• Published 18th Apr 2013
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The Pokémon Crusaders - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to get their cutie marks as Pokémon trainers.

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Chapter 2: Breaking and Entering

“Are you crazy?!” Scootaloo simply giggled as Sweetie Belle said this quite loudly.

Apple Bloom clamped her hoof over Sweetie Belle‘s mouth before speaking in a rough whisper. “Quiet down Sweetie Belle, or else they will hear us!”

“Mmfphh!” Sweetie Belle gave up speaking and just nodded as her snout was then released. “So… how do we sneak in? Twilight will most likely have it locked down tight.”

“Just leave that to me.” Scootaloo reached in her saddlebag and pulled out what looked to be like a lockpick… a lockpick?!

“We’re going to pick the lock?!” Once again Apple Bloom clamped her hoof on Sweetie Belle’s mouth, but this time she dived into the bushes with her as Spike looked out the window. After a few minutes of struggling, the unicorn broke free of her mouth restraint and gave Applebloom one of her glares before looking at Scootaloo. “How did you even learn to do such a thing Scootaloo?”

“When you are a fan of watching theater you pick up a few things here and there...” Scootaloo simply shrugged as she put her lockpick back in her saddlebag. “So Apple Bloom, when do we start going for our cutie marks as Pokémon Trainers?”

“As soon as everypony is asleep, except for us of course.” Both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded their heads before all three of them ran away from the area.

Night time was the quiet version of the normally bustling town of Ponyville. The last few of the open doors closed shut with a few clangs being heard shortly after, and a few clicks signaled the lights inside turning off. Sweetie Belle was inside her room, a small butterfly nightlight made by Fluttershy being the only illumination the room had, packing her saddlebags with a few things that she knew would be needed for the trip. A first-aid kit filled with band-aids, bandage wraps, disinfectant, and even a few nurse equipment such as a stethoscope and a head light were amongst the things in her saddlebag. Knowing how improperly prepared the other two fillies might have been, she also took care to pack a few packages and cans of food for the trip... a can-opener was also amongst them.

"Okay... so that is pretty much everything we might need for the trip." She stretched out her back before walking over to her drawer and pulling out a black spy outfit. Pinkie Pie had made her and the other two fillies this outfit when they tried getting their super spy cutie marks, what a disaster THAT turned out to be. After putting the outfit on, she threw her saddle bags over her body and climbed out the window. Getting outside the boutique should have been the easy part, but she lost her footing and fell into a bush nearby with a loud thump. She slowly climbed out the bushes and shook off the leaves on her body. "Now I just have to meet up with the others." She quickly galloped towards the backyard of Twilight's Library.

After asking permission from Applejack, Big Mac, and Granny Smith, Apple Bloom was in the clubhouse of the Cutie Mark Crusaders packing up what she thought she would need. Inside the saddle bag was a few bottles of water and even a bottle or two of the Apple Family's Sweet Apple Cider. "We shouldn't need to pack food, there will obviously be food in that Pokémon world for us!" She zipped up her saddle bag and fixed it onto her back. As she jumped out the clubhouse, she too was wearing the super spy outfit Pinkie Pie had made for her.

Scootaloo was seen in the clubhouse of the Cutie Mark Crusaders fiddling with her lockpick when she suddenly snapped to reality. "Pokémon. Cutie Mark. Forgot!" She quickly sat up and checked her own saddle bag to see if she had everything. Inside there was a Daring Do book she borrowed from Twilight that she decided to return that night, along with a red and white hat that had a grey letter S in front of it, and the Cutie Mark Crusader Capes. "Now that everything is packed..." She took the hat out the bag and placed it on her head. "It's time to rock and roll!" She then galloped to Twilight's Library.

After only a few minutes, Scootaloo managed to reach the back of Twilight's Library and meet up with the other two crusaders. "So what's the plan Apple Bloom?"

Apple Bloom nodded her head before she began speaking. "First we are going to let Scootaloo use her lockpicking skills to get us inside the treehouse."

Scootaloo smiled as she hoof pumped the air. "Aww yeah!" Sweetie Belle instantly covered Scootaloo's mouth with her hoof after that outburst.

"Afterwards we are going to use our super spy abilities to sneak to the teleporter while Sweetie Belle uses her levitation spell to snag the bag of Pokeballs next to it." She then looked at Sweetie Belle with a glare. "Don't screw up the spell this time..."

Sweetie Belle only smiled nervously. "I've been practicing a lot, don't worry."

"Okay girls, now that we have a plan, it's time go act." After Apple Bloom said this, she and the other two Crusaders put on their black masks and galloped towards the front of Twilight's Library. "Go for it, Scootaloo."

The orange filly nodded her head and proceeded to pick the lock. Once she heard a click, she signaled with her hoof for the other two to follow her. "This is so exciting."

As soon as the three fillies stepped into the Library however, a purple aura surrounded them and teleported them to their clubhouse in Sweet Apple Acres. "What just happened?!" A frustrated Scootaloo shouted at the top of her lungs.

Sweetie Belle looked around then sighed. "Girls... I think Twilight hexed her Library the same way Rarity hexed her boutique..."

"Well ain't that swell! How the hay are we going to get to that portal now?!" After saying this, Scootaloo fell flat on her back with a grunt.

Apple Bloom simply smiled and stood up. "Then it's settled girls, we will have to sneak into the transporter when the Library is open!"

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle simply stared at Apple Bloom in shock before the unicorn of the pair spoke. "Do you know how impossible you sound right now?"

Apple Bloom only giggled before responding. "Don't worry about it! We will just wait for her to use the bathroom or something and then we can sneak into the teleporter." She looked at the sighing fillies nodding their heads and smiled even bigger. "Let's go to bed and try again tomorrow."

Celestia's sun shone brightly on Ponyville as Sweetie Belle woke up from her bed. "I guess it's time to see Twilight at the Library... I really hope Apple Bloom knows what she's doing...:" She got her saddlebag of supplies and put on her Cutie Mark Crusader cape before hopping down the stairs.

"Sweetie Belle darling, do be careful today." Rarity spoke in a gentle tone while her face was concentrated on the fabric she was sewing. "Keep out of danger as well!"

Hearing that last part made Sweetie Belle smile nervously unbeknownst to Rarity. "Sure thing sis!" She then ran out the Boutique and sighed once she got far enough away. "Sorry sis..." She shook her head as she began her trot to Twilight's Library. "I wonder if the other two are there yet?"

Scootaloo had woken up from her sleeping spot in the clubhouse with a yawn, as she often enjoyed staying there from time to time. She ruffled her mane a bit to have it fall just how she liked it before putting her Cutie Mark Crusader cape on. "This is going to be so awesome! I am going to get the coolest Pokémon ever and impress Rainbow Dash!" She could barely contain her excitement as she put her saddle bag on and leaped out the window landing on the floor with a thud. "Ow..." She got up and started galloping full speed to Twilight's library. "I wonder what kinds of Pokémon I will find."

Apple Bloom was finishing up her chores in the house, which consisted of doing the dishes, making her bed and taking out the trash. "Applejack, ah'm going over to Twilight's now!"

Applejack practically yelled her response from the kitchen where she was at. "Okay then, tell Twilight ah will be around later ta see if her tele-mathingy is done!"

"Sure thing! Ah will let her know!" Apple Bloom then ran out the house and galloped towards the library.

Sweetie Belle looked up from her laying spot in the grass and smiled when she saw her two best friends walking towards her. "Hey girls!" She stood up and waved to the two fillies approaching.

Apple Bloom waved back with a big grin. "Howdy Sweetie Belle!"

Scootaloo waved as well and also with a big grin on her face. "Hiya!"

"Ah hope ya'll are ready because today is where we get our Pokémon Catching Cutie Marks!" Apple Bloom jumped up, clearly very excited.

All three of them looked to each other before shouting in unison. "Cutie Mark Crusaders: Pokémon Trainers!" After they said this Scootaloo knocked on the door more than a few times.

Twilight stepped outside rubbing her eyes. "Oh hiya girls, what brings you here?" She yawned deeply before continuing to speak. "And why so early?"

"Well we were wondering if you could tell us about the teleporter thingy." Sweetie Belle looked up at a now shocked Twilight. "Uh... Rarity told me a little about it and I was curious."

"So I am guessing she told you two and you were excited as well to come?" Scootaloo and Apple Bloom both nodded making Twilight sigh. "Very well then." She stepped aside to let the three fillies pass.

Sweetie Belle took note of where the bag of Pokéballs were before speaking up. "What are those?"

Twilight looked over at the sack of Pokéballs and levitated one of them over to Sweetie Belle. "These are called Pokéballs, they are what trainers use to catch Pokémon." She made the Pokéball's button click against Scootaloo making her jump up and instinctively run to the other side of the room. "Ha ha ha! Rarity almost had the same reaction." She placed the Pokéball back into the bag and zipped it up.

"So what about the teleporter? Where is it? Where is it?" Apple Bloom hopped up and down excitedly making Twilight frown slightly.

"It is in the locked room behind me, for obvious reasons I can't show you because it's still too dangerous."

Apple Bloom only frowned as she turned to the other two, who giggled lightly amongst themselves.

"So girls do you have any other questions?" Twilight looked at the three fillies who shook their heads. Suddenly a loud grumble was heard from their stomachs. "I am guessing you skipped breakfast?" The three fillies looked to each other and nodded their heads. "I will go make some breakfast then." Once Twilight was inside the kitchen she closed the door, allowing the fillies to talk amongst themselves.

"So girls, are ya'll ready to go for it?" Apple Bloom looked at the faces of her friends who nodded their heads. "Then let's do this." Sweetie Belle walked over to the bag of Pokéballs and used her levitation spell to shakily carry it. "Hurry up Scootaloo..."

Scootaloo was busy picking the lock of the locked door that held the teleporter. "Just gimmie... one.. sec, there!" The lock clicked open as the three fillies walked inside and saw the machine. "Whoa... it looks awesome!" The teleporter indeed looked a lot like a telephone booth and Scootaloo instinctively looked at Apple Bloom with a confused look. "Are you sure this is it?"

Apple Bloom saw Scootaloo's gaze and smiled. "That's what she said!"

Sweetie Belle opened the door and walked in, followed by the two fillies. "Let's go!" She pulled down on a lever and the telephone booth sprang to life as it started glowing with a purple aura. The bodies of the three fillies started to mold, making their bones crack and extend, causing loud cries from the trio. "I am going to give you a beating Apple Bloom!"

"How the hay was ah supposed to know this would happen?!" Apple Bloom said through grunts.

Eventually the morphing stopped as the telephone booth made a loud explosion, and it disappeared. Twilight ran into the room when she heard the explosion and gasped. "Oh no, oh no no no!" She then rushed out and called out to Spike. "SPIKE!!!!"

Author's Note:

This chapter was written by my co-author, JXWheeler. He will be handling the chapters that are just about the CMC, while I will handle the ones that focus on the mane six and the chapters that include both.

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