• Published 30th Mar 2013
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Plushy - Riptid3

The Elements find themselves turned into plush dolls.

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Chapter 3

So come what may, we birds of feather
Shall tread the wake of any weather,
And though the seasons seek to break
Our bonds, we only lie together.

The three pony plushies sat in the back in the wagon, the two Cutie Mark Crusaders had managed to reason their driver into slowing down. The only form of communication that took place between the plush dolls was Applejack randomly spitting out plans and ideas. While Rainbow Dash replied with exactly why Applejack's plan would fail.

We could git' one o' the princesses tah' help us out.

Applejack, how in the hay are they going to even realize that we're dolls?

Er, Twilight'll find a way outta this 'ere mess!

For the fifth time Twilight can't do magic.

And how the hay are y'all actin' so calm about it?

I dunno. 'Cause there's nothing I can do about it and I don't want to sit here and whine about how I feel?

There is something we can do!

There is?

We could-

Maybe Discord could help?

Applejack and Rainbow Dash stopped their conversation. If they could move, they surely would have turned their heads to stare at the timid pegasus.



Fluttershy, I know y'all reformed 'em an' all, but that don't do nothin' tah' change the fact that he's still the God O' Chaos.

But he's good now!

Yea, and Discord is going to find out about us turning into dolls how?

I t'aint got a clue, but ah' got a feelin' somehow he will.

The three plush dolls could feel the wagon slow to a stop. from what they could see, they were surrounded by trees. A clear indicator that they were close to the forest, which meant that Fluttershy was the next to return home. Pinkie's prediction was spot on.

Well, bye girls.

Sweetie Belle levitated Fluttershy up with her magic and headed towards the cottage with her two friends by her side. The three fillies walked past the front gate and made a beeline straight to Fluttershy's door. Sweetie Belle knocked on the door, unsurprisingly, the vacant home delivered no response. The alabaster filly knocked again, the result was reminiscent of her previous attempt.

"Guess she isn't home." Scootaloo said

"What's with everypony today? Did they go to Canterlot?" Sweetie Belle said

"I don't remember Applejack sayin' anythin' 'bout goin' 'tah Canterlot." Applebloom said.

Sweetie Belle put her hoof on the doorknob and twisted, it slowly creaked open as sunlight flooded the cottage. The animals were non existent, they were probably outside.

I hope the animals are alright, do they have enough food?

The three fillies stepped inside. The lack of intelligent life-form of any sort made the place eerily creepy, the fact that it was positioned just outside of a forest inhabited by all sorts of dangerous creatures didn't help at all.

"Should we just leave the doll here?" Sweetie belle asked

"I s'pose." Applebloom answered.

"What other option is there?" Scootaloo replied

Why is this happening to me?

The three fillies walked to the couch they had sat on when Fluttershy had agreed to be the host for their sleepover. Using her magic, Sweetie Belle gently lowered the plush doll onto the piece of furniture. As the little Fluttershy doll made contact with the couch, the light blue aura that surrounded it dissipated.

Oh dear, I hope Rainbow Dash and Applejack will be okay.


Well, now what do we do?

SImple. We sit and wait.

Ain't ther' somethin' we can do?


You been hangin' out with Big Macintosh?


Just as Applejack was about to make another smart remark regarding Rainbow Dash's sudden use of her big brother's quote, she was interrupted by the return of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who had finished delivering their friend to her home.

Guess ah'm next.



Listen, we may or may not be seeing each other again in a long tim, so i just felt like I needed to confess something to ya'.

The wagon was rapidly approaching Sweet Apple Acres. It hadn't taken them very long. Maybe ten to twenty minutes. The sun was setting, they had maybe half an hour of sunlight left.

Y'all can tell me anything Rainbow.

I've been meaning to tell you this when we first met.

I'm listenin'.


The wagon had stopped in front of the path that led to Sweet Apple Acres.

I think your hat looks stupid.

Why thank- Wait what?!

Rainbow Dash burst out into laughter as Applejack was picked up by Applebloom.

Why I oughta give y'all a good buck to the face!


Applejack only continued to spew threats aimed towards the cyan pegasus as Applebloom lifted her up and placed her on her back.

"See ya' gals soon." Appleblom said

"Bye!" Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle replied in unison.

The wagon sped off once more, this time with the Carousel Boutique as it's destination. Sweetie Belle held onto the only plushy left, Rainbow Dash. It wouldn't take long until night rolled around. Although Rainbow Dash seemed cool and collected, beneath that calm attitude hid a very panicked mare.

Oh dear Celestia what do I do? Everypony else is gone, there's nopony here to change us back, and I don't even know where the squirt lives!

Within a short period of time, the two fillies had arrived at their destination. Rarity's Boutique which also doubled as her place of residence. The lights inside remained turned on, everything was seemingly untouched.

"I still wonder where Rarity and the others are." Sweetie Belle said to her friend.

"I'm sure they're fine. After all, Rainbow Dash is with 'em!" Scootaloo said.

She really does have a good taste in idols.

Sweetie Belle waved her friend goodbye and entered the Boutique, she had completely forgotten about the Rainbow Dash plush doll. Soon after her friend had entered her household, Scootaloo buzzed her wings and made a beeline for her home.

Moment of truth I guess.

Rainbow Dash could feel the smooth road of Ponyville change to rough grass and dirt. The sun had already set, and in it's place was the moon, shining bright in the sky.

Come to think of it, I've never really seen exactly where the squirt lives.

The wagon stopped, the sound of the filly's wings buzzing had been replaced by crickets chirping. Rainbow Dash held her breath in anticipation, it was finally time for her to find out exactly where her number one fan resided. Scootaloo walked over, her shadow engulfing the little plush doll.

Here we go.

Scootaloo picked up the little plush doll and turned a full 180 degrees to face her home.

So, here we... are?

Rainbow Dash was confused. Before her was the Cutie Mark Crusader's clubhouse, surely this couldn't be the filly's home, what exactly was Scootaloo doing here?

What's the filly doin'? It's night, isn't she s'pose to go to bed or somethin'?

Scootaloo turned her head around and placed the plush doll on her back, her head reverted back to it's original position as the filly stared at the clubhouse and breathed a sigh. Rainbow Dash was still rather befuddled as to what was going on, shouldn't Scootaloo be returning home by now to her family?

Scootaloo climbed up the ramp leading to the tree house, she opened the doors revealing the insides, there were no lights for Scootaloo to turn on, but the moon did a pretty good job in illuminating the little clubhouse. The orange filly placed the little plush doll in the middle of the clubhouse and walked towards the window, gazing out of it.

What's wrong with this squirt?

After what seemed like a few minutes, Scootaloo turned away from the window and walked to the midle of the clubhouse, looming over the little cyan doll. She let out a little yawn and layed down on the floor, curling up preparing to go to sleep, her foreleg reached out and pulled in the little Rainbow Dash doll. Scootaloo snuggled up against the little doll.

"I'm so glad I found you. I've always slept alone in this clubhouse, with no one to accompany me. But now I have you. You may not actually be Rainbow Dash, but I guess a doll is still alright, better than nothing." Scooaloo sleepily muttered to herself.

Wow,,, jeez, I-I didn't know...

Scootaloo held the doll close to her, and soon enough, the filly had fallen asleep. Rainbow Dash was still unaware of what to make of the situation, all her life, she didn't know that this was what her fan's life was like. She had always assumed that the filly had a family, a decent home.

If Rainbow Dash could shed a tear, she surely would have by now.

Author's Note:


Really didn't know much about Scootaloo's home and all, so I just decided to go with the clubhouse thing. (I'm not exactly a fan of this theory, but I didn't know how to write Scootaloo's parents, her home or anything, so I just went with this)

Smarty Pants appearance incoming :D