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The Team

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Sick Overused team, dude. Love Gastrodon


He cannot turn into a pony because it would be ruining the story of mine.

And Pokemon series doesn't have bad language unlike Red version and Mewtwo cause I want a perfect story with N and the whole storyline with comedy and some adventures.

You want N in Equestria? I will be writing a fic on that subject soon.:yay:

377847 Eh, it's Smogon. People are tough on there.


.....Hey, I felt down today because my Smogon Strategy kept failing me to defeat these pathetic trainers is due either I'm felt bad luck or Is because Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 makes them even more powerful which I lose to them for many times and I only got 22 wins.

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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