• Published 18th Apr 2013
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The Pokémon Crusaders - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to get their cutie marks as Pokémon trainers.

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Chapter 8: Pokemon Battle

"Come on Sweetie Belle! Where are we heading to next?" Scootaloo had been jumping up and down excitedly, much to Sweetie Belle's dismay.

"It seems like Twist Mountain is a great spot for Ice Pokémon!" Sweetie Belle said happily as she handed the town map to Scootaloo. "We should head there!"

The crusaders squealed with delight as the poor Riolu held it's ears down. "Can you girls warn me before you do that... please?"

"Sorry Skeeter." Scootaloo giggled as she started following Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. "So, how long do you think it'll be before we get there?"

Skeeter thought for a few seconds before he responded. "If we keep up the pace we have now I'd say maybe an hour or two."

"Aww, that long? Ain't there any faster way of traveling?" Apple Bloom pouted as Sweetie Belle spoke up.

"Well... Chatot is a flying type but he currently doesn't know how to use Fly." Sweetie Belle sighed as she looked at her Pokéball.

"Come on girls, let's get going or it'll be longer." Skeeter stated as they all started walking again. Little did they know, however, they were being stalked by a small black Pokémon.


As they continued to trek through the woods, they eventually came upon a road and decided to follow it, according to the map.

“So… if we keep going up this trail then we should come up to the mountain in about forty-five minutes.” Skeeter pointed out from his perch on top of Scootaloo’s head.

“Aw yeah!” Scootaloo nearly shouted. “Once we get there I am going to catch the best Ice Pokémon ever!”

“With me to help there is no one we can’t beat!” Skeeter had shouted as well. Apparently Scootaloo was rubbing off on him.

Sweetie Belle looked in her Poké Encyclopedia until she found Riolu. “It says here that Riolu is weak to psychic and flying…” She then suddenly had a realization. “Hey Apple Bloom, don’t we have those types?”

Apple Bloom thought for a few seconds before responding. “Yeah we do! Doesn’t that mean we have an advantage over Riolu?”

Sweetie Belle nodded her head. “That’s what it looks like.”

“Hey! You can’t measure Skeeter’s worth based on what a book says, he’s awesome!”

Skeeter looked down at Scootaloo from on top of her head and smiled, he has never been complimented in such a way before.

“Hey hey, I was just pointing out what it says in the book. No need to be so defensive.” Sweetie Belle held her hands out in front of her defensively in case Scootaloo tried anything.

“Girls, now is not the time for fighting among ourselves.” Skeeter sighed after he had said this.

“Skeeter is right, we shouldn’t be fighting each other… we should let our Pokémon fight instead!” At that point Apple Bloom reached towards her pocket and sent out her Pokémon. “Come on out Elliot!”

“Elgyem!” The Pokémon shouted as it came out of it’s ball. It then looked at its trainer with its head tilted.

“Yeah, your name is Elliot now! I had a hard time saying your name so I figured why not make my own name like Scootaloo did for Riolu?” Apple Bloom smiled as she hugged her Elgyem.

“Makes sense to me!” Sweetie Belle agreed, now reaching for her own Pokéball. “Come on out Polly!” She then tossed her Pokéball into the air and out popped Chatot.

“Chatot free! Who Chatot fight?” It shouted happily before tackling into Sweetie Belle, affectionately nuzzling her.

“Hee hee, hey cut that out!” Sweetie Belle pleaded, making the bird Pokémon stop it’s nuzzling and instead rested on Sweetie Belle’s shoulder.

Scootaloo and Skeeter simply facepalmed. “Well if that’s what you both want, then let’s make this a free-for-all!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“We are going to win!” Skeeter excitedly added.

As soon as the girls were ready to bark their orders to the Pokémon, three figures stepped out from behind the bushes. “Or maybe you’d prefer a real Pokémon battle against us adults?”

The three girls turned their heads towards the disturbance, only to be face to face with three guys. One had long red hair, red eyes, a red hat on backwards, a red jacket with red jeans and red shoes. Another had parted blonde hair with a blue schoolboy outfit you’d normally see in high maintenance schools, and blue shoes. The third one had black hair tied into a ponytail, green eyes, a green vest, white shirt, green shorts, and green shoes.

“Who they hay are you three?” Apple Bloom finally decided to say.

The guy with red hair spoke up first. “My name is Brick.”

The second guy with blonde hair gave a half smile before speaking up next. “Mine is Boomer.”

The third guy with black hair crossed his arms and huffed. “I’m Butch.”

“Enough talk! Let’s battle!” Butch eventually shouted as he gripped his Pokéball. “Come on out Ferroseed!” He then tossed it into the air and a Pokémon that looks like a steel egg with green spikes came out.

“Ferroseed!” It shouted with vigor.

“Me next!” Boomer happily stated as he too threw his Pokéball. “Frillish it’s all you!”

A blue and white Pokémon came out the Pokéball, its jellyfish-like tentacles waving in the air. A frilly design could be seen between the head and the body. “Frillish!”

“Aww he’s so cute!” Boomer excitedly hugged his Pokémon and began cuddling it.

Brick simply sighed as he slapped the back of Boomer’s head, receiving a yelp from him in response. “Quit fooling around Boomer!”

“Ow! You didn’t have to be so rough…” Boomer stated, rubbing the back of his head painfully, with Frillish gently stroking his cheek in a comforting manner.

Butch on the other hand was cracking up at this. “That outta teach ya!”

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and even Skeeter had to tilt their heads in slight confusion at the scene. Eventually, the sound of brick’s voice snapped them from their confused stupor.

“Litwick, let’s burn them to the ground!” Brick threw his Pokéball into the air after saying this, and out popped a small, whitish candle with a face.

“Litwick!” The Pokémon cried, as it stared at it’s trainer’s opponents with an evil sneer.

The girls just looked at each other before squealing in excitement as they all shouted. “CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS POKEMON BATTLERS!”

The sudden yell of the trio was enough to make the three boys howl in pain. Butch was the first to speak up however. “WHAT THE HELL?!”

Brick was the next one to talk. “That was enough to be considered a screech attack!”

Boomer was shaking his head as he tried to regain his hearing. “What? Consider a preach rabbit?”

Brick sighed as he, once again, slapped the back of Boomer’s head, a yelp being the response given. “Enough!” Brick shouted.

The crusader’s Pokémon were now in front and ready to fight. Scootaloo was the first one to take action. “Skeeter, use Force Palm on that Ferroseed!”

Skeeter nodded and quickly dashed forward, raising it’s hand as it glowed.

“Ferroseed use protect!” Butch shouted.

“Ferro!” A shield surrounded the Ferroseed, causing Skeeter to bounce off of it and land on it’s back.

“Frillish, use Water Gun on that Chatot!” Boomer happily stated as he extended a fist forward.

“Frillish.” The Frillish opened it’s mouth and shot a water gun at Chatot.

Sweetie Belle saw this and yelled, “Dodge it, Chatot!”

The bird Pokémon flapped it’s wings and flew up to evade the attack.

“Now counter with Wing Attack!” Sweetie Belle continued.

Chatot’s wings glowed as it swooped down on the Frillish for a direct hit, causing the Frillish to stagger back.

“Litwick, use Ember on Elgyem!” Brick shouted.

“Wick!” The fire on top of Litwick’s head burned fiercely as it fired a small fireball at Elgyem.

Apple Bloom, using her knowledge of Pinkie’s battle, smirked as she talked, “Elgyem, dodge and counter with Confusion!”

Elgyem jumped up to avoid the flame before thrusting it’s arms forward to send a shockwave to Litwick.

The Litwick took the full force and was now wobbling left and right confused.

“Darn it!” Brick snarled.

“Ferroseed use Tackle on Riolu.” Butch beckoned as the seed Pokémon ran full force towards Riolu.

“Skeeter, dodge and use Focus Blast!” Scootaloo cried out.

“On it!” Skeeter then jumped back to avoid the tackle and launched a blue ball of energy at the Ferroseed.

Butch just smirked as he snapped his fingers. “Protect!”

Ferroseed looked at the ball and cast a barrier around itself, bouncing the ball back at the Riolu with full force.

Skeeter gasped as the focus blast hit him and slammed him against a nearby tree.

“Skeeter no!” Scootaloo then ran over to the injured Riolu, getting the attention of the crusaders and, unfortunately, their Pokémon.

“Now Litwick! Get the Chatot with Ember!” Litwick snickered as it shot out the biggest Ember it could, hitting the Chatot from behind and burning it’s wings causing it to fall to the floor unconscious.

“Ferroseed get Elgyem with tackle!” Butch shouted.

“Frillish, follow up that tackle with a water gun!” Boomer continued.

Ferroseed jumped and spun in a circle as it slammed itself into the Elgyem. Before the Elgyem could recover however, the water gun hit it directly and sent it crashing down and unable to fight.

Each of the girls returned their Pokémon to their respective Pokéballs with a growl. Scootaloo, however, did not.

Skeeter was currently struggling to regain consciousness as Brick and the others laughed in triumph.



That is what Riolu felt around him as he opened his eyes. Everywhere he looked was nothing but complete darkness. He didn't even know if his eyes were open or not. “Where… am I?”

“Riolu…” A mysterious voice echoed.

“Huh? Who’s there?” Riolu tried his best to look around, but with the area being so black, and his body floating in complete nothingness, it was hard to tell up from down.

“Riolu… my son…” The mysterious voice replied.

“Dad? Is that you?” He tried to desperately find the direction the voice was coming from, but with nothing to see it was nearly impossible.

At that point however two white lights appeared and took the shape of a Lucario and a human next to him. “You are not destined to lose here… you must remember who your father was.” The human light replied while fixing the purplish pointed hat upon his head. “You are descended from he who saved the World Tree.”

Riolu looked over at the Lucario which nodded it’s head. “I-I am?”

Another voice could be heard slightly, it sounded like a distressed female.

Lucario then walked over to Riolu. “Your partner is calling for you… heed her call, and win this fight.” Lucario then placed his palm on Riolu’s chest. “The aura is with you!” With a flash of light Riolu was covered with a bluish aura.


Scootaloo gently hugged Skeeter, close to sobbing, “Skeeter… don’t give up! I believe in you!” She then looked at Skeeter with a frown. “I love you Skeeter…”

Skeeter’s eyes suddenly shot open from this, but they were both pure white. His body floated up a few feet before he was covered in a bluish energy. All three girls, and even the guys, watched in wonder as the small Riolu started growing. After only a few seconds the white glow disappeared and Lucario landed on one knee on the floor. He had four black dreads on the back of his head, was taller, and he now had spikes where the white spots were before.

“No way!” The three boys cried.

Skeeter, who was now a Lucario, turned to Scootaloo and kneeled with a smile. “I love you too.” He then stood up and faced the three Pokémon, who were now slightly cowering in fear, but not as much as the three boys.

“Get that Lucario!” Brick shouted, causing all three of their Pokémon to go after Lucario.

Lucario simply put both palms together as a blue ball of energy appeared. He then fired it at Ferroseed, causing it to slam into Butch. He then saw Litwick and quickly slashed his hand, now covered with a ghostly glow, downwards sending Litwick down to the ground and out for the count. He jumped up to avoid Frillish’s Water Gun, made it’s eyes glow white to signal he was using foresight, then came down with a double kick to quickly end Frillish.

The three, now scared, boys quickly recalled their Pokémon and ran away as Lucario gave out a war cry.

Scootaloo walked up to Lucario and looked at eye level with him. “Skeeter?”

Lucario then turned around, bent down, and lifted Scootaloo onto his shoulders. “I believe it is your turn to ride piggy back!” He chuckled lightly as Scootaloo held on, at first terrified, but then giggling after.

“You evolved! How awesome is this? Rainbow Dash better watch out now!”

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle simply laughed as they watched Scootaloo and Lucario celebrate their victory. “Come on girls, next stop is Twist Mountain!”

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and even Lucario, cheered upon hearing this as they began walking on their way.

On top of a hill from a distance, a Pokémon was observing them with a slight smirk.

Author's Note:

Terribly sorry for the wait; both of us have been very distracted by various things. Don't worry, I'm about 1000 words into my next chapter already, and as soon as I can pull myself away from Pokemon X and Y long enough to get back to work on it I should be done in a jiffy. Ironic, isn't it? The thing that's distracting me from a Pokemon fic is a pair of Pokemon games...

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