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Magic Geiger is a unicorn scientist in the field of magic energy and magic detection, and he has long been bothered by something, his name. He was named right after birth, so how is it that his cutie mark ends up being a Magic Geiger Meter, just like his name? Was it a coincidence that his name and talent are related? Did just having the name cause him to develope that talent? This is what he has spent the past three years studying. And finally, just twenty-four hours ago at the Fillydelphia Hospital Maternity Ward, he got the answer. Since then, things have gotten out of hoof.

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An actual story on nominative determinism! Sign me up for the duration. :yay:


Thanks to me just typing it all on FimFiction, rather than using a mircrosoft word document or something. I actually started this story as just the first chapter, but since it lacked dialog, had to get creative. So, on the spot, came up with making the whole thing an actual story. As such, I neglected to use something with a spell check.

So yeah, I suddenly have a story to write, and its all thanks to failing the first submission!

Sometimes failure is its own reward. I do my stuff in WordPress and port it over here, and some things always fall out.

Comment posted by hailetheking deleted Feb 17th, 2014

Characters are colorful and the plot is pretty okay. If you had polished out the grammatical errors this would be great! I suggest finding an editor!

Wow this has come a long way.
I read this when it first came out. The i refound it on a WoT forum. All i can say is WOW


Well thanks. Been sick for the past couple of days, so new chapter is still in the making. But yeah, thanks. Stay tuned for more.

Sorry for the long delay between chapters, this one has alot to get worked out. And stuff. Yeah. Ok. Not sure what else to say. Oh wait I got it!



Pondera told me to paste this here for him.

I cannot at this time edit or upload chapters, until I figure out why I'm getting sytax errors.

So, a huge error is what I have going on. I was able to edit some in the previous chapters, but cannot publish the new one. And I still have an error with the comments section of this fic. So who knows. Could be my browser, could be FimFiction, could be both. Might even be my saftey settings keeping notifycation pop-ups from appearing. In the end, I'm swamped with other things and holding out for a new PC. So until then.

New PC, but no internet. What a world! Anyway, I'll do some edits here and there all while working on finishing number seven. Be out soon as I can get it done.

New chapter, let's see how this works out. Certainly preps oneself for future fics simply by judging the outcome of the ole one shot turned full fic. Might just learn something that'll make future stories better. Enjoy the odyssey of one unfortunate scientist.

It had four tall post which nearly scrapped the tall ceiling

alterior -> ulterior

The lone gray figure standing amidst it all, unscathed, wearing his coat and sunglasses, a smile on his face.


Methinks rampant paranoia, and seeing a pony from a hundred meters away might have led to a massive case of mistaken identity. But if the Painter is a stallion, then Vera isn't the Painter, so who is she? She seems kind of OP honestly. I'm guessing either Chrysalis or Discord (either of which could explain the gender switch), but neither of them are really good at the subtle approach, so I dunno.

Not an enemy in disguise. Just a traveler from a distant land. One I had planned to introduce in another story, but new canon and the fact that this one shot needed plot and sub-plot all made things much more complicated. I assure you it isn't going to be Discord of Celestia with a new paint job. No, for this character I have spent a very long time working the story out. For Geiger, this is where his story truly begins, for Vera it is merely the prologue to the end of hers. The Painter, Arcanian science and Vera will all be explained in the next chapters. As soon as I write them.
"seeing a pony from a hundred meters away might have led to a massive case of mistaken identity"
Yes since Vera is a deeper gray, but also remember Spyglass has keen sight. It is also worth noting that in Equestria a lot of clouds hang low some even being found on the ground.

(Obligatory... self pity maybe? Or it might just be confusion.)
Didn't think anyone would even still be paying attention to this story, figured I'd finish it, then start up with my main stories which may or may not be read by roughly seven people.


It's a neat idea, and pretty well written! I don't know why people don't favorite it.

Next chapter is coming soon, just have several points to iron out, and writer's block to drown with booze.

Okay, the idea that scientific proof of nominative determinism might be open to abuse? Okay, I can get behind that.

Pity everything after that has been stupid. Admittedly, I didn't see the Random tag, so it's my own fault for reading. No-one considers that the only reason a dedicated researcher would destroy his work and bolt like this was if he found out something that scared him, something dangerous?

No, they just chase after him to either collect on his research grant or rip the knowledge from his brain. Yeah, I can so see that happening in Equestria. Even if the mare was indulging in hyperbole, it is still amazing that the only thing anyone cares about is the money.

Of all the directions you could have taken this idea, this is, if not the most disappointing, at least not a very interesting one.

Look! An anylist! Doing what they do. An awful lot of it too. Disregarding this is a one shot that had to explode, and that it's purpose has changed over the years. It's just one possible direct such a story could go.

Maybe the money is an excuse? A means to an end? Maybe, maybe it is about the money. Not the scientist, not his debt, just the abuse of royal funds. The drive for retribution. I certainly haven't done my best to make all the motives clear. Maybe that was on purpose.

Oh well, see ya round. Thanks for your opinion.

What's the death tag for?

“Meanwhile!” Shouted the Narrator.

Stop doing this. It brings the reader to a complete halt in the story for no reason. The last thing you as an author should want is to make the reader stop in the middle of the story, and then have to get back into the story all over again.

For certain stories, having the narrator telling the story is okay, but this story didn't start that way, nor did it use this method until recently. And it is n't working well.

Author's Note:

Thing's are getting experimental, so some thing's are being carefully overviewed by myself. Tie-ins with other known, and some potential, fics are being established. What started as a one shot, has now (almost forcibly) evolved into a mere piece of a greater epic (as in a type of story, I have low expectations).

At this point in the fic I was uncertain of the story, and in an effort to make a comedic transition that would keep the fic from being too serious I went with that. It doesn't appear much in later chapters so, yeah. Dial it back and chill, the gaps are big enough to just scroll past.

Cue flashback No. 8.

Your not a script writer. Neither is this a script. It is a novel. Stop forcing your reader out of the story with nonsensical interjections that merely detract and ruin the flow of the story.

If you don't know how to write a proper flashback, then don't try. Write the scene in its proper place in the story line. If you didn't think of it until now and have to use a flashback, then do a little research on the PROPER way to do flashbacks. And simply writing FLASHBACK reveals a lazy and not very smart author.

Say things like, "Then he remembered, Vera had said, while pulling him from a giant tumbleweed he had gotten into, 'You're not helpless, you got to me on your own didn't you?"
[insert rest of scene with proper past tense adverbs]

The story was good, the execution. . . not so much. The lame transitions between scenes. (Seriously, when was the last time you saw a movie or TV show that flashed a "Meanwhile...." on the screen between scenes separated by geography? There's a reason for that! It's because they are TERRIBLE!) And unlike the movies, you can start a scene by stating where the character is or having the character say something that explains it. Even just putting a LINE between the scenes is sufficient for modern readers.

And there's a reason why every chapter in edit mode has a secondary area after it listed "AUTHOR NOTES." You should really learn to use it.

Comment posted by tkepner deleted May 18th, 2018

The point of them is that there is no point. Yeah, they pull you back, yeah they are distracting and do nothing for the story. That's the pointlessness of them. I shoved that random tag there for a reason. The one shot went nuclear when the moderator who first reviewed it felt it wasn't MLP: FIM enough, and I don't blame them. It was my first publication. So, out of nothing but the first chapter, which ended with Geiger sending the report, I had to do all of this.

Yeah, I should've taken it more serious, but I felt the needless urge to give it the confusing transitions set by an incompetent narrator, me. It's out of the blue game breaking moments to remind you, it's just a game. With all the fics out there pandering and taking themselves so damn seriously, or just being written to see how long they go, I sat down and let this evolve itself. Naturally, it's messy in places, and I knew it would be.

So that is why I made dumb transitions for cheap laughs, not laziness, maybe to cover up bad writting, but mostly that other stuff. Thus, rant for a rant, I address your intense desire to call me an awful author, an idiot and generally bad at life. If you were trying to be a critique, it's best not be insulting at every possible turn. Someone would be more willing to hear you out that way.

I wrote this to share some head canon, and for myself. Everything I write, is for me. If someone else enjoys it, good, if not, have a nice time somewhere else. I have my disappointments, who doesn't with their first child? But it's too late to abort, and no use trying to change it. It was written poorly as a joke is some places, yet the end is so out of character for what could pass as a shit post. Let the shrugging commence, intensify, then die.

- Love
The Awful Terrible Moronic Author L.P

Rants have their place.

The problem is that the story started out serious. If you had started with the "incompetent narrator" as you termed it, or "comedic intent", then it wouldn't have been such a shock to run into those things five chapters into what seemed like a serious story (with spots of humor).

For your first story, the story itself was well written. Removing the "narrator" interruptions would not impact the story itself beyond making it flow better.

I suppose I interpret random differently than you. To me, random doesn't mean the author's writing is random and distracting, but that the events written are not necessarily in any given order, that the scenes are not necessarily going to follow one another in logical manner, or that the following scene might not necessarily follow the action sequence or subjects of the previous scene.

And not MLP:FIM enough? Really? What a twit that critic was. The only requirements for a story on FIMFiction are that you must be one Equestria or involve a character from the series in the first chapter. Your first chapter certainly meets the requirement of being on Equestria!

I suppose I should've added a comedy tag, but that isn't entirely the case. As for removing the narrator, while it would be a simple matter, I don't feel like it. Sorry, but it's some absurdity I have, a flavor I add to my stories on occasion. Like a fourth wall break from the show. I know you don't like how it interrupts, and I am most certain others will feel the same, but it's sadly going to stay.

I have been writing short stories since I was ten, and I've always found a spot to accommodate an absurdity of some sort. Only with my most serious writting do I avoid it. For this story, I feel now, having completed it, like it could be far more serious.

But, I also feel like the current flow in some way matches Geiger's developement. How it's a bit silly at the start, then get's crossed with a mixture as he goes about getting his flank kicked, maybe the narrator plays into being knocked silly or having tapped into such magic. I feel the story grows with Geiger, though it never fully matures, just like he didn't.

Or it's all complete crap. As it says in the end, what you take from it is what matters. If you've learned I'm stubborn and make bad choices, you certainly wouldn't be wrong, just not entirely right.

In any event, thanks for reading it, you called me on my BS and pointless attempt to humor the reader. And you didn't down vote, so that's also appreciated. Have a good time, and live the dream, whatever that might be. :moustache:

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