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In the distant past, long before the elements, before the princesses, there was discord and sorrow.

Meet Lord Caelestis Niger or Black Sky, to his ponies he is known as The Great Black. Emperor of the Holy Equine Empire of Matavita, a distant land that was just as full of chaos as Equestria is. Until, he forged a brighter future, it just wasn't bright enough, not yet. After another brutal war, he is seeking a better solution to peace keeping. Meanwhile, a distant traveler is also seeking the same thing.

Will they find it together, share it? Or is there no solution to find?

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For a foreign entity like Vera, there are a few things quite different in Equestria. In her quest for answers, she has encountered many ponies and seen first hoof their lives. Here is a collection of those encounters and moments. Some are good moments, others, not so much. All paint a unique picture of Equestria, one that could only be seen through the eyes of Vera.

A mini-series based off a much larger fic in the works. I'll try to keep this one E. Other works in the series:
Prequel of sorts If You Only Knew My Name
Side Adventure/ Stand Alone Story An Exceptional Discovery On The Nature Of Pony Names

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It's Thursday, just another day for our wayward... well he isn't a hero... Protagonist? Yeah that sounds right. Now if only he knew this wasn't all just in his head.

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Pain, hate, rage and fear. All are feelings we have, all are natural. So, why does it feel wrong? For one visitor in Equestria, it feels very wrong. Is it the extremes at which he is set? They live such happy lives, while he and his ponies, do not. In a time of internal monolog, he reflects on what it is that sets them apart.

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Magic Geiger is a unicorn scientist in the field of magic energy and magic detection, and he has long been bothered by something, his name. He was named right after birth, so how is it that his cutie mark ends up being a Magic Geiger Meter, just like his name? Was it a coincidence that his name and talent are related? Did just having the name cause him to develope that talent? This is what he has spent the past three years studying. And finally, just twenty-four hours ago at the Fillydelphia Hospital Maternity Ward, he got the answer. Since then, things have gotten out of hoof.

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