exactly what inspired this story's writing style. And if you have not read it, I highly suggest it. Unless you hate Trixie's ego like my sister does. In which case, read the Lunaverse stories instead!
Why Trixie get no love? :applecry:

Nov. 15, 2014- I got featured?!?!
I can't even words.:rainbowkiss:

Sep. 24, 2014- This story finally got its first dislike! How dare they?!:flutterrage:

Jk, but this is good. It means I must have room to improve. From now on, any dislikes are encouraged to be accompanied by a review, critique, or suggestion. If you didn't like it, please help me make it better. And please be brutal and specific (especially specific). :eeyup:

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A mysterious mare appears in Ponyville, claiming to be from a far away land. She seems to be an extremely powerful mage, rivaling even the Princesses themselves. She is secretive and withdrawn, refusing to reveal anything specific about her past. And she is being hunted.

NOTE: This character came to me while making random ponies on General Zoi's Pony Creator. I am simply writing a story to go with her. I am discovering the character as I write, so I do not know much more about her than you do.

Please do not troll. If you do not like the story, leave a comment stating why. I enjoy feedback, whether positive or negative.

Cover art made from a base by Katjapegasus.

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Braeburn has just made a huge sale, and he has a little extra money. The Wonderbolts are in town, so he decides to splurge and go to the show. But he never could have known just how much that seemingly insignificant decision would change his life.
An extended Slice of Life fic in the style of the show, starring Soarin' and Braeburn in a romantic relationship. The end of each episode may or may not feature a lesson learned, as in the show. Rated Teen for sexual themes and swearing, both regular and ponyfied. I wanted to write an extended Slice of Life romance, and I am an avid SoarBurn fan. Need I say more?
As my pre-readers have said I rush things, each episode will first be posted as a first draft, then later updated; they will be distinguished in the title, which may also be subject to change. Also, this is an extended project, so bear with me if I don't visit for a time, and feel free to submit your own ideas for future episodes in the comments or on my user page.

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