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So you all can hear me right?
Of course they can. They always can.
I know I just wanted to make sure the connection is working properly.
Well, it is now get on with it. We haven't got all day you know.
Alright, fine.

It was supposed to be a fun time at Comic Con with my sister and a few friends. Naturally going as the Lutece twins something bad was bound to happen. Now in a magical land of ponies we discover that a silver coin has given us the power to open tears and learn from other universes. What could go wrong.

I must say, that isn't the greatest summary, I've ever read
I know, but It's the best I can come up with at the moment.
Shame, now let's get going. Things to do-
-and people to see.

Somewhat based off F*** it I'm Having Fun, Screw the rules we're on a road trip,Malideus, and The Rise of Darth Vulcan

Chapters (3)

War. War never changes
The Lyons' Pride was tasked with a simple mission: Clear the Super Mutants from the crash site to let the recovery team go in. Needless to say they didn't expect an energy field to come down and whisk them away from the wasteland.

Now the Pride must find a way back home to the wasteland and bring the tech they recovered with them. Only one question remains: Where are they?

Chapters (2)

Zoey had been experimenting in Blackrock with a Technomagic Teleporter. It would combine Science and Magic to send the user into another dimension, like the nether or End. However something went wrong and Rythian shielded Zoey from the blast and was sent into the magical land of Equestria.

Crossover with YogscastRythian's Blackrock Chronicles

Now being edited by Paton Pending

Cover art made by the talented YogsGen on deviantArt

Chapters (1)
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