• Published 18th Apr 2013
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The Pokémon Crusaders - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to get their cutie marks as Pokémon trainers.

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Chapter 4: Rescue mission

“What do you mean they took the machine?!?” Applejack demanded.

“I mean the Cutie Mark Crusaders picked the lock on the Pokétransfer when I was in the kitchen.”

“What?!?” Applejack gasped, “But I thought you said it wasn’t finished!”

Twilight flinched, “I said it wasn’t able to convert to travel size yet; I never said it wasn’t operational.”

“Figures,” Applejack huffed, “ah shoulda known those three couldn’t resist tryin’ to get their own Pokémon. Ever since you brought those others back the first time, everypony’s been so excited about them. Guess those three wanted to get some fer themselves.”

“Well,” Twilight looked to the shelf next to the spot where the machine had previously been standing, “that explains why they took the Pokéballs.”

“What?!?” Applejack’s eyes widened, “but I thought you said the only way to catch a Pokémon was ta battle it! If they don’t have any Pokémon, how the hay are they gonna try to catch any?”

“Well, my guess would be trying to either find a weak enough Pokémon to catch without a battle, or calm one down with food or something so it lets them catch it. Still, without any Pokémon on their side, they could be in big danger.”

“We have ta go after them!” Applejack pointed to Twilight’s horn, “Quick, use that Spacial Rend thing to send us to Unova so we can get ‘em back!”

“Wait a minute, Applejack,” Twilight held up a hoof, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“And why in the world would it be a bad idea?!?” Applejack demanded.

“For one thing, Applejack, we need the others first.”

“Why? It’s not like they coulda gone too far already; we can track ‘em in no time.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple, Applejack,” Twilight shook her head, “time moves differently between Equestria and Unova. By Equestrian time they haven’t been gone long, but by now, they’ve probably had a few hours head start in Unova time. We’ll need plenty of help finding them. Besides, Pinkie and Rainbow have been dying to go back, Rarity’s going to want to help find Sweetie Belle, and Fluttershy is dying to see Unova so she can meet new Pokemon, so she’d be devastated if we didn’t take her.”

“Well, okay, ah guess that makes sense,” Applejack shrugged, “so let’s split up. Ah’ll get Fluttershy and Rarity, and you get Pinkie and Rainbow. We’ll meet up back here lickety split.”

“Alright,” Twilight nodded. She then turned to look up at the ceiling and spoke up, “We’ll also need your help too, Discord.”

“Oh Twilight Sparkle,” Discord’s disembodied voice replied, “how did you know I was watching?”

“Call it a hunch,” Twilight smirked, “that and the fact that I don’t remember having a poster of you on the ceiling.”

The image of Discord on the poster began moving and responded “What? Don’t you like my taste in decoration?”

Twilight smirked, “Let’s put it this way, your taste in decorating would give Rarity a heart attack.”

Discord scoffed, “Jealous much?”

“Ah hate to interrupt,” Applejack rolled her eyes, “but we’ve gotta get going so we can round up the others.”

“Oh, sorry, Applejack,” Twilight rubbed the back of her head, “I guess I got carried away.”

“No problem, Twi,” Applejack replied as she turned and trotted out the door.

Twilight turned to Discord and said “Okay, Discord, when the others get here I’m going to need you to use that spell to give us human disguises, since we can’t use the machine for it.”

“Well, I can’t just do that,” Discord responded.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked, “Why not?”

Discord snapped his fingers, causing a lab coat and glasses to appear on him. “Because the spell needs a focusing mechanism or it breaks. The spell is fueled by my chaos magic, so if you’re in a different dimension than me, it will break. That’s why the machine was a perfect conductor for it, because it’s fueled by my magic. Everypony who uses it is given a wristband as part of their human disguise; those wristbands are filled with my magic. They stay in human form as long as they keep the wristbands on.”

“So?” Twilight raised an eyebrow, “Can’t you just give us some of the wristbands?”

Discord scratched his chin, “I suppose I could, but I think I have a better idea in mind.”

“What is it?” Twilight asked.

“Those,” Discord responded, pointing at the glass case with the Elements of Harmony. “I can enchant them with the transformation spell. If that world is as dangerous as you say, you’re going to want to have them with you anyway.”

“I don’t know,” Twilight shook her head slightly, “I don’t think I should trust you with the Elements.”

“Oh please, Twilight,” Discord smirked, “if I wanted to get rid of them, I would have done so a long time ago.”

“Nice try, Discord, but we both know Celestia placed a protection spell on them.”

“Oh yeah?” Discord snapped his fingers. The glass case with the Elements of Harmony vanished and appeared in his paw.

Twilight’s jaw dropped, “How did you do that?”

“Easy,” Discord chuckled, “Celestia didn’t enchant the case. Even if I can’t move the Elements, the case can move them and I can move the case.”

“Okay, okay, I get your point. And I guess you’re right about the Elements coming in handy in a pinch,” Twilight nodded, “so I guess it’d be okay for you to put the transformation spell on them.”

“With pleasure,” Discord replied. He snapped his fingers again and the Elements began to glow faintly. When the light faded, there was a sound like a kitchen timer. Discord looked back up at Twilight, a chef’s hat on his head, and said “Okay, one transformation enchantment, hold the onions.”

Twilight couldn’t help giggling a little as she took the case in her magic. “Thanks, Discord, this should come in handy.”

“Any time, Twilight,” Discord chuckled, “now I believe you have some friends to retrieve.”

Twilight jumped a bit in realization, “Oh yeah, I forgot.” She opened the door with her magic and flew outside.


“H-hello?” Fluttershy opened her door nervously, startled by just how quick the knocking had been. She sighed in relief and smiled when she saw it was Applejack. “Oh, Applejack, it’s you. How are you?”

“Not good, Fluttershy,” Applejack replied, “there’s an emergency. I need you at the library pronto!”

“An emergency?” Fluttershy nervously asked, “what’s wrong? Is somepony hurt?”

“Ah sure hope not, but if we don’t get to Unova quickly somepony might get hurt.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened, “Unova? Oh no, did something go wrong with Twilight’s machine?”

“Ah’ll say it did, my sister and her friends took the machine! They’re in Unova right now! We need to go there and get them before they hurt themselves!”

Fluttershy gasped, “Oh dear, that’s horrible! Don’t worry, Applejack, you can count on me.”

“Great,” Applejack smiled, “now we need to get to Carousel Boutique and get Rarity. Twilight’s getting Pinkie and Dash.”

“Got it,” Fluttershy saluted. She trotted out the door, but turned and looked back inside before closing the door. “Angel, I’m going to be gone for a few hours, so I expect you to be a good bunny and hold down the fort while I’m gone, okay?” Angel nodded and saluted, holding a spoon like a bayonet as if he was in a military lineup. “Good boy,” Fluttershy smiled, turning back to Applejack and closing the door.

As the door closed, Angel hopped over to the couch. He lifted the cushion, revealing a red button hidden under it. He pressed the button. Suddenly, a panel opened in the ceiling and a disco ball descended from it, the wall on the side of the room flipped around to reveal a bar, a bunch of bar stools popped up out of the ground, and loud music began playing. All of the animals came out into the center of the room and started dancing, all except the beaver who was serving drinks at the bar.


Twilight hurried up to the door of Sugarcube Corner and knocked, muttering to herself, “Come on, Pinkie, we don’t have much time.”

“Time for what?” Pinkie asked, having just popped up out of a flower pot next to the door.

“AH!” Twilight jumped, hitting her head on the ceiling. Rubbing her head, she looked to Pinkie and groaned, “Pinkie, don’t do that. You startled me.”

“Oopsie,” Pinkie giggled, “sorry, Twilight.”

Twilight sighed, “It’s okay, Pinkie, but I need your help. The Cutie Mark Crusaders took the Pokétransfer machine. They’re in Unova right now, so we need to go get them.”

Pinkie looked slightly scared for a moment, but quickly perked up and cheered “Woo-hoo! We get to go to Unova!” She opened the door and called in, “Looney, Gible, we’re going to Unova!”

“Loon,” her Drifloon floated up to her excitedly.

“Gible,” Gible ran up after Looney.

Pinkie pulled a pair of Pokéballs out of her mane and returned Looney and Gible. “Okay, Twilight, let’s go,” she smiled widely at Twilight.

“Hang on, Pinkie,” Twilight responded, “first we need to get Rainbow Dash, then meet everypony at the library.”

Pinkie nodded, “Okie dokie lokie.”


“WHAT?!?” Rarity shrieked, causing Fluttershy to duck behind a nearby bush, “My sister is in the Unova region?!?”

Applejack rubbed her ear with a hoof, “That’s what ah said. My sister’s there too, and so is Scootaloo. Twilight wants us to come to the library ASAP so we can go after them.”

“Go after them?” Rarity gasped, “But I haven’t had any time to pack!” She turned to run into the boutique, but was stopped when Applejack grabbed the end of her tail in her mouth.

“Hang on, Rarity,” Applejack grumbled, “we don’t have time to pack. Ah’m sorry, but we need to get going, pronto! Ah’m not gonna let my sister get hurt because you were too busy packing to go help us.”

Rarity frowned and nodded her head, “You’re right, Applejack, we need to get our sisters back at once. I suppose I can stand to go without packing just this once.”

“Good,” Applejack nodded, “nice to see we understand each other.”


Pinkie watched from the ground as Twilight flew up to the door of Rainbow Dash’s house. Twilight knocked on the door and called “Rainbow, it’s time to go to Unova!”

“What?!?” The door burst open and Rainbow hovered in front of Twilight with an excited look on her face, “We’re going back now?”

Twilight nodded, “Yes, but it’s not just any visit. The Cutie Mark Crusaders took the Pokétransfer machine, so we need to go to Unova and bring them back.”

“Works for me,” Rainbow grinned, “if it’s an excuse to go to Unova, I’ll take it. Hang on one moment, I need to get my Pokémon.” With that, she turned and flew back into the house. Moments later, she flew out, wearing her Pokéball belt and holding a large black egg with a white pattern on the bottom.

Twilight’s eyes widened at the sight of the egg. “Is-is that what I think it is?”

Rainbow nodded and looked down at the egg, “It appeared in Mandibuzz’s nest a few days ago. I figure if I’m gonna need to leave, I don’t want to just leave it alone, so I’m gonna ask Spike to take care of it. He did a pretty good job hatching that phoenix egg, after all.”

Twilight nodded, “Sounds like a good idea. Now let’s get to the library.”


“Is everypony ready to go?” Twilight asked, looking around the room at all of her friends.

“Aye aye, captain Twilight,” Pinkie saluted, a pirate hat sitting on her head. All of the others looked at Pinkie in confusion, but still nodded.

“Good,” Twilight turned to the case with the Elements of Harmony. Her horn lit up and the case opened as the Elements floated out of it and to their respective bearers. “Discord,” Twilight turned to face Discord, “do your thing.”

“Certainly, Twilight,” Discord replied as he snapped his fingers.

Each of the elements glowed faintly for a moment, but none of the ponies looked any different. “Discord,” Twilight asked, “what happened? Why are we still ponies?”

“Don’t worry, Twilight, when you pass through the portal to Unova, the spell will activate.”

“Okay,” Twilight raised an eyebrow, “I guess that works. Thanks.”

“Any time,” Discord smirked.

Twilight turned to face the others and continued, “Okay girls, we’ve got three fillies to save.” Her horn glowed and a burst of magenta magic shot out of it. The blast stopped in mid-air and turned into a rift in space. “Let’s go,” Twilight instructed as she trotted through the rift. The others promptly followed her. As soon as everypony had stepped through the portal, it closed in a flash of light.


Everything was calm on the streets of Mistralton City. People were walking around, chatting, and going about their days as they always did. In one alley of the city, however, the peace was disturbed by the appearance of a large magenta tear in space, which seemed to materialize out of nowhere. A group of four-legged figures stepped out of the portal, and as they did so they were engulfed in light similar to evolving Pokémon. The portal closed in a flash of light, revealing six humans standing in the alley.

Twilight rubbed her head and groaned, “Oh, my head. That transformation spell gave me such a headache,” she lowered her hand from her forehead and examined it. “Well,” she mused, “at least it worked for me. How about you?” She turned around and saw five humans who she could only guess were her friends.

“I’ll say it worked,” Rainbow Dash responded, looking at her human form. Her outfit consisted of a pair of light blue jogging pants with her cutie mark on the hips, a dark blue tank top with a light blue, short-sleeved jacket over it, a pair of white tennis shoes with blue wings on them, a pair of flight goggles on top of her head, and the Element of Loyalty.

“Wow, so this is what a human looks like,” Applejack continued, looking at herself. She was wearing her hat, a pair of cowboy boots with spurs on the back, a pair of brown chaps with her cutie mark on the hips, a white top covered in a light brown flannel vest, and the Element of Honesty.

“Oh my, this is gorgeous,” Rarity smiled. Her outfit consisted of a pair of shining white slippers and a long white dress tied at the waist with a purple ribbon. Like the others, her dress had her cutie mark by her hips, and she was wearing the Element of Generosity.

“Yippee!” Pinkie spun around, taking in the colors of her outfit. She had a wide, dark pink skirt with her cutie mark on each hip, a light pink shirt, a light blue belt, a pink vest half-covering her shirt, a pair of wide, pink tennis shoes, and the Element of Laughter.

Fluttershy didn’t say anything as she looked herself over. She was wearing a butter-yellow blouse, a light green skirt with her cutie mark on each hip, a pair of yellow shoes with yellow wings on the sides of them, a light pink jacket wrapped around her waist, and the Element of Kindness around her neck.

“Wow,” Twilight commented, “your disguises are perfect. Aside from your hair, l almost didn’t recognize you. How’s my disguise?”

The others said nothing as they looked at Twilight. Pinkie covered her mouth to suppress a giggle, Fluttershy blushed bright red, Applejack’s eyes watered a bit and she bit her lower lip while suppress her desire to laugh, and Rainbow burst out laughing, falling on her back and holding her sides.

Twilight gasped, “What’s wrong? What is it?”

“Twilight, darling,” Rarity started, her eyes wide, “I think Discord took the opportunity to pull a bit of a prank on you.”

“A prank?” Twilight asked, “What do you me-” she looked down at herself and screamed as she noticed that, unlike the others, Discord had not given her clothes as part of her disguise. She frantically covered herself with her hands and screamed “DISCOOOOOOOOOOORD!”

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