• Published 18th Apr 2013
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The Pokémon Crusaders - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to get their cutie marks as Pokémon trainers.

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Chapter 3: Bipedal Confusion

A small explosion of wind disrupted the normally peaceful woods of the Unova region as a strange machine resembling a telephone booth appeared out of thin air. A few grunts from inside were heard until eventually three little girls came tumbling out in a big heap. Each of them groaned in both pain and annoyance as they got off of each other and laid down on the grass. Each of the girls had different colored hairstyles. One had red hair with a pink bow on the back, the other had light purplish hair that was disheveled, and the other had short, bubbly hair with a mix of white and pink colors. On their bodies, they each wore a dark blue dress with gold lining on the inside, on the top right of their chest was the Cutie Mark Crusader symbol of a filly on it's hind legs with it's fore hooves in the air.The white and pink haired girl was the first to sit up with a painful groan as she looked around. The next to wake up was the purple haired girl and lastly the red headed girl.

The red head was the first to speak up. "What the hay happened? Did it work?"

The girl with the two-toned hair spoke up next. "I think it worked Apple Bloom, I think we are in Unova."

This time it was the purpleish haired girl to speak. "No way! That's awesome Sweetie Belle! Let's get to catching!" She went to stand up but when she did her legs wobbled and eventually buckled making her land face first on the grass. Once Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle saw what happened they rushed over.

"Scootaloo, are you okay?" Sweetie Belle had a concerned look on her face.

Scootaloo sat up and rubbed her head in pain. "Yeah i'm fine..."

"Uh girls? What the hay happened to ya'll?!" Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo both took a good look at each other and screamed as they both fell back and away from each other. "Why do ya'll look like that?"

Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom with a glare in her eyes. "How should I know?! This was your dumb idea!"

"Ya didn't think it was dumb a few minutes ago!"

Sweetie Belle crawled in between the two arguing girls and shoved them back. "I thought Twilight's machine was supposed to make us holographic human costumes, not make us real humans."

"It must have malfunctioned when Apple Bloom's big head hit that button!"

"Nu-uh! It was your big flank that smacked the lever up!"

Sweetie Belle just about had enough of the bickering which is why she raised her voice. "Girls sto-!" She was cut off by a growl nearby. "Uh... what was that?" Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at each other and both shrugged before the growl came again making all three of them hug each other in fear.

"It doesn't sound friendly..." Scootaloo was slowly growing more and more panicked as the growls got louder.

"What do ya'll think we should do?" Apple Bloom asked in hopes of getting a good answer.

"This was your fault to begin with! You figure something out!" Scootaloo retorted making Apple Bloom frown.

The bushes in front of them rustled as a bipedal red and black crocodile-like creature emerged baring it's teeth. It looked at the girls menacingly for invading his turf. "Krookodile!"

All three of the girls screamed in fear as the Krookodile charged them, but suddenly a bright blue ball shot out of the bushes and slammed into the Krookodile, making it stumble a bit.. A blue Pokémon with black ears and paws jumped out of the bushes. It had a red ragged scarf around it's neck flapping in the wind. It launched another focus blast at the Krookodile who growled in anger with it's attention fully on the Pokémon.

Krookodile ran at Riolu with it's claws raised only to get hit with an ice punch to it's stomach. The Krookodile stumbled back and fell to one knee in shock. It was now confused as to how a simple Riolu could hold it's own against him. The Riolu smirked before it ran towards the Krookodile and leaped at it sending a well aimed Force Palm into the beast's chest, paralyzing it. After landing on the ground and making sure the Krookodile was immobile, the Riolu looked at the three terrified girls and nudged its head as if beckoning them to follow.

The three girls looked at each other before they made an attempt to stand up, only to fall forward on their hands and knees. Scootaloo groaned in annoyance. "This is impossible! How the hay are we going to follow it? Crawl?!"

Apple Bloom then sighed as she shook her head. "Come on girls, would you rather stay and be eaten by that monster?" She pointed at the Krookodile who was trying it's best to move its limbs... slowly.

"Doesn't look so scary to me anymore..." Scootaloo crossed her arms and looked away, only to get a glare from Sweetie Belle.

"Scootaloo..." Sweetie Belle retorted. "Can we please just get out of here?"

"Fine..." Scootaloo sighed as the three girls stood up, put their backpacks on, and once more, with each other's support, followed the Riolu while Sweetie Belle managed to grabbed the bag of Pokéballs with her hands. The now amused Riolu then led them into the forest as the girls fumbled putting on their saddle bags turned backpacks.

It only took half an hour before Riolu grew annoyed by the bickering and whining of Sweetie Belle and Apple bloom.

"I told you we shouldn't have done this!" Sweetie Belle cried.

"Nopony told ya to come with us!" Apple Bloom retorted.

"Somepony had to look out for you if you got hurt!"

"Girls..." Scootaloo said clearly annoyed.

"Then why the hay are ya complaining?!"

"Because you assured me that the human thing was a hologram and WOULDN'T change our bodies completely!"

"Girls!" Scootaloo was now getting mad.

"How was ah suppose to know this would happen? I only went off of what ah heard!"

"GIRLS!!" This sudden outburst from Scootaloo startled the Riolu in front a bit to the point where it turned around with a raised eyebrow. The two bickering girls also jumped from the outburst completely stopping their argument. "I really don't think arguing with ourselves is going to get us anywhere, can we just agree to disagree and move on?" The two girls thought for a few seconds before nodding their heads.

"About time you girls stopped bickering... it was getting annoying. Thanks by the way miss purple hair."

Scootaloo and the other two looked around before Sweetie Belle spoke up. "Wh-who said that?"

"Down here..."

All three of them looked down at the Riolu who was looking at them with curious eyes. "You can talk?! But how? You aren't moving your mouth!" Scootaloo was startled by the Riolu which caused her to say this.

"It is called telepathy. Many Pokémon can use it but choose not to. I am one of the few who do... you aren't from around here are you?" Riolu said while crossing his arms across his chest.

Apple Bloom looked at the other two before speaking. "Wh- what? Of course we are!"

"What town are you girls from? Also why are you alone?" Riolu raised an eyebrow after saying this.

Apple Bloom was about to speak when Scootaloo spoke up instead. "We actually aren't from around here, we came from another-!" Her mouth was muffled by Sweetie Belle's hands.

"Scootaloo!" Sweetie Belle said annoyed before she suddenly clapped her hands over her mouth instead.

Riolu looked at the purple haired girl with interest. "Scootaloo? That name is most unusual... I am actually not surprised, you'd be surprised by how much we Pokémon actually know that humans do not."

Sweetie Belle slowly lowered her hands and continued to speak. "So... you believe us saying we are from another dimension?"

Riolu's eyes became wide hearing this."Then the rumors are true... there was a Rainbow Dash here after all!"

"Well since the cat's outta the bag..." Apple Bloom walked up to Riolu and smiled. "Ma name's Apple Bloom! Those two are Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo!" She pointed to the two girls who both smiled as well.

"We come from the same universe as Rainbow Dash! I am even the president of her fan club!" Scootaloo beamed with pride saying this.

"A fan club?... Well that is interesting. She must be pretty amazing."

"Yeah! She is the fastest Pegasus in all of Equestria!" Scootaloo responded.

"Pegasus? Equestria? I don't know what either of those are."

"A Pegasus is a pony with wings," Scootaloo said, "I'm a Pegasus too in Equestria."

"We are all ponies back in Equestria, that teleportation machine made us humans even though it should have been holograms..." Sweetie Belle shot a glare at Apple Bloom who raised her hands defensively in surrender.

"Okay, I see what's going on now. No worries, your secret is safe with me." He winked as he started to move again making the girls follow him. "We are almost there, you should think up some names."

"Here we are girls, welcome to Mistralton City!" Riolu used his arms to gesture at the town before them.

"Huh... doesn't look all that different from Ponyville." Scootaloo said with a raised eyebrow before getting elbowed in the side lightly by Apple Bloom. "What?"

"Scootaloo, be polite!" Sweetie Belle said before looking back at Riolu. "Can you show us around?"

"Well..." Riolu rubbed his left arm with his right hand and shuffled his feet. "I haven't actually been here myself before so... I wouldn't know where star- AHHHHH!!" Riolu felt himself get lifted off the ground making him panic.

"Relax Riolu! We will show you around as well then!" Scootaloo smiled as she set Riolu down on her shoulders.

"Wah! I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall!" The Pokémon flailed it's arms about before latching them on to Scootaloo's head.
The crusaders simply laughed as they walked into the town while Sweetie Belle picked up the dropped Pokéball bag.

"So the red building is the Pokémon Center and the Blue building is the PokéMart?" Sweetie Belle asked quizzically.

"That is correct! You heal your Pokémon at the center and you buy supplies at the market." Riolu smiled at Sweetie Belle who returned it with her own smile.

"So when can we start catching Pokémon? I want to get my Pokémon Catching Cutie Mark for catching the strongest Pokémon out there!" Scootaloo beamed nearly making Riolu lose his balance on her shoulders.

"You need a Pokémon first!" Sweetie Belle retorted.

"I could be your Pokémon!" Riolu responded making Scootaloo look up with a smile.

"Really? That's awesome!" Scootaloo yelled happily once again making Riolu almost lose balance.

Apple Bloom was about to respond when suddenly a man with beige hair and a beige beard walked up to them with a smile. "I'm sorry but I couldn't help but overhear that you girls are looking for the strongest Pokémon in Unova?"

Apple Bloom looked at him and smiled. "Of course! We want our Pokémon catching cut- mfffph!!" Sweetie Belle had managed to cover Apple Bloom mouth without giving the guy any hints.

"Yes we are mister, do you know of any?" Sweetie Belle looked up at the guy with a smile making him laugh.

"Well of course I know! By the way, you can call me Cedric, Cedric Juniper." The guy replied before looking at the girls with a grin.

"My name is Amber!" Apple Bloom blurted out, much to Sweetie Belle's surprise since she thought Apple Bloom would be the one to ruin the whole thing.

Sweetie Belle then cleared her throat and replied. "My name is Samantha!"

Scootaloo then took Riolu off her head and held him in her arms making him chuckle. "My name is Daisy! This is my Pokémon Skeeter!" Riolu looked up at Scootaloo with a raised eyebrow in both confusion and appreciation. He was honored to be nicknamed but he was also confused as to why that name above any else.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle both raised their eyebrows at Scootaloo's choice of name before Cedric laughed again. "Nice to meet you girls! Now then, let me tell you about the legend of Kyurem!"

The Crusaders and even Riolu were wide-eyed as Cedric finished telling them of the Legendary Kyurem. "Here, this is a map of the Unova region. Kyurem is said to live in the area known as the Giant Chasm." He handed 'Samantha' the map before waving at them. "I must be on my way now, there are many more discoveries to make!" With that being said he walked off and out of sight.

"Alright girls! It's time for us to go Pokémon hunting!" Apple Bloom shouted happily.

All three of them took deep breaths as they shouted in unison. "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS: POKEMON TRAINERS!!!!"
Riolu covered his ears just in time to avoid going deaf as the crusaders walked out of town getting weird looks from the people nearby.

Author's Note:

Can you spot the references?
Reference 1 Hint: It is an interaction between Hector and Nils. Not a support conversation.
Name the chapter and what caused them to behave this way.
Reference 2 hint: It is the character of an old nickelodeon show
Name the show!

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