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Not dead yet. I have but one last act left.


The world has died and is nothing more than ash and dust. The land of Equestria is a far off memory along with those who once inhabited it. Wandering the empty land is the sole survivor of the cataclysm that brought about the death of the world. Yet this sole survivor is also the harbinger of the world's death. In the final moments of the last living thing in the world, the story of how the world died is told. One of many ways the story could be told and one of many ways it could end. This is the day the sun set for the last time.

Season 5 Wasteland Timeline; No spoilers

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Rainbow Dash is know for her athleticism and rough and tumble attitude. She's fearless and not afraid to take on any challenge. But what most ponies don't get to see is her soft side. A side that loves to love and be loved. Even more unknown is a side job where she gets to do just that. The job of a professional snuggler. But how will she cope when a new client sends her into a realm of emotion that not even she thought she had?

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Flying. The only thing other than her blank flank that Scootaloo can think of. It has never been easy and she struggles everyday even to hover a couple of inches off the ground. Her role model and idol, Rainbow Dash, has given her every tip and trick she knows. She pushes herself to the bone in secret. But for all she is worth, the coveted flight has never come. As she sets up to take flight, she will encounter three of the worst days of her life only to get more than she ever bargained for.

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When do you say goodbye to a friend? Is it when they leave or when you have forgotten them? If you hold your friends close to your heart, you will never say goodbye.

Summer vacation has arrived and Sunset Shimmer finds herself alone. Her only friends are busy with their own summer plans leaving Sunset to figure out what one does when they are alone. A chance encounter with a strange, blank book changes that. Now she will help a friend rediscover that a friend kept in your heart is never really gone. And perhaps she will learn a bit about friendship herself along the way from her new friend of no brain.

Featured 11/3/2015 and 5/3/2016
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Sunset and Pooh by Aku

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