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The Pokémon Crusaders - Rainbow Dash the Awesome

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to get their cutie marks as Pokémon trainers.

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Chapter 11: Feeling Trashy

As Rarity stood on stage, she knew it would soon be her time to shine. Her mane had been perfectly styled for the occasion, and her gown glistened in the light. All of the ponies that stood around her knew they had no chance against this symbol of equine elegance. Princess Celestia herself stepped onto the stage and marched toward the podium, an envelope levitating in her golden aura. Rarity could hardly contain her excitement as the princess opened the envelope and began reading.

“It is my pleasure to announce,” Celestia read, “that this year’s Miss Equestria pageant winner is…”

Rarity trembled in excitement, although she was certain everypony knew who the winner would be.

“Rarity!” Celestia declared, turning and smiling at the excited mare.

Rarity wanted to scamper forward like an excited filly, but she managed to maintain her composure and walk calmly but proudly forward. She stood next to the podium as a shimmering tiara and sash were levitated onto her in Celestia’s magic aura. “Thank you! Thank you!” Rarity bowed, basking in the limelight.

“Speech! Speech! Speech!” the ponies in the audience cheered.

“Very well,” Rarity nodded, “I may have a little speech prepared for this,” she said as she used her magic to levitate a rolled up sheet of paper from a pocket of her gown. When she opened it, the end of the scroll quickly rolled down off the stage. The audience moved aside as the scroll unraveled all the way out the door. “Ahem,” Rarity began, “I would like to thank-“ her face suddenly contorted in a disgusted grimace and she dropped the scroll, as she suddenly found herself being assaulted by a repulsive odor. “Oh my word, what in Equestria is that?!” She looked up and was horrified to see that what moments before had been a crowd of cheering ponies was suddenly a pile of garbage bags. Rarity quickly backed away, only to find herself bumping into another large pile of garbage. She turned around and looked up in terror as the pile of garbage began to collapse on top of her.

“AHH!” Rarity screamed, rapidly sitting upright in her tent. “Oh Celestia, what a horrible nightmare,” she muttered in shock. She began to get up, but suddenly noticed a foul odor wafting through her tent. “Dear Celestia,” she pinched her nose in disgust, “I’m out of the nightmare but I still smell it.”

“Trub,“ replied an unfamiliar voice from the entrance of the tent.

“Wha-“ Rarity started as she looked in the direction of the voice. She was terrified to see what appeared to be a dark green garbage bag literally smiling up at her. “AAAAAHHHH!” she shrieked in terror.

Outside, the zipper of Twilight’s tent quickly opened and Twilight looked outside still half asleep. “What’s going on?” she yawned, turning in the direction of Rarity’s tent.

“Help!” Rarity screamed as she rushed through the flaps of her tent, the garbage bag hugging her with a pair of arms made of pure garbage.

“Keep it down, guys,” Rainbow yawned as she unzipped the flaps of her tent. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and looked to see what the ruckus was about. When she saw Rarity, she groaned, “Rarity, do you always freak out like this when you have to take out the trash?”

“It’s alive!” Rarity yelled indignantly, finally managing to pry the strange creature off of her.

“Trub, Trubbish,” the garbage bag smiled up at Rarity, seemingly unfazed by her reaction to it.

“Stay back!” Rarity quickly backed away, and was horrified as the garbage bag kept walking toward her. She reached into her bag and started throwing things at the Pokémon. Everything she threw either missed or bounced off, and the Pokémon was still approaching. Rarity grabbed one of the last items in her bag and threw it, realizing too late that it was a Pokéball.

“Trubbish!” the Pokémon smiled as the ball hit it. The ball rose into the air and opened up. The usual beam of red energy engulfed the Pokémon and pulled it into the ball. The ball landed on the ground and shook only once before it stopped, releasing a bunch of sparkling lights to show that the Pokémon had been caught.

Rarity stood still, her eye twitching as she tried to process what had just happened. Her thought process was interrupted as Pinkie popped up next to her. “Wow, Rarity,” Pinkie gave Rarity a congratulatory pat on the back, “you caught your very first Pokémon.”

“Oh, um, yes,” Rarity stammered, “I suppose I did.” She sighed “Great, just what I was hoping my first Pokémon would be like.”

“Oo, really?” Pinkie asked in her usual cheerful tone.

“Of course not!” Rarity blurted out. She was about to continue speaking, but she stopped upon realizing that she had just shouted at Pinkie. “Oh dear,” she sighed, “I’m so sorry, Pinkie. I didn’t mean to shout.”

“It’s fine,” Pinkie shrugged, “I know you didn’t mean it.”

Fluttershy walked over to where the Pokéball was lying on the ground. She picked it up and approached Rarity. “Um, Rarity,” she started, “why don’t you seem very happy about getting your first Pokémon? The rest of us were all very happy to get ours.”

Rarity grimaced as she took the ball out of Fluttershy’s hand. “Well,” she started, “didn’t you see what this thing looks like? It’s literally a garbage bag.”

“Oh Rarity,” Fluttershy gave her friend a stern look, “you should know better. Just because it’s not fashionable doesn’t mean it’s a bad Pokémon.”

“Let me see it,” Twilight interrupted, holding up her Pokédex, “I’ll see what kind of Pokémon it is.”

“Very well,” Rarity gulped. She lightly tossed the ball into the air and said “come on out.”

The ball opened and the garbage bag reappeared in front of Rarity. “Trub-trubbish,” it smiled at its new trainer.

“Let’s see,” Twilight held up her Pokédex.

The Pokédex lit up and spoke, “Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon. The combination of garbage bags and industrial waste caused the chemical reaction that created this Pokémon.”

Rarity shuddered, “Oh dear, that sounds awful.”

“Trub,” Trubbish frowned up at Rarity.

“Oh Rarity,” Fluttershy started, “now look what you’ve done. You hurt the poor thing’s feelings.” She sympathetically reached down and picked up Trubbish.

Rarity was about to protest, but she stopped herself when she saw the look on Fluttershy’s face. “I suppose maybe it’s not too bad,” she said, nervously reaching forward to pet Trubbish.

“Trubbish?” Trubbish’s eyes widened in excitement at the thought of its trainer warming up to it.

Rarity’s hand was a few inches away from Trubbish, but she couldn’t help but pull back. “I-I can’t do it. It’s just so unsanitary.”

“Trub-bish…” Trubbish frowned in defeat, then broke out crying. It wrapped its arms around Fluttershy, who hugged it back to calm it down.

“There there, Trubbish,” Fluttershy said softly, “it’s okay. She just needs to warm up to you.”

“Rarity, I’m surprised at you,” Twilight cut in, “can’t you see that Trubbish really wants you to like it? It came to your tent, followed you around when you were throwing things at it, and didn’t even try to escape the Pokéball. Obviously it wants you to be its trainer and friend, but you can’t look past its lack of cleanliness. Now you’ve gone and hurt its feelings.”

“I know, I know” Rarity spoke up defensively, “I know I shouldn’t be so judgmental. After all me and Applejack learned to get along.”

“Hey!” Applejack started, only to have Rainbow Dash cover her mouth with a hand.

“Calm down AJ,” Rainbow muttered to her, “the last thing we need is another argument going on.”

“Oo, oo!” Pinkie raised her hand excitedly, “I know how Rarity and Trubbish can bond. We should have a Pokémon battle! It’ll be a great way for them to bond as a team.”

“Great idea, Pinkie,” Twilight grinned, “and I-”

“I’ll be happy to be her opponent,” Rainbow interrupted, not noticing the look of sudden frustration on Twilight’s face.

“Well, it doesn’t sound too bad,” Rarity nodded weakly, “I guess I can give it a try.”

“Trub, trub,” Trubbish wiped the last of the tears from its eyes and looked back at Rarity.

“Feeling better?” Fluttershy asked Trubbish, who simply nodded in response.

Alright then,” Rainbow held up a Pokéball, “then let’s get ready to battle!”

“Hang on there, Sugarcube,” Applejack placed a hand on Rainbow’s shoulder, “how about we wait until morning? I dunno if you noticed but it’s the middle of the night.”

Rainbow sighed, “Fine, we’ll battle in the morning.”

“You ready, Rarity?” Rainbow grinned confidently from across the clearing they had selected for the battle.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Rarity nodded, still not too confident in her Pokémon partner.

“Then let’s do this!” Rainbow tossed a Pokéball into the air. The ball opened up and Braviary materialized beneath it.

“Braviary!” Braviary called out spreading his wings wide.

“Go… Trubbish,” Rarity weakly tossed her Pokéball. The ball opened and sent out Trubbish.

“Trubbish,” Trubbish smiled and saluted, ready to battle.

“I’ll be the referee,” Twilight stated, approaching the edge of the battlefield. She stood to face the two combatants and announced “alright, you may start when ready.”

“Gladly,” Rainbow smirked. Without hesitation she called out “Braviary, use Crush Claw!”

“Brave!” Braviary screeched as he charged toward Trubbish. He spread his talons wide and they began glowing brightly.

Rarity hesitated a bit, not being used to battling yet. When Braviary was about to hit Trubbish, Rarity nervously called “Trubbish, dodge and use Acid Spray.”

Trubbish started to move to the side, but Braviary was already too close. The Crush Claw struck and sent Trubbish flying back. “Trubbish!” it yelled as it slammed into a tree.

“Oh dear,” Rarity gulped.

“Great job, Braviary!” Rainbow cheered.

“Trubbish, are you okay?” Rarity asked. Twilight smiled upon hearing her friend express genuine concern for her Pokémon.

“Trubbish,” Trubbish nodded, brushing a bit of dust of itself.

“Okay then,” Rarity smiled weakly, “use Sludge Bomb.”

“Trub!” Trubbish yelled as it leaped into the air. It opened its mouth wide and shot a burst of purple slime toward Braviary.

Rainbow smirked confidently and said “Counter it with Whirlwind.” Braviary began flapping his wings in the direction of Trubbish, creating a powerful gust of wind. The wind current caused the slime to slow down, then turn around.

“Trubbish!” Trubbish gasped when it saw the attack flying toward it. It quickly turned to the side so the Sludge Bomb would miss. The Sludge Bomb flew past Trubbish but ended up striking Rarity, who had been standing right behind Trubbish.

“AHHHHH!” Rarity screamed as the sludge splattered all over her. “This is dreadful! I’m filthy!”

Twilight held her hands up in the air and yelled “Time out!”

Rarity rushed to her tent, grabbing her bag as she entered. As she zipped the tent closed she muttered to herself, “I need my backup dress this instant.”

“Rarity,” Pinkie started, “are you okay in there?”

“One minute, darling,” Rarity sighed from inside the tent. After a few minutes the zipper of the tent opened and Rarity stepped out. She had changed into a new outfit and was holding the old one at arm’s length. “Um, Rainbow,” she started, turning to look at Rainbow, “could I please borrow Oshawott for a few minutes?”

“What for?” Rainbow asked, her eyebrow raised.

“I need some water to wash this with, so I just need Oshawott to use Water Gun.”

“Oh, alright,” Rainbow shrugged, “after all I guess this kinda was my fault.” She grabbed Oshawott’s Pokéball from her belt. “Okay Oshawott, you’re up,” she stated as she tossed the ball up into the air. The ball opened and Oshawott was sent out.

“Osha Oshawott,” Oshawott smiled.

“Okay Oshawott,” Rainbow said, “I need you to help Rarity wash the sludge out of that outfit, okay?”

“Oshawott,” Oshawott saluted. He then ran over to Rarity.

Rarity couldn’t help but smile a little at the sight of Oshawott. She held up the outfit and instructed “Okay, first I need you to use Water Gun in one of Applejack’s cooking pots-”

“Hey,” Applejack interrupted, “I never agreed to that.”

“Oh come now, Applejack,” Rarity sighed, “this is an emergency.”

“Fine,” Applejack grumbled, crossing her arms in frustration.

“Thank you,” Rarity said cheerfully. She set down the dress and walked over to Applejack’s tent. After a moment of searching, she pulled out a large cooking pot and carried it back to where the dress was on the ground. “Okay now Oshawott, I just need enough water to fill this about half way.”

“Osha,” Oshawott nodded. He looked into the pot and used a weak Water Gun attack until the pot was half full.

“Thank you, darling,” Rarity smiled and patted Oshawott on the head.

“Osha Oshawott,” Oshawott replied happily. His job done, he turned around and trotted back to Rainbow Dash.

“This is going to take a while,” Rarity sighed as she started to wash the dress in the pot.

“Trub,” Trubbish took a few steps toward Rarity, a look of regret on its face.

Rarity held up her hand to signal for Trubbish to stop. “No, I’m sorry but I just can’t be your trainer.” Trubbish stopped, a look of devastation on its face. “Please,” Rarity said in what she hoped was a reassuring tone, “you have to understand that it’s not you, it’s me. I’m too much of a germaphobe to be your trainer. If you like I’m sure Fluttershy will be willing to take care of you.”

“Trub… Trub… Trubbish!” Trubbish burst into tears and ran off into the woods, leaving Rarity and the others speechless.

“Rarity!” Fluttershy shouted, “How could you be so mean?! Sure Trubbish isn’t a sparkling diamond, but it’s a sweetheart and didn’t do anything to deserve that!”

Rarity backed up, terrified at the rage from her normally soft-spoken friend. “I-I-I’m sorry!”

“Don’t apologize to me!” Fluttershy glared, “You need to apologize to the one you really hurt, Trubbish!”

“But-but it’s not here anymore,” Rarity gulped nervously, looking into the forest where Trubbish had fled.

“Then you need to go in there and find it,” Fluttershy responded, pointing her finger toward the forest.

Tears began to well up in the corners of Rarity’s eyes, mostly from fear but also from regret. “Okay,” she sighed, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” She stood up and walked off into the forest.

“Trubbish!” Rarity called out, “Trubbish, where are you?” She continued to press farther into the forest in search of the runaway Pokémon, but to no avail. “This is hopeless,” she frowned as she leaned back against a tree, “it could be anywhere by now.” Suddenly, her right index finger began to glow in her usual blue magic aura. “Huh?” she held up her hand, “I’m sensing a jewel nearby.” She looked around to make sure her friends weren’t looking, then shrugged. “I suppose I can afford to find this jewel as well as Trubbish.” She felt her magic aura directing her toward a rock wall, the top of which was visible over the tops of some nearby trees.

Rarity excitedly followed her magic aura to the edge of the wall. Her jaw dropped in excitement at what she found, a large black rock with several enormous red diamonds sticking up out of it. “Oh my…” she stammered, “I’ve hit the jackpot!” She ran up to the rock and grabbed one of the diamonds. Holding tightly, she began to pull with all her might, but the diamond would not budge. Rarity stopped, panting “Perhaps I need to get the others to help me.” She turned around and began to retrace her steps, but after a few feet she stumbled as the ground shook beneath her.

“What in the world?” Rarity asked as she got back up.

“Lith…” a low grumbling voice responded from behind her.

Her eyes wide in shock, Rarity slowly turned around to look at the source of the sound. “AH!” she screamed at what she saw. The black rock pile was now standing up. Near the top there was a pair of yellow circles which appeared to be glaring at her. The red diamonds were still sticking out of the rocks, but it was now clear that they were symmetrically placed and were a part of it.

The head of the rock opened up wide and it gave an angry roar “GIGALITH!”

Rarity took several steps back as she realized that the pile of rocks was actually a sleeping Pokémon, one which was apparently not happy to be woken up. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry for the confusion,” she stammered, “I’ll just go and leave you be-” she was cut off when the Pokemon lowered its head and launched a large, sharp rock into the air. The rock split into several pieces which rained down onto the ground and became lodged in the earth. Rarity had to jump to the side to avoid being hit by one of the rocks.

“Giga!” the Pokémon roared. It opened its mouth and launched a massive glowing diamond at Rarity.

“AH!” Rarity screamed as the diamond flew toward her.

“Trub!” a voice spoke up from behind Rarity. A large wad of green slime shot out of the bushes and struck the diamond, knocking it out of the air.

Rarity turned around in surprise and saw Trubbish standing at the edge of the clearing. “Trubbish,” she smiled widely, “you came back to save me!”

“Trubbish,” Trubbish smiled. Suddenly, Trubbish’s eyes widened and he jumped to the side as one of the pointed rocks Gigalith had fired earlier shot out of the ground and flew right toward it.

“Oh dear,” Rarity said as she turned to examine the rocks, “it’s a minefield.” She turned to face Gigalith and glared, “Okay, if you think you can threaten me and Trubbish, then you’ve got another thing coming!” She looked down at Trubbish and smiled warmly, “Ready for a real battle, Trubbish?”

Trubbish’s eyes welled up with tears again, but this time they were tears of joy. Rarity chuckled a little when she saw how happy Trubbish was. When it was finished, Trubbish grinned confidently and nodded, “Trub.”

Rarity returned the grin, then continued “Well then, let’s teach this rock a lesson. Use Sludge Bomb!”

“Trubbish!” Trubbish jumped into the air and blasted a wad of purple sludge at Gigalith.

Gigalith just stood in place and let the sludge strike it. “Lith,” it narrowed its eyes as the sludge simply slid off of it.

“Huh?!” Rarity gulped, “it doesn’t look like it did anything.”

“Giga!” Gigalith opened its mouth and began charging energy. After a moment, it released a blast of silver light toward Trubbish.

“Trubbish, dodge!” Rarity quickly instructed.

“Trubbish!” Trubbish planted its arms on the ground and used them to push itself up into the air. The beam of light flew past underneath it, striking one of the pointed stones in the ground.

“Okay, think,” Rarity mumbled to herself, “that thing is slow but powerful. Its attacks are big and its defenses are strong.” She looked around to see if there was anything in the area that could be used to her advantage. Suddenly she stopped as she saw the diamond from the Gigalith’s second attack lying on the ground. The slime from the Acid Spray attack was eating away at the diamond, which gave Rarity an idea. “Okay Trubbish,” she started, “use Acid Spray!”

“Trubbish Trub,” Trubbish opened its mouth and fired a jet of green slime at Gigalith.

“Giga,” Gigalith stood its ground once again as the slime struck it. “Gigali-” it stopped as the slime began to burn it. “Gigalith!” it roared in pain.

“Now, Trubbish,” Rarity called, “use Sludge Bomb!”

“Trub,” Trubbish nodded. It opened its mouth and fired another blob of purple sludge at Gigalith.

“Lith…” Gigalith glared at Trubbish. As the Sludge Bomb was about to strike, Gigalith reared up, causing the acid to fall off. It slammed its feet on the ground, which shook violently under its weight. “Gigalith!” it charged toward Trubbish with surprising speed. It charged right through the Sludge Bomb, brushing it off like it was nothing. The ground shook as Gigalith charged toward Trubbish.

“Trubbish, no!” Rarity yelled in fear.

“Trub!” Trubbish cried as Gigalith rammed into it. It was knocked violently to the ground and crashed through another one of the jagged rocks on the way. “Trub...bish,” Trubbish gritted its teeth as it stood back up. Rarity noticed that Trubbish was moving more slowly now.

“Gigalith,” Gigalith stomped on the ground and charged at Trubbish again.

“Trubbish, dodge!” Rarity shrieked.

“Trubbish!” Trubbish retracted its arms inside the garbage bag and rolled like a pall to get out of the way just before Gigalith reached it.

“Lith?” Gigalith turned in surprise. Trubbish continued to roll like a ball, gradually picking up speed as it did so.

“Trubbish,” Rarity said, “you learned a new move.”

“Trub,” Trubbish replied, still rolling. Suddenly it turned and charged straight at Gigalith.

“Gigalith!” Gigalith growled as Trubbish struck it in the side. Trubbish promptly bounced off and continued to roll between the pointed stones, but its speed had increased after the strike.

“Every time it hits, the attack gets stronger,” Rarity muttered to herself. She snapped her fingers in inspiration and proclaimed “that’s it! Trubbish, use the stones to gain speed!”

“Trub,” Trubbish charged into one of the pointed stones. The stone shattered, but not before Trubbish bounced off of it and flew toward another.

“Gigalith!” Gigalith fired another blast of silver energy out of its mouth, but Trubbish turned its course and dodged it.

“Trub Trub!” Trubbish continued to bounce between the stones like a pinball, gathering all the speed it could. Once the last stone was shattered, Trubbish charged directly toward Gigalith.

“LITH!” Gigalith stomped on the ground and charged toward Trubbish in retaliation.

“You can do it, Trubbish!” Rarity cheered.

Hearing its trainer cheer it on filled Trubbish with determination. As it and Gigalith charged toward each other, its body began to glow white and it yelled “Trubbish!”

“Huh?” Rarity’s eyes widened, “is it evolving, or is this something else?”

“TRUBBISH!” Trubbish shouted as it struck Gigalith. On impact, Trubbish unleashed a massive burst of energy which, aided by the force of the impact, blasted Gigalith back against the rock wall.

“LITH!” Gigalith roared as it struck the wall and collapsed.

“Trubbish?” Rarity trembled.

The smoke cleared, revealing Trubbish lying weakly on the ground. “Trub…”

“Trubbish!” Rarity yelled, running toward the fallen Pokémon.

“Lith…” Gigalith groaned, planting one of its feet on the ground and trying to lift itself back up.

“Oh no you don’t,” Rarity stood between Gigalith and Trubbish. She looked back at Trubbish and said, “You protected me, so now I’ll protect you the only way I can.” She reached into her pocket, pulled out a Pokéball, and threw it at Gigalith.

“Giga?” Gigalith started as the ball struck it. The ball lifted into the air and opened up. Gigalith’s body was engulfed in red energy as it was pulled into the Pokéball. The ball landed on the ground and began to wobble. Rarity gulped nervously, not knowing what more she could do if it failed. After a few moments, the ball stopped shaking and released a small bunch of glistening lights to show that the catch had succeeded.

Rarity stood still for a moment as what had just happened sank in. When she had fully processed what she had just done, Rarity hugged Trubbish tightly and cheered “We did it! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry for what I said before, and I’ll be proud to be your trainer!”

“Trub,” Trubbish smiled weakly, still barely able to move after the battle.

As Rarity walked out of the clearing, she failed to notice a bulky brown Pokémon watching her from the top of the rock wall.

“We’re back!” Rarity called cheerfully as she ran out of the forest, cradling Trubbish in her arms.

“Rarity!” Pinkie cheered.

“And Trubbish,” Fluttershy added. Her excitement soon turned to worry when she saw how beaten up Trubbish looked. “Oh dear, what happened?”

“Oh, we just got into a little scuffle,” Rarity smiled, “but it wasn’t too bad. We learned to work together and caught a new teammate.”

“What?” Rainbow spoke up, “You caught another Pokémon? What is it?”

Rarity took the Pokéball from her pocket, “Right here. Come on out!” She tossed the ball into the air and sent out Gigalith.

“Giga,” Gigalith groaned, still in pain from the battle.

“Whoa,” Rainbow’s eyes widened, “your little Trubbish was able to beat this thing?”

“Let’s see what the Pokédex says,” Twilight chimed in, holding up her Pokédex.

The Pokédex opened up and announced “Gigalith, the Compressed Pokémon. Compressing the energy from its internal core lets it fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain.”

“That sounds awesome!” Rainbow grinned.

“Well if you want to see how awesome it really is, how about we resume our battle?” Rarity smirked. “Of course, we’ll need to stop by a Pokémon Center first.”

“Well,” Twilight interrupted, “lucky for us there’s a Pokémon Center nearby in Driftveil City.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow smiled, “Let’s get our things packed up and get off to Driftveil City.”

“Speaking of which,” Fluttershy smiled at Rarity, “I finished washing your dress for you.” She pointed to Rarity’s tent, where she had set up a clothesline and hung up the dress to dry.

“Thank you very much, Fluttershy,” Rarity smiled.

“Trub,” Trubbish smiled along with its trainer.

All was quiet in the Golden Oaks Library. It was late at night, and Spike was snoozing quietly in his basket. Downstairs, the area where the Pokétransporter had previously stood lit up as a pink rift opened in the air. A large pink head peered out of the portal and looked around. "Hmm," Palkia muttered, "so this is the home of the one who thinks she can steal my power..."

Author's Note:

Finally finished this chapter. Now, I'm a little concerned that my co-author hasn't been very active (at least on Skype). I sure hope he hasn't left, because I'm not sure how well I'll be able to continue without him.

Also, see if you can figure out what all the moves Gigalith and Trubbish know are ;)

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Uh-oh, Palkia is pissed

Hmmm, I feel like the group is overlooking the fact that Rarity hates dirt and mess, and Trubbish is literally sapient garbage. They are considered about Trubbish's feelings but not hers. She seemed like she was about to have a meltdown...



I am here to say that this story, and the other stories of Rainbowdashtheawesome, are officially cancelled until the day he decides to come back. I apologize to any loyal fans and readers. It has been over 2 years and I havent gotten a single word from him.

will you continue this.

Also twilights spatial rend is a small version that can only go from two world and has no attack power.
It is a status move version of spatial rend

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