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It's been 4 years lmao. But I'm back


[no title] · 11:53pm Oct 1st, 2014

Hey Guys! Check out my user page for me and my friends story. I have to give him credit as he was a MAJOR help writing this story. Anyway...hope you like the story!

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Ok wow so 6 years later after my first story and I’m back. I’ve missed this site a lot. I’m in college now and I’ve taken a bunch of writing classes and got published! I have a new found love for writing so I’m going to FINALLY write more. It’s good to be back :)

hey yo. It's been three years since I first wrote my two stories. A combination of school and martial arts have completely slowed me down. However, I am now almost out of high school, and it is going really smoothly. With this in mind, I am prepared to continue one of the stories, and start a new one. I'll more than likely continue "We all Have the Flutters" and not the Fallout Equestria one. This is because my co writer for the Fallout Equestria story is now in college, and one man cannot continue such a large story by himself. However, I have another story in mind that will be easier to write with one or two people. So, TL;DR I'm back and planning to write more. I hope. :twilightsmile:

Ugh. Unfortunately, I have decided to stop Crimson Sun. There is a small chance we will continue, but I do believe I'm done.

OMG. It's been forever since I have logged into Fimfiction... Anyway... we have had a long hiatus because I haven't contacted my co-author. I am in the process of contacting him. This means that we WILL be continuing Fallout Equestria: Crimson Sun. Anyway I will post when we are ready.

1391307 Bio is Satan in school... ugh, the minutiae, the same old concepts repeated over and over... chemistry is much more my speed. And physics. I like those. :twistnerd:

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