• Published 14th Apr 2015
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Saying Goodbye - TheTrueDragoon

The hardest person to say goodbye to is always yourself. But that’s what friends are for. To say goodbye to you for you. But when those friends are close enough, is it really goodbye?

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Rainbow of Stripes

Sunset stared up at the warm sun and the surrounding sky, letting the sun warm her. Just above her head was but a small piece of the vast expanse, her own personal sky. The trees surrounding her seemed to envelop her and hold her in an embrace. Another sign of care that embodied the world she was in.

She took another small bite of jam covered toast, another gift from the world to satisfy her and Pooh’s eleven-o-clockish feeling, and slowly munched. Beside her, Pooh casually dipped his paw into another honey pot and lapped up the golden sweet. But Sunset’s eyes remained on the patch of sky that hung over her head.

As she continued to stare and munch absentmindedly, she recalled a particularly unique moment from her fillyhood. One of her earliest.

She had stood atop a hill that overlooked a vast meadow of multicolored flowers. The world beyond had stretched out, the way the imagination world did, with mountains and forests stretching out towards and across the horizon. The sun hung in the sky and filled the world with a warm touch. Behind her had sat Celestia, smiling at the happy filly who danced and jumped as she took in the sights of the world before her.

As the sun had begun to sink, Sunset had stared in awe and wonder at the yellow and orange glow cast by the sun. She had watched it slowly sink closer to the horizon and began to fret, not wanting the day to end. She had looked back at her mentor, begging her to allow the day to shine forever.

Instead, Celestia had smiled and held out her hooves, closing them together in front of Sunset just as the sun dipped behind the horizon. Sunset had looked with worry and curiosity as Celestia had simply smiled, holding her hooves together. She then held them out to the filly and parted them but a crack to reveal a small light within, making Sunset believe at the time that she had taken the sun straight from the sky.

She motioned Sunset to hold out her hooves as she passed on the pseudo sun, telling her to hold tight. The light passed from Celestia’s hooves to Sunset’s and she had done just what her mentor has said. Tight within her grasp, she held the sun.

“Sunset,” Celestia had said. “Will you do something for me? At the close of each day, will you hold on to the sun for me? Until the dawn of the next day?”

With her hooves still holding the light and a smile across her face larger than any she had ever given up to then or since, she promised. That was the day she received her cutie mark.

“I never did keep that promise very well did I?” Sunset said aloud, not bothering that Pooh should hear. She finished her toast and reached up to the sky, closing her hands over the sun and closing her eyes as she brought them close to her breast. A small tear dripped from an eye as she willed the sun to remain close to her heart.

“Could I try again? To hold on to the sun for you at sunset?”

She reached her hands up and slowly opened her eyes as she moved her hands away from the sun once more.


After Sunset and Pooh finished their lunch, they stood and Sunset took hold of Pooh’s paw once more and they left the circle of trees. As they did, Sunset took a quick look back. For a moment, she wondered if it was still okay to visit such a special spot. Perhaps it was, given that the world continued to treat her with food. More so, and more importantly, she seemed allowed to visit.

It seemed the world really had forgiven her.

The two wandered for a bit, wondering where their feet would take them this time. Around trees, passed bushes, over rocks and logs. No destination. No goal to satisfy. Simply the desire to see the world around them. To be together.

They soon came to a tight gathering of trees with thick bushes packed between the trunks. The leaves gather close above and blocked out the sky and made the area give off a bit of a spooky feeling. The bushes rustled, small shadows danced, and the gentle wind seemed to give a low and soft howling whistle as it passed through. Pooh’s paw tightened in Sunset’s hand and she simply smiled at the little bear.

An odd sound echoed through the trees, causing Pooh to wince slightly.

“Sunset,” Pooh said, “I think there is a Jagular near.”

Sunset smiled and tried to cover a giggle at the silly name. Heffalumps. Jagulars. She was brought back to her fillyhood when she searched for or ran from her own imaginary monsters and the now silly names she gave each.

“Don’t worry,” she said, giving Pooh’s paw a comforting squeeze.

The fears were quickly dispelled as a bush rustled and was followed up by a loud but friendly, “Hallo!”

The two looked around to find the speaker but only saw the surrounding foliage gently shifting as something moved about. With no response, the speaker spoke again.


“Hello there!” Sunset called out, wanting to meet the obvious friend.

Another bush rustled and then a larger figure leapt out, one almost as large as Eeyore. It looked much like a tiger, albeit another stuffed animal. It stared up at Sunset with a quizzical look then gave another greeting to each.


“Hallo, Tigger,” Pooh said, relieved to see a friendly face rather than the seemingly fearsome Jagular.

Tigger looked at Sunset and repeated his, “Hallo!”

She smiled and gave her own, “Hello.”

For whatever reason, Tigger said nothing more but repeated, “Hallo!” which left Sunset to reply back in kind. The exchange continued for another two silly times as Tigger seemed more curious at the continued exchange rather than upset. And so Sunset ended the silliness.

“My name is Sunset Shimmer. It’s good to meet you Tigger.”

Tigger regarded Sunset for a moment then spoke. “You remind me of someone. What is a Sunset Shimmer?”

Sunset smiled and gave a soft giggle. “I’m just a girl.”

Tigger tilted his head a bit then straightened up, seemingly satisfied by the answer. “You know Pooh? That’s good. I like you.” It was a second later that he quickly perked up and began bouncing around in a circle. His entire being exuded excitement. “Hey, Sunset Shimmer. I want to show you something.”

Sunset looked at Pooh who seemed to just go with it, giving her a rather nondescript nod. She smiled and the two allowed Tigger to lead them on to whatever it was he wanted to show them.

It was a bit difficult to follow Tigger to their destination. He bounced around the entire time, leaping back and forth across the forest floor. Occasionally, he would stop to attempt to pounce on Sunset or Pooh’s shadow, or both at the same time. He would chase after random butterflies or other flying insects or stop to listen to sounds, often ones that went unheard by Sunset. At several points, he stopped to ask Sunset where they were going or if they were there yet. Of course, Sunset could only giggle and remind him that he was leading the way.

But the whole time, it was fun to watch Tigger wander and chase things. And once more, Sunset was reminded of her fillyhood and the times she did the very same.

Finally, the three exited into a mass clearing and stared in awe at a massive meadow filled with a rainbow of flowers. The soft grass nearly came up to Sunset’s knees and seemed to dance with the flowers in the wind. The meadow seemed to stretch on out to another forest, likely more of the same, and almost seemed to reach out to the sky above.

With her jaw almost literally to the ground in an awe filled smile, Sunset wondered at the almost pastel canvas in front of her. She wanted to say something, anything, to express her awe. But she was left speechless, naught but a smile.

Of all the times she had been reminded of her fillyhood, now was the time she actually felt like a filly once more. Her hand released Pooh’s paw and she stretched her arms out, as though to take hold of the sight before her. She lifted her head and looked to the sky and the sun above. Just like when she was a filly and asked Celestia to play, she did so now.

As Tigger bounce forth into the meadow, disappearing among the grass, Sunset relaxed and turned to Pooh. Silently, she asked if he wanted to run and play with her. Silently, he responded.


Sunset’s smile grew and turned back to the meadow. Then she gave into her filly self. She ran forward, jumping and leaping among the flowers. She tumbled and rolled in the grass, laughing and crying out in joy. She ran after Tigger who in turned chased her.

Several times, Tigger bounced by and tried to pounce Sunset. A few times, he succeeded, to which Sunset would laugh as she rolled and watched Tigger bounce off. A few times she moved away just in time, only to try chasing him afterwards. A couple of times she caught him then spun a few times before releasing him.

It was all so much fun and the meadow was so beautiful.

The grass felt like a soft blanket against her arms and legs. The flowers felt like velvet and gave off a sweet and soothing smell. The sun was warm and the breeze was like a gentle caress. And Sunset felt like a filly. Running, dancing, playing in the most beautiful meadow she had ever seen. Like those she played in as a filly while Celestia watched or occasionally played with her.

She stopped for just a moment and looked up at the sun again. Another tear passed down her cheek. She did miss Celestia greatly.

While Tigger continued to run and bounce playfully through the meadow, Sunset wandered slowly for a moment. She looked all around, slowly turning to take in the full scene. She looked up to the sun, letting its warmth sooth her like a loving embrace. Until finally, she found a spot in the middle of the meadow.

Here, the grass was shorter, only a few inches perhaps. The flowers were a bit scarcer, dotting the area. But even here, the grass was a soft carpet to bare whoever would walk or sit upon it.

Sunset took a moment to examine the area that was surrounded by the pastel canvas that was the rest of the meadow. A peaceful spot among the flowers to sit and relax. She reached the very center and sat.

It was hard to say how long she sat there in that spot. Perhaps only a few minutes but maybe more. Tigger continued his play, occasionally entering the open space and running and bouncing around Sunset before returning. Finally, Pooh arrived and sat down beside Sunset.

She looked over at the yellow bear who stared ahead in that way of his and smiled.

“Hey, Pooh?”

“Yes?” he said, looking up at her.

Sunset looked back at the open area. “The picnic we want to have when we find all of your friends. Do you want to have it here?”

Pooh looked around himself then back at Sunset. “I would very much like that.”

Tigger burst into the area, slower this time, and settled up next to Sunset. “Have we found everyone yet?” she asked, smiling at the curled up Tigger.

Pooh was hesitant for only a moment. “Yes.”

Of course. There must only be the child left to find. “Maybe he will show up if we have the picnic,” Sunset said.

Pooh nuzzled closer to Sunset. “I think he will.”

Author's Note:

To the Reader: An interesting fact is that Tigger was not included in the first Winnie-the-Pooh story by A. A. Milne. Instead, he was introduced in the second book titled The House at Pooh Corner. That said, I did briefly consider leaving him out but decided to have him in the story considering how iconic of a character he is.